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About Us

Thousands of miles commuted Thousands of hours on the road Still the same old passion for the fixies……For now, only the best fixed gear bike

Who Are We ?

Gearbikes Review is more of a community than just a website that talks about what the best fixed gear bike can be. We take our bikes out to the streets every day. Some of us are servicemen and businessmen while others are entrepreneurs. We all have our families who add to our growing community of bike lovers whose only passion is to ride with joy and derive pleasure from it.

Our Story

Most of us got accustomed to cycling since their boyhood. Some used to go to school riding a contemporary fixie while others did not commute to the school but neighborhood. We never loved to ride alone, but we had to until we found each other. The majority of our people came together with interest in cycling many years ago. A handful of people joined us during the past five years. All of us agreed that we would help ourselves and others who want to ride fixed gears and ride together.

Our Mission

So far, we have used hundreds of bikes and commuted thousands of miles with just one particular goal. We have an eagerness to spread the warmth of cycling and commuting. We want to talk to people who are looking forward to getting the best fixed gear bikes for the money. We feel proud to share our original thoughts and experience with the different models of bikes.

We want to ride more miles and have fun with the buddies, and we want it all together.

Got anything in mind? Feel free to let us know!

The Gearbike Team

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