Best Fixed Gear Bikes Under $200

Critical Cycles Harper

Critical Cycles Harper Review

Critical Cycles Harper is a more than a common single speed performing bike, standard for commuters and biking enthusiasts. The durability and lightweight design of this road bike make it one of the most versatile bikes for a multitude of…

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Critical Cycles Classic Fixed Gear Bike

Critical Cycles Classic Fixed Gear Bike Review

Cycling brings recreation with fitness conveniences. You can enjoy your ride while enhancing your health condition. But, a tough ride with a lack of comfort can ruin your sport and can cause harm to your health. Critical cycles single speed…

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Framed Lifted 56cm Fixie Bike

Framed Lifted 56cm Fixie Bike Review

Are you searching for a fixie bike that is very easy to maneuver on the city streets? Do not worry; Framed Lifted 56cm Fixie Bike is here to remove your troublesome regarding the speed and quick pace of the cruising…

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Best Fixed Gear Bikes In 2018 | Enjoy Your Ride On Cool Fixie Bikes