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Haro Shredder 12 Bike Review For The Beginners

Your kids used to have a bicycle that was much smoother but recently you hear squeaky noise from the gear parts and the handles and paddles gets weakened. The structure of the bicycle becomes feeble and poor. So, you are in need of a new bicycle for your kids that would be more convenient to operate. With lightweight materials and training wheels added, Haro Shredder 12” Gloss Bad Apple is the ideal solution for your kid’s bicycle. But make sure sure whether you can count on it or not. Curious? Keep reading and get a convincing answer by the end of this informative review.

By reading this review, you will have a good grasp of the bike and then you will be able to make an informed decision.

Whom is this product ideal for?

Needless to say, this bike is made for children. Whether your kid is a beginner or still learning the bicycle paddling, you need to have a bicycle that would be appropriate to operate for your kids. You can consider, Haro shredded 12 bicycle that features heavy-duty training wheel which is much beneficial for your kids to learn bicycling faster.

Key Features of Haro Shredder 12” Gloss Bad Apple

1. Alloy rim wheels

Alloy rim wheels provide greater strength comparing it to the weight. As wheels are made of aluminum and or magnesium, alloy rim wheels of Haro bicycle provides greater heat conduction as well.

2. Threadless headset

The threadless headset of this BMX bike is durable, and it is built with an elegant and simple design, adjusted for smooth steering and operating capability.

3. Lightweight Aluminum Frame

The lightweight aluminum frame is strong enough, and makers often make tubes bigger and thicker than conventional steel tubes. Aluminum frames can weight more than a steel frame, so this BMX bike has a sturdy aluminum frame.

4. Rear Coaster Brake

The rear coaster brake allows the bicycle to roll without much imposing the pedals to turn. The rear coaster control helps you to control the bike at your will. It gives you confidence in riding as well.

5. Heavy duty Training Wheels

Heavy duty training wheels let you do your training with the transition to a pedal bike. It allows you to train yourself with the bike accurately.


  • Type: Haro Shredder 12inch Gloss Bad Apple
  • Item: Weight 15.9lbs
  • Frame: Alloy 6061 Low Profile Frame
  • Head Set: 1-1/8 Thread Less Headset
  • Gear: 90mm-LB USA BB Gearing-28/16
  • Wheel: 16-Spoke Wheels With 12-inch Rims
  • Brake: Rear Coaster Brake


  • Easy to control
  • Durable and sturdy build
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Bright color


  • The paddle size doesn’t match the frame.

Common Questions and Answers

Question : How durable is this product?

Answer : This product has a stronger and lightweight aluminum frame with alloy rim wheels which provides a strong and durable structure of this product.

Question : Is this bike safe for kids?

Answer : This bike has an easy operating and braking system which makes it special for kids. The bike also has bright colors and extensive wheels which makes it convenient to operate for beginners.

Our Findings

1. Performance

My kid used to have a bicycle. It was a better bike, but the main issue was on the pedals. Each time it creates squeaky noise, and the chain often came off of the gear. So, I decided to purchase a new one for my kid. Haro shredder 12 was my first preference as the design and color of the bike was phenomenal. When I see that my kid is riding this bicycle, I can see how easy it is to operate this bicycle. The build of the bicycle is sturdy and stronger, and the lightweight aluminum frame makes the build lightweight. But talking about the lightweight build of this bicycle, I need to say that the build is not much lightweight comparing other BMX bicycle. This bicycle is quite heavier than I expected. So, this was the only drawback I can say.

In a word, I have been observing the Haro Shredder 12 for a longer period of time, and I found no problems or issues. This mountain bike is very much convenient to operate, and some lightweight features make this BMX bike different from others.

2. Ease of use

This bike was easy to operate as my kids love this. The bike was stylish and colorful with a lightweight structure that helps you to operate this bicycle easily. The handle and pedals were smooth as you go. The cushioned child bike seat is much comfortable as it enables you to ride on the bicycle with ease.
The training wheels make it more than enjoyable when you need to learn cycling at the primary level.

How to Maintain the Product?

1. Maintaining the bicycle

  • Keep the tires inflated properly
  • Check the brake pads by using Allen keys
  • Dirty wheel rims create squeaky brakes, clean it
  • Tighten the saggy brakes using Allen keys
  • Get your bicycle serviced at least once a year
  • First, clean all the parts properly then apply lubricants
  • Get your saddle on the bike perfect

Customers’ Feedbacks

Most buyers on Amazon are impressed with the quality of Haro Shredder 12 and they praised the product. Many of them reflect their satisfaction by giving it 5 start ratings since Haro Shredder 12 exceeds their expectation.

The bike gets much applause from parents since the bike is ideal for their kids. The kids can confidently ride the bike since the unit is lightweight and features rear coaster brakes for better control of the bike

Our Final Thoughts

At this point, we want to look back at some striking features of the product Haro Shredder 12 so that we can make a final opinion regarding the product. The product features low profile frame, wheels with 16 spoke and 12 inches long alloy rims.

The bike’s heavily built training wheels and matching padded seat is impressive. But the selling point of the bike we found is the rear coaster brake which is responsible for providing better control of the bike to young riders. To sum up, Haro Shredder 12 out performs many bicycles in the market.

About the author

Cobie Brown

Born and grew up in Colorado, I chose to work in the field of what I liked most, biking. I’ve been working as a full time mechanic in the cycling industry for over 13 years. I started BMXing when I was just a 6-year-old kid and got hooked from the very first day. Then I started riding and not a single day went by since then that I didn’t touch my bike.

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