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Kent vs Schwinn: Where to Invest Your Hard-Earned Money?

Kent vs Schwinn
Written by Joshua Fernand
Last Update: August 16, 2023

Both Schwinn and Kent are “Walmart brands,” and you know what we mean by that – cheap, low quality bikes that don’t serve as intended, add unnecessary weight, and rust and break down sooner than your expectations.

But then again, not everybody can afford those premium bikes or some don’t need to spend a fortune on a bicycle for occasional use. Also, people are buying and using their products regularly all over the US.

What we can say is if you can tune them well, bikes from both these brands will be fine for casual riding or grocery shopping or things like that.

Kent – A quick look

Kent was founded in New York City in 1909 by Abraham Kamler who was a US immigrant. Now headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey, they started as a manufacturer of horse-drawn wagons and carriages.

But as bicycles started gaining popularity at the beginning of the 20th century, Kent transitioned to manufacturing two-wheelers.

They now own several bike brands – Kazam, Shogun, Takara, Giordano, Capstone, and Geness to name a few. But they all cater to the demands of the big-box retailers in the US.

However, they have a wide range of products to offer for people of all ages and abilities.

Schwinn – A quick look

Just like Kent, Schwinn also doesn’t need an introduction. With headquarters situated in Vancouver, Washington, this American company was founded in 1895 by Ignaz Schwinn who was a German engineer.

They soon became the biggest manufacturer of bicycles in the USA and held on to that status for most part of the 20th century.

Schwinn was well-known for their quality products and tech innovations. But their sales volumes began dropping in the early 1990s because of high competition in the industry, and were declared bankrupt in 1992.

Pacific Cycles currently owns this iconic brand. Today’s Schwinn bicycles don’t carry the same reputation as the old ones, but they are now working hard to gain customer loyalty with quality and durable products.

Kent vs Schwinn – Head-to-Head Comparison

Product range


Kent has a huge bike collection for all ages and styles, including kid’s bikes, BMX freestyle bike, cruiser/comfort bikes, hybrid/trekking bike, mountain bike, road/fixie bikes, tricycles, tandem bikes, folding bikes, recumbent, and electric bikes.

Along with bikes they manufacture different bike safety gears, parts, and accessories.


Schwinn also has a great variety to offer – bikes (road, mountain, cruiser, hybrid, electric), tricycles (electric, non electric), scooters (non-electric, electric), exercise bikes (upright, recumbent), home gym equipment (treadmill, airdynes, ellipticals, rowers), and different bike parts and accessories.

For kids, they have balance bikes, scooters, tricycles, and mountain bikes available in different sizes. They also manufacture accessories like helmets, trailers, lights, locks, storage, water bottle holders, tubes, and seats.

Price range


Kent bikes are easily affordable and fit any mid to low budget range. As said before, all the brands owned by Kent target bargain price points at major retailers.

So, there isn’t much difference among them in terms of quality.


Generally, Schwinn has products available for every price range. The price depends on the variety of models and the user’s gender and age.

But their products are comparatively more expensive than Kent.



Parts Warranty period
Frames and Forks Lifetime
All  other components 6 months

Kent offers limited time warranties to the original retail buyer. The warranty will be applied if the bike is correctly assembled and used under normal conditions for its intended purpose.

The warranty will be void if the bike was damaged due to improper maintenance, modification, accidents etc.

The warranty does not include labor and transportation charges.


Bike Parts Type Warranty length
Frame Aluminum 5 year
Steel Lifetime
E-bike’s battery, motor and head module 2 years
Normal wear parts  30 days
Exercise bike  Mechanical  2 year
Electrical 2year
Labor 1year
Frame  5 year
Treadmill Motor 10 years
Frame 10 years
Labor 1 year
Electronics 1 year

Their warranties do not cover damages resulting from accidents, neglect, misuse, abuse, repair, maintenance, theft, rust, or riding with two or more people.

Manufacturing facilities


Kent started manufacturing bikes in Kearny, New Jersey in 1979 but they moved their facilities to some Asian countries in 1990 to reduce production costs.

However, in 2014, they again started their production in the USA establishing a facility at Clarendon County, South Carolina. Currently, their products are manufactured in China, Taiwan, and the United States.


Schwinn used to manufacture their bicycles in the USA till 1982. After that, they moved their manufacturing facilities to China and Taiwan.

Manufacturing materials


Kent bike frames are mainly made of steel and aluminum, which makes them capable of withstanding rough road conditions confidently.

They may not be comparable with carbon or titanium, but you get good value for the money you spend on their products.


Although Schwinn uses steel, aluminum, carbon and titanium as frame materials, aluminum is mostly used in their bikes.

Braking system


Kent uses different brake systems for different bike types. You’ll find calipers or coaster brakes in most of their comfort and kid’s bikes.

Linear pull brakes and disc brakes are used in their mountain and gravel bikes.


Rim brakes are used in most of the bikes in general but they use disc brakes on their premium models, which have more power and can stop the bike safely in any condition.

On the other hand, coaster brakes are used in cruisers and children’s bikes.



Kent offers both single speed and geared bikes. Single speed bikes are more affordable and lighter than geared bikes and they are easy to maintain. But geared bikes are more versatile and give you the opportunity to have a comfortable and efficient ride.

The gears on a Kent bike are arranged in the “linear style” and the best speed variation they offer is 21-speed.


The gears in Schwinn bikes are set in a “stair-step” fashion. Their premium mountain bikes have 24-speed variations, which is higher than what Kent is offering; and this can be highly effective for climbing hilly terrains.

Schwinn vs Kent: Which Brand to Rely on?

Both these brands have a long history of manufacturing and distributing different types of bikes and bike accessories.

Schwinn has a better product range than Kent. Kent offers outdoor bikes and bike accessories only while Schwinn manufactures indoor exercise bikes and home gym equipment along with outdoor bikes and bike accessories.

There’s not much difference in their product qualities. So, go for any brand that suits your budget and needs.

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Joshua Fernand

I’m a 38-year-old father of two and an avid adventurer with a history of road bike racing in the mountains. I’m also a member of the Mountain Top Cycling Club, Colorado. I took part in several cross country rides across the states with my cruiser bike.

Tell you what, each tour was over a thousand miles long and it wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t studied bike mechanics. Most of the fixes required during my travel had to be fixed by myself. Cruiser became my favorite category since then.

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