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Abus chain lock has a great design lock and the case is perfect strapped to your bike. It slides into a rubber holder with Velcro straps which works fine. You can mount it on the slanted bar of your bikes. Between safety and balance, the lock seems a nice edition. You can fold it nicely into your bag or bike rack. We haven't had anyone try to break the lock thankfully, but the weight and thickness of the lock is reassuring. With thicker and more secure locks out there, you may find this one to strike a nice balance. That is our suggestion to buy this assuring product quickly!

Abus chain lock product delivers 5 mm steel bars with soft touch coating and matching silicone lock body. This tool has two keys to supply. Security Level 9 includes in this product and this Abus model has compact, versatile folding technology.

The frame and wheels come with many attachment options for proper securing to an unmovable object. With such a security measure, a bike is hard to steal or carry somewhere. You may use a combination of a brake disk lock and a chain. This combination is a so-called two in one solution. That means the brake disc lock can also be used without the chain and is the perfect compact companion for trips that include brief stops.

Our Remarks

We have found some negative impressions on our Abus chain lock because a hell-bent thief can cut this sucker using bolt cutters. Besides, it's not easy, and it will take time. But, overall you will love Abus locks after using it once. Because, they are lightweight and neatly fit on your bike and so on.

Abus chain lock enables you to lock up without carrying the largest size U-lock. The security definitely seems comparable to U-locks, though one imagines they would be more vulnerable to leverage attacks so you’d get the smallest size that will fit your wheel, frame, and bike staple together. This folding bike lock includes fantastic lock, strong and comes with a great hold and mount.

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