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15 Must Have Bike Accessories for Your Bike

Must Have Bike Accessories
Written by Cobie Brown
Last Update: August 16, 2023

In recent years, the popularity of electric bikes has skyrocketed, with various models such as electric city bikes, becoming increasingly common on city streets and bike paths.

The demand for refurbished electric bikes has further proven a growing interest in these eco-friendly alternatives to personal vehicles and public transportation. While electric bikes have safety and enhancement features, you can equip your e-bike with additional accessories to maximize your riding experience.

Must Have Bike Accessories for Your Bike

1. Rear Bike Rack

A rear bike rack provides extra storage space, enabling you to carry groceries, work essentials or even a change of clothes when you ride. Bike racks are handy for electric city and folding electric bikes, making daily commutes and errand runs more convenient.

2. Helmet and Gloves

Safety should always come first when biking. A well-fitted helmet is crucial for protecting your head during falls or collisions. Helmets are required for all riders in states like Connecticut and New Jersey, while most states require helmets for riders under 16 or those operating a Class 3 e-bike.

In addition to a helmet, high-quality cycling gloves can help keep your hands warm during chilly rides and offer extra grip and protection.

3. Bike Bag

A bike bag is a practical accessory for your electric bike. Bike bags provide a secure and convenient place to store essentials like keys, wallet and phone while you ride. Choose a waterproof bag to keep your belongings safe from the elements, like the MSW Blacktop Grocery Pannier Bag.

4. Portable Air Compressor

A portable air compressor is an essential tool for maintaining optimal tire pressure. Low tire pressure can reduce your e-bike’s efficiency, increase wear and tear and even lead to punctures. A compact, lightweight compressor will ensure your tires are always at the ideal pressure for a smooth ride.

5. Slime for Fixing Flats

Flat tires can happen to anyone, even when riding an electric mountain bike on rough terrain. Slime is a quick and easy solution to fix punctures, sealing the leak and getting you back on the road quickly. Slime Tube Sealant can be a tire repair solution for up to two years.

6. Bike Lock

Investing in a high-quality bike lock is crucial for safeguarding your e-bike against theft. A lock like the Kryptonite KryptoLok U-Lock features a disc-style cylinder resistant to drills and a high-security pick to prevent theft. It also has a patented Anti-Rotation Double Deadbolt shackle to prevent twist and cut attacks.

7. Rearview Mirror

A rearview mirror improves your situational awareness, allowing you to see approaching vehicles or other cyclists without turning your head. This accessory is especially important for those who ride in busy urban environments.

8. Cell Phone Mount with Charger

A cell phone mount with a charger is a must-have accessory for navigating the city or tracking your progress on fitness apps. The charger ensures your phone’s battery won’t die mid-ride, leaving you stranded without directions.

9. Headlight Kit

A headlight kit is essential for nighttime rides and low-light conditions. It enhances your visibility to others and illuminates your path, making your journey safer and more enjoyable. The Lezyne KTV Drive Headlight Set offers ideal visibility and smart connect features for optimal headlight control.

10. Bike Repair Kit

A bike repair kit is crucial for longer rides or electric mountain bike adventures. It should include tools such as a multi-tool, tire levers and a patch kit to fix minor issues on the go.

11. Front Basket

A front basket is a practical addition to your e-bike, providing extra storage space for small items like groceries. Choose a sturdy, durable design that can handle the weight of your belongings. It should be made from lightweight materials so it won’t impede the bike’s steering. You should also check the basket and bike’s load capacity to ensure you won’t overload the front of the bike’s frame.

If you have a folding electric bike or need to store your bike in a compact location, you can also find folding front baskets that collapse when not in use.

12. Rear Tail Lights and Reflectors

Rear tail lights and reflectors increase your visibility to motorists and other cyclists, particularly during low-light conditions or nighttime rides. Opt for tail lights with multiple modes like the KTV Pro Smart Taillight set, which includes a flashing function for enhanced visibility and long battery life to maximize their effectiveness.

13. Water Bottle Cage

Hydration is critical when cycling, even on electric bikes. A water bottle cage provides a convenient place to store your water bottle, ensuring you stay hydrated throughout your ride.

Choose a cage that’s easy to access and securely holds your bottle. Look for lightweight materials such as carbon fiber, polyamide or titanium.

The cage’s mounting position can vary depending on the location of your bike’s battery and whether the battery is integrated with the frame or not. The most common water bottle cage model features a mounting position on the top side of the downtube; however, you can also find cages that mount to the front of the seat tube.

14. Cushioned Bike Seat

Long rides can be taxing on your body and the wrong bike saddle (bike seat) can adversely impact your reproductive health, so a cushioned bike seat is a valuable addition to your e-bike. It improves comfort, reduces fatigue and helps prevent soreness during extended trips.

Your bike saddle should match the width of your hip bones, which is why manufacturers typically produce saddles in varying widths. Generally, women require a wider bike seat than men due to their wider pelvis. Look for a seat with an ergonomic, contoured design and gel or memory foam padding.

15. Bicycle Panniers

Bicycle panniers are a versatile storage solution for your electric bike, perfect for longer rides or touring. These saddle bag-style satchels attach to either side of the rear bike rack and offer ample space to store clothing, gear or camping equipment.

Opt for waterproof, abrasion-resistant panniers made from materials like X-Pac RX30 polyester or 1000D nylon to protect your belongings from rain or puddle splashes.

Get the Right Accessories to Elevate Your E-Bike Experience

Equipping your electric bike with must-have accessories can enhance your riding experience and ensure your safety on the road. Whether you ride an electric city bike, a folding electric bike or an electric mountain bike, these accessories are vital for comfort, convenience and security. So, gear up, stay safe and make the most of your e-bike adventures!

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