Conquer Bench Mount portable bike stand

Conquer Bench Mount portable bike stand

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The portable bike stand is a fantastic option to secure your bike and fixing well without any hassle. This portable Rotating head adjusts clamp to any angle, and its clamp allows for clamping of tubes from 30mm to 75mm. Road bike stand of this tool is made of durable steel construction which provides mounting flange. And this flange includes 4 holes. The maximum weight limit of the portable stand is 50 lbs. which is so light and easy to handle.

You can easily attach it to virtually and bench. Its arm extends 10 inches. from the bench and it varies from product to product. This stand weighs only 9 lbs. and folds to 40" x 9" x 7” for easy storage. Sturdiness and Compactness are the sole features of the portable bike stand. It is totally built in aluminum which provides you the warranty of security.

It is easy to set up and assemble the bike stands. This bike stand clamp is portable and lightweight. So, you can adjust the clamp to fit seat or top tubes or seat posts. This product comes with a wheel stabilizer arm and a tool tray by which you can ease your workout. This is an ingenious product at all. Because of its compactness and easiness, reviews go on.

Portable bike stand takes a little space to store a bicycle, and it protects your bike from the dirt and dust. Overall, it is a good product with nice and rigid specifications. Additionally, this bike stand works for trimmers also. And, we hope that it is a rock-solid product and the price also doesn’t exceed your limit.

Our Remarks

Though we get some poor impressions on this portable bike stand, they are handy enough to fix up your bicycle. It prevents the tire from getting dusty and useless soon. This is an economical way to secure your bicycle as it offers you a workout on your bike at virtually on any angle.

The simple and compact design of the portable bike stand makes it the perfect solution when the workspace is an issue. This product includes two secure mounting plates which are included to let you easily work on a bike in one place and store that bike in another place by detaching the clamp arm. So, see, how easy its workout is!

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