Gearbikes Review to Offer $1,000 | Community Service Scholarship 2018

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Gearbikes Review to Seek Applications for the Community Service Scholarship 2020

It’s time again for us to stretch our hands to help out students who are supposedly the future leaders of community services. We’ve heard stories of good people who, in spite of great spirits for being highly educated, find it hard to reach their goals. Their hardship stirs us quite outstandingly, and we are here now trying to do them good by offering this help. However, here at Gearbikesreview we have a very specific desire that anyone who receives the award from us competing in a writing contest should share a common interest with us; that is biking and hitting the urban roads with joy of mind. We understand we couldn’t do enough by offering this $1,000, but we love to take this as a beginning.

Who is eligible?

Anyone with a graduate/bachelor degree/high school diploma can apply. Persons seeking admission into a post-graduate program may also apply if they are interested. Peoples in any field of study can apply.


If you want to participate, you must proof your eagerness about the (). We believe that, a great presentation in written article format is an excellent way to show your prowess to meet the standard we are looking for. Here are the rules.

  • Please submit a presentation that reflects something useful to fishing community. This can be any practical research work, how-to content, step-by-step guidelines, or anything that might be useful to our community.
  • Word Count: 1000 Words
  • File Format:.doc/.docx file.
  • PDFs/Internet Link Sources
  • Please include your details (Full Name, Date of Birth, Current Educational Status with a proof, Contact info, Etc.)
  • Deadline: (Date)

Choosing the winner?

Our community members are always open to embrace anything new. They are open minded to embrace anything new that they find useful for them. So, this is one of the crucial criteria we consider while reviewing a work from our dear applicants. Following are the criteria your works will be reviewed upon.

  • Relevancy (How much relevant the writings are to the subject they are based on)
  • Contemporary (How much popularity the works are among our community people)
  • Accuracy (Grammar, Punctuation, Expression, Colloquialism, etc.)
  • Fact checking and citations if used
  • Plagiarism-free

How do applicants receive the scholarship money?

After the deadline, evaluation procedure will be completed in one month. We choose one winner who really deserves the price We inform the lucky guy via email and a formal letter with our logo and contact information.

One of our public relation officer will contact the winner and collect some common information which will be used later for processing the award money. Payments will made within five business days.

Important Notes

  • We need to declare that we hold the right to publicize information about the community service scholarship 2020 for promotional purposes.
  • We do not claim responsibility for any taxes that might be calculated for the awarded money.

Feel free to contact us for further information.

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