Pure Fix Crankset Review

Read our in-depth Pure Fix Crankset review and know what differentiates this crankset from the other cranksets and how you can make your user experience remarkable with a high-quality crankset.

01 Pure Fix Crankset Overview

The Pure Fix 3-piece 44T alloy crank and steel chain wheel allows for a more efficient ride with a smooth cadence. The crankset helps accelerate a fixed gear or single-speed bike for a high-speed trip. This fixed gear crankset comes with a gear ring, and right and left pedal arms. The bicycle crank is available in a variety of solid bright colors for customizing your fixie, road mountain, BMX or track bike.

Now, we are going to share with you the specification part of the Pure Fix Crank Set review to let you have a better idea about its compatibility with your necessity.

02 Specification

03 Feature Analysis

04 Pros & Cons

05 Final Verdict

Pure Fix Crank set has no bolts included, but the crankset itself is a good solid buy. Though it is not super light if you compare to the price this crankset is certainly a great deal.  This is a fine product, and it would come conveniently if you want to customize your bicycle.

According to our overall research, we found Pure fix Crank set to be a perfect one for the customization or restoration of your bicycle or mountain bike. Hopefully, this review helped you to get a good idea about this crankset and know more about a good pick.

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