Five Ten Anasazi Guide Review

Do you want to fly like flypaper? Do not worry as the Five Ten is the world most renowned brand for its high fiction footwear that offers enough flexibility so that you will feel as you are flying. This rock climbing shoes are designed with the quality rubber and suede leather that creates appeal to most of the athletes. Five Ten Anasazi Guide is perfect for using from downhill mountain bike racing to rock climbing.

Do you have slightly wide and flat feet? Have you tensed that your shoes do not provide an adjustable fit to climb the hill? Do not bother with that as the Five Ten Anasazi Guide provides versatile sizes that grips well from long to wide foot.

Five Ten Anasazi Guide offers an extended closure lace system so that you can tighten or loosen the shoes for your comfortability. This robust design with the suede leather allows feeling cool even in hot weather. These men's rock climbing shoes smear well and provide maximum performance and control for climbing more challenging routes.

01 Five Ten Anasazi Guide Overview

Men's rock climbing shoes offer a perfect midsole, insole and outsole to feel greater when running on the road. The midsole fills the space between the insole and outsole provides comfortable support for the foot, making these shoes beautiful and also comfortable.

Five ten men's Anasazi guide climbing shoe offers a variety of sizes to provide perfect fit and tight enough to climb well. You also feel comfortable enough for a full day of climbing as it prevents your legs from swelling up and odor that may arise from wearing the shoes for a long time.

Hiking shoes can be used in all weather conditions as it can resist water and dry quickly. In the hot weather, it allows feeling cool as there is enough air circulation due to the suede leather used in these shoes.

02 Specifications

  • Material:  Suede Leather
  • Outsole: Stealth Rubber
  • Grip: Extended lace closure system
  • Size:  5 D (M) US Size Chart
  • Color:  Hero Brown and Black

03 Feature Analysis

04 Pros & Cons

05 Final Verdict

Five Ten Anasazi Guide is very comfortable, well fit, and sturdy enough to use for a long period. It has a wonderful lace closure system that is extended to offer stiffness and tight fit to your toes. It does not loosen automatically, but there is a little downside as the suede leather has high absorption power to water so it can get wet easily.

This downside is not very significant, and you can handle this issue skillfully. You have to keep the shoes for drying in the sun so that the leather does not tear up. By doing this silly task, you can enhance the longevity of this shoes.

Above all Five Ten Anasazi Guide is a world-class climbing shoe which is acceptable to almost all athletes for its aesthetic look.

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