Raleigh Cadent Urban Fitness Bike

Raleigh Cadent Urban Fitness Bike

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At Raleigh Cadent, we always look forward to the road ahead and your speed. For several years, we’ve been pushing the boundaries of what gets the world riding in style and comfort and making our commitment to spreading the joy of the ride has never wavered.

Its wheels keep the ride quick and efficient. And, flat handlebars and a sporty geometry keep the ride comfortable. This Raleigh fitness bike has included 35c tires which are fast rolling and smooth but are wide enough to provide traction for an enjoyable path ride and organized the ride. Mechanical disc brakes are simple and smooth to maintain and provide the stopping assurance or confidence to get out and navigate all your large and densely populated urban area has to offer. With 21 speeds, fender mounts and rack, and durable double wall wheels you'll always be equipped for your next two-wheel adventure.

Raleigh Cadent is an exceptional and excellent bike for recreational riding. It comforts you to use on all the nearby paths without any effort. The brakes are adequate, and overall the bike seems sturdy enough for my use as a fitness bike. It is useful for its price and intention. It has those features what any beginner fitness bike enthusiast needs.

You can ride it smoothly without considering your weight. Whether you are 50 or 200 pounds, it doesn’t matter as this fitness bike delivers a wide weight capacity. These versatile bikes offer the efficiency of a road bike with the comfort to remove your neck’s strains. And, these bikes are also ideal for group-biking.

Our Remarks

Sometimes we get poor reviews of Raleigh cadent for having to dislike in its gear, brake and manual instructions. But we come up with these problems in our latest and smart edition. If you get into trouble, feel free to knock our website. Some reviews say that they have been riding the bike around town and it rides like a dream except for occasional shifting difficulty. And it may occur for some adjustment problems.

After all these experiences, we highly recommend you to buy Raleigh cadent model. It offers an excellent lightweight entry-level bike with a solid company behind it. So, have it and secure all time freshness in your two-wheel adventure!!

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