Alloy Crankset Review

As a rider starts biking, his/her legs produce reciprocating motion. The crankset, one of the most-stressed parts of a bicycle that converts this motion into rotational motion which is used to drive the belt or chain. Consequently, this belt or chain drives the back wheels. So, you have known how crucial a role the crankset plays. Do you know which crankset is going to be perfect for your bike? Is it an alloy crankset?

CyclingDeal Alloy Crankset is one of the best cranksets out there at a meager price. This fixed gear bike crankset offers durability as well as smooth rides. Also, this single speed bike crankset has an easy installation process. To know why you would choose this fixed gear crankset over others, read our Alloy Crankset review.

01 Alloy Crankset Overview

The quality of the crankset is quite impressive. The bottom bracket seems durable enough. This crankset can be installed very quickly, and it spins very smoothly. The crankset itself looks okay. The finish looks good enough, and the chainring seems sturdy. The threads are all smooth and precise. You can use this crankset for a single speed conversion.

Let us now have a look at the specifications of this Alloy Crankset to get more detailed idea information about the crankset.

02 Specifications

03 Feature Analysis

04 Pros & Cons

05 Final Verdict

Some people complain about the pedal threads failing, but not everyone complains about that. Maybe, they just made a lousy bunch of crack arms. If you tighten the pedals correctly with the help of a torque wrench, the threads will hold solid.

Overall, this single speed crankset comes with quality providing a high level of performance and making your bike look great.

We hope that our review was enough to let you know about this crankset thoroughly and make the right decision.

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