Golden Cycles Asphalt Fixed Gear Road Bike Review

Golden Cycles Asphalt Fixed Gear Road Bike comes with exclusive simplicity which is why people with classical choices often go for it. This single speed bicycle offers freewheel, and you can ride without giving much effort. So, this is very attractive for the urban cyclists as they can ride with relaxation casually.

Golden Cycles Asphalt Fixed Gear Road Bike offers excellent wheels revolve freely when no power is being applied to the pedals. You can cover a long distance through this freewheel riding golden cycles fixie.

Single speed bikes are more appealing to some who love road racing and those with love for cycling in general. If you want something beyond just cycling, you can develop a good pedaling style.

01 Golden Cycles Asphalt Fixed Gear Road Bike Overview

The different parts and components are very lightweight and reduce the complexities of handling these bicycles. The chain cranks, handlebars, wheels, and tires weigh very moderately to draw the attraction of the urban cyclists.

Fixed gear road bike requires less energy. You can start or stop this bicycle without putting too much effort. Your knees will be relaxed enough to serve a long-distance ride. So, this fixie bicycle allows for a day-long riding.

Riding the golden fixie bike is very safe as it offers proper balancing on the pedals to take brakes. It is very easier to ride from the corners of the streets which very difficult with the multi-geared bikes.

02 Specifications

  • Headset: 1-1/8" Neco headset handlebar
  • Chainring crank: Alloy 46t bottom bracket
  • Wheels: 45mm deep alloy rims hubs
  • Tires: 700c x 25 Kenda brakes
  • Product Dimensions: 64 x 19.2 x 29 inches; 29 pounds

03 Feature Analysis

04 Pros & Cons

05 Final Verdict

Golden Cycles Asphalt Fixed Gear Road Bike offers excellent value for the commuters as it provides top performance in the field of single speed bicycles. The tires, wheels, chain crank, all these things together bring an innovative solution to ride freely.

The perfect speed and wonderful brake system make it more attractive for the riders to explore the natural surroundings. Though there is a silly downside that you may experience after using this Golden Cycles Asphalt Fixed Gear Road Bike, it is not very difficult to handle.

In this Golden Cycles Asphalt Fixed Gear Road Bike review we have warned that the color may wear out unless you clean it frequently. You should clean the handle, gears, chain cranks with the dampened cloth or water so that it will get its original appearance as offered.

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