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Diamondback vs Giant – Who Triumphs Whom?

Written by Joshua Fernand
Last Update: August 16, 2023

Both Diamondback and Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd are well-known manufacturers across the globe. They both have a loyal client base that is increasing over time.

It can be a bit tricky to find out which company is the right choice for you or provides the best product and services, especially if you are a newbie.

Today we’ll find out which company offers the most and what would be the best choice for your unique biking needs.


Diamondback is an American company that supplies the highest quality, comfortable, and durable bikes at flexible prices. Founded in 1977, the company became widely known for its BMX bikes in the 90s.

About Diamondback Bikes

Diamondback quickly hit the international spotlight and today, it is one of the most famous bike brands across the globe. Most of their bikes are affordable, yet they do not compromise on quality.

Most of their bikes are mid-range. They eliminated the intermediaries between them and the buyer. As a result, they can provide high-quality bikes at a cheaper price range. They make high-end bikes too.


Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd is a Taiwanese brand that has been operating since 1972. Their start was a bit rough but they gained control of the market in 1977 after they built a partnership with Schwinn and took over their supply in 1980.

Today, Giant supplies bikes of all categories in over 50 countries with the help of more than 12,000 retail stores. It is recognized as the largest bike manufacturer across the globe.

Giant supplies both high-end bikes, affordable bikes, and all that comes in between. No matter what kind of rider you are, Giant probably has something for you. Giant is a complete ecosystem of bikes, gear, and cycling services.

About Giant Bikes

Giant introduced lighter, stronger aluminum frames, carbon fiber bikes, and advanced Compact Road technology to the biking world. They also revolutionized off-road performance bikes with Maestro Suspension.

Diamondback Vs Giant: Who offers the most

Specs and Features

Both are well-known for the impressive set of features they put together on a mountain bike. High-performance specifications make sure that you can get the most out of your bike and enjoy a comfortable and thrilling ride.

If you are a beginner, you can start with the regular mountain range section from both companies since they both offer lightweight aluminum chassis, progressive suspension, and adjustable frame geometry.

However, If you are looking for electric mountain bikes, we recommend you go with giant because Diamondback only features regular e-bikes. Giant also provides a wider range of high-spec luxury bikes.

The most noticeable difference in bike specs for the companies is maybe the usage of different brakes. But the brakes are also similar in power, maintenance, and performance.

Mode of Selling

Diamondback mainly focuses on the online market. They are available 24/7 and you can even order their product from your bedroom. They want to cut any middlemen/intermediaries between you and them to make their bikes as affordable as possible.

If you want convenience and affordability at the same time, Diamondback can be the best option for you. Put your trust in them and you won’t be disappointed.

On the flip side, many of us like to purchase our bikes in person and Giant is a good place to look. Giant sells their bikes both online and offline with the help of over 12,000 retail outlets across the US.


Diamondback is a decent bike company that provides quality frames and performance accessories. They are the perfect choice for people looking for a decent mountain bike at an affordable price range.

Diamondback has been providing a quality range of bikes and accessories for more than 4 decades. They know what you need and they are your best bet on finding a cost-effective solution to your problem.

Giant, on the other hand, mass produces readymade bikes for every price range. You can gorge your heart on their luxury lineups, as well as buy yourself a decent mountain bike from Giant. Their history of service goes even further back than Diamondback.

Warranty and return policy

This is also a tough battle between the companies as they both offer similar services. Giant offers a lifetime warranty on all its frames excluding the downhill options. Bike components get a warranty between 1-10 years. They also have a 60-days return policy if you are not satisfied.

Diamondback also offers a lifetime warranty in its rigid frames but the full-suspension bike frames get only five years. They also have a shorter return policy (30-days). Both companies imply standard terms and conditions when you want to claim your warranty.

Buying Experience

We talked about the mode of selling for both of those companies and this is the aftereffect on you, the buyer. Diamondback offers a stunning shopping experience online where you are free to choose your desired bike and get a 30-day return policy.

However, you are on your own when it comes to assembling, maintaining, and tuning your bike. Diamondback may provide excellent quality customer care, but you can’t depend on them for maintaining your bike in the long run. Find a local bike shop if you are inexperienced.

On the other side, Giant bikes come through dealerships. Not only your local dealers can help you assemble the bike, but they can also help you tune and maintain your bike. You’ll also get free maintenance for the 1st year.

Product Line

Another biggest difference you can find between Diamondback and Giant is the range of product lines available. Diamondback produced a wide range of regular, BMX, and hybrid bikes. but now they have a smaller bike range.

Diamondback’s current bike line consists of

  • Road bikes
  • City bikes
  • Mountain bikes (Hardtail and full suspension)
  • Kids bikes
  • Gravel bikes
  • E-bikes
  • Triathlon bikes

On the contrary, Giant beats Diamondback with its wider production line. You can think of any bicycle you want and Giant has it for you. With Giant, your options are almost limitless. Their wide bike line includes:

  • Mountain bikes (Hardtails, full suspension, and electric options)
  • Kids bikes
  • Gravel bikes (cyclocross, adventure, and electric bikes )
  • Road bikes (performance, fitness, triathlon, city, racing, hybrid, and electric road bikes)


Here is another distinguishable aspect between Diamondback and Giant. Giant has a wider product range. Even if Diamondback produces high-end bikes, they are mostly focusing on providing their products at a cheaper price range.

However, the price gap between high and low-tier bikes is significantly wider for Giant. Most probably the main reason behind this is Diamondback’s elimination of intermediaries in the supply chain.

Let’s look at the chart to get a better picture of what the difference in price between these two companies really looks like.

Brand Bike Type Cheapest Option Most Expensive Option
Name Price Name Price
Diamondback MTB Hardtail Lux 1 $529.99 Sync’r Carbon $2999.99
City bike Haanjo 1 $599.99 Haanjo 3 $999.99
Road bikes (endurance) Century 1 $699.99 Century 6C Carbon $3249.99
Gravel bike Haanjo 2 $799.99 Haanjo 3 $999.99
Fat bike El Oso Uno $799.99 El Oso Tres $2199.99
MTB Full suspension Release 5C Carbon $4799.99 Release 5C Carbon $4799.99
Giant MTB Hardtail Talon 29 3 $550 XTC Advanced 29 $4200
City bike Escape $420 Escape 1 disc $830
Road bikes (endurance) Defy Advanced 2 $2450 Defy Advanced Pro 0 $7800
Gravel bike Revolt Advanced 3 $1850 Revolt Advanced Pro $5500
Fat bike Yukon 2 $1630 Yukon 1 $2100
MTB Full suspension Trance 3 $2000 Anthem Advanced Pro 29 0 $12075

Which one is better for you

It all comes down to your personal preference. Both Diamondback and Giant have a rich selection to choose from.

You’ll get more options from Giant. No matter what kind of bike you are looking for, Giant most probably has something special for you.

This might be true that Diamondback has a decent quality bike range at an affordable price range, but no one’s stopping you to dive into Giant’s luxury bikes and experience the premium.

Another factor is the assembly. With Diamondback, the assembly, maintenance, and tuning are your responsibility. This might be a great way to save a few bucks if you are experienced. Giant bikes are pre-built and usually comes with one-year free maintenance from the dealership.

In a nutshell, if you are confident about what you are doing and want to save some money, get an affordable Diamondback bike. On the other hand, if you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks and want a hassle-free experience, Giant is the best option for you.


Q. How Much Is A Diamondback Bike Worth?

It depends on the type of bike you are looking for. The price starts at $300+ and goes all the way up to $5000 or even more. You can get a decent quality mountain bike from Diamondback at around $600-1000.

Q. Are Diamondback Bikes Made In America?

No. Most of the Diamond bikes components are manufactured in Taiwan and China. However, there are distribution centers all over the US.

Q. What’s the best Diamondback mountain bike?

Here are some of the best models of Diamondback bikes according to their price range.

  • Best Diamondback mountain bike under $500 — Overdrive ST
  • Best Diamondback mountain bike under $1000 — Overdrive 29 2
  • Best Diamondback mountain bike under $1500 — Atroz 3
  • Best Diamondback mountain bike under $2000 — Mason Comp Plus
  • Best Diamondback mountain bike over $2000 — Release 5C Carbon

Q. Is Giant a Good Mountain Bike Brand?

Yes, of course. Whether you like casual riding or want a professional riding experience, Giant has a great range of products to offer.

Not only can you find mountain bikes here, but you’ll also find the best quality riding gear and advanced Compact Road technology to make your ride much safer and smoother.

Q. Are Trek bikes made by Giant?

Yes. Trek, along with some other brands like Colnago, Specialized, Schwinn, Bianchi, and Scott bikes and frames are sometimes made by Giant.

Q. Are Giant bikes made in China?

Yes, Giant has manufacturing plants in China. This Taiwan-based bicycle manufacturer also has factories in the Netherlands and Hungary.

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