Fixed gear bikes have gained much popularity and are favored by people all over the world for its superb features and functionalities. They are designed in a way that offers single speed in the most minimal form, with one gear, a freewheel, and some brakes. It does not require any specific frame to build fixed gear bike. You can build it with any frame as you like.

If you are a budget-friendly sort of person, you would certainly prefer to build fixed gear bike of your own. To help you with this regard, we have attached here some steps that you can consider to build fixed gear bike:

Step 1 : Tools and parts needed

Gather the tools and parts you will need to build fixed gear bike. You will find the items on local hardware stores or Amazon. So, here is the list of the things you would require:

step 1-tools and parts needed

  • One bike frame (includes horizontal dropouts)
  • Two wheels
  • Two tires
  • Two inner tubes
  • Two brake sets cables
  • One single speed crankset
  • Two pedals
  • Two cages and straps (optional)
  • One saddle
  • 1 Seat post
  • One stem
  • One bottom bracket
  • One single speed chain
  • One handlebar
  • Handlebar tape (optional)
  • Sandblaster with sand (optional)
  • Paint stripper (optional)
  • Powder coating kit (optional)

 Step 2 : Renovate your frame

Take your frame and modify it based on your choice. You have to sand down the slots of the fork with a Dremel so that the wheels get attached inside easily.

step2-renovate your frame (1)

Step 3 :  Color your frame

Get your frame painted by yourself or from a car paint shop. In this case, you should use a combination of paint stripper and sandblast to strip and paint the frame. It is a time-consuming and a herculean task to strip it. But, you should get the paint and rust off the frame very neatly.

step 3-color your frame

Step 4 :  Painting the frame

After all paints and rusts are stripped off, it is time for painting the frame. You can use a powder coating kit from local powder coating company to do so. Always make sure to clean your frame before you put the colors on. Paint the bottom bracket too as many people leave it for being right or left threaded.

step 4-painting the frame

Step 5 :  Assembling your bike

This is the most important step to build fixed gear bike as it is all about assembling your bike. Select your chainring and chain line and replace the freewheel with a track sprocket that plays a vital role in converting one sprocket into a fixed gear. Respace the rear wheel’s axle to put the sprocket in correct alignment with the chainring. Reddish the rear wheel so that the rim in the frame reaches the center. Now, put on a new chain. This is done because new sprocket will quickly wear out with an old chain.

If you have a flip-flop wheelset that contains fixed gear on one side and single speed fear on the other, then you can switch by flipping the wheel around and then adjusting to the rear axle.

step 5-assembling the bike

So, this is how you build fixed gear bike. Why would you waste your money one something that you can build free of cost? Ride your single speed bike as soon as it is ready to go!

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