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Scott vs Trek: Which Brand Offers the Best Bikes?

Scott vs Trek
Written by James Jordan
Last Update: August 16, 2023

Both Scott and Trek are two well-known bike brands worldwide that makes it hard to decide which brand to choose, unless you’re a hardcore fan of either of them.

Here we compared these brands considering factors like their range of products, frame materials, durability, comfortability, and more.

This is your golden opportunity to see which brand is perfect for you!

 Scott vs Trek: How Do They Differ?

Scott VS Trek Bikes

Key differences at a glance

Comparing factors Scott Trek Winner
Frame material More detailed frame Not that much detailed Scott
Frame technology Carbon technology Carbon technology tie
weight Comparatively lightweight Comparatively heavier Scott
Product line More options for entry-level Only focuses on mid-range and high end bikes Scott
Bike range Road, mountain, kids, and women bikes Same range as Scott tie
Components makers  in-house brand “Syncros” make the component  in-house brand named “Bontrager” make the components tie
Component quality High High tie
Suspension system Active Braking Pivot (ABP), Full floater, and mino link TwinLoc suspension tie
Customization options Gives option for customization from scratch Less customization option than Scott Scott
Comfortability Highly comfortable Highly comfortable tie
price Comparatively lower Comparatively higher Scott
Purchase rout Only through local dealers Local dealers and online Trek
Warranty 5-year limited warranty for bike and 2 years for “synchros” components Limited lifetime warranty for bike and 1-5 years for the components Trek

1. Frame Material

Trek bikes have a lot of attention to detail in a frame which results in ergonomic bikes which are ideal for all purposes.

Scott has excellent frames but due to their limited warranty, it is not the best option.


Trek for its specialty in the frames.

2. Weight

Scott bikes turn out to be lightweight due to their exceptional carbon technology.

Trek is a bit on the heavier side even after applying the same carbon technology.


Scott bikes owing to their lightweight.

3. Bike Line

Trek has a wide range and more options in entry-level bikes that beginners can ride.

Scott has more mid-range and high-end options.


Scott as it has more options under two categories.

4. Bike Range

Scott’s stock in bike ranges from categories like mountain bikes, road bikes, kids bikes, women’s bikes.

Trek too has the same story. Whether electric or MTB or for kids or women, you name it and Trek has it all.


Both as they have similar bike selections to offer.

5. Components

Scott has an in-house brand “Syncros” which has over 30 years of experience and is responsible for manufacturing most of the high-quality components; ranging from saddles to kickstands.

Trek has an in-house brand named “Bontrager” which is equally innovative and reliable in making the components.


It’s a tie there is no compromise in the product quality of both the brands.

6. Suspension System

Trek has an Active Braking Pivot (ABP), Full floater, and mino link that makes its suspension system above the competition.

Scott has a TwinLoc suspension system that makes the pedal efficiency to be of the topmost.


Both brands due to their exceptional suspension system.

7. Customization

Scott provides the option for customization through its high-quality alloy and carbon frames for road bikes and MTBs.

Trek also has a project named “project one” to enable customization. One also has the option to choose a frameset.


Trek since they help customize bikes from scratch.

8. Comfortability

Trek bikes are ideal for cruising roads and spending an enjoyable time in the saddle as they are very comfortable.

Scott bikes are known for their durability and ease handling in different trails. They are very comfortable because of these features.


Both brands due to their comfort and ease of handling.

9. Price

Scott’s price starts from $450 for entry-level to $14000 for high-end bikes.

Trek price ranges from as low as $600 for entry-level bikes to $11000 for high-end bikes.


Scott for its comparatively low price yet high quality bikes.

10. Purchase Route

Scott only allows orders through local dealers and not any official website.

You can buy Trek bikes in their official website or through local dealers.


Trek as it offers more purchase routes.

11. Warranty

Scott offers a 5-year limited lifetime warranty along with a 2-year warranty for their “synchros” manufactured components.

Trek, on the other hand, offers a limited lifetime warranty for their frames along with 1-5 years for the components.


Trek with their lifetime warranty in frames is a depiction of their confidence in their product.

12. Sponsorship Success

Scott has sponsored top-level cyclists like Greg Lemond.

Trek too has great success in sponsoring great athletes like Lance Armstrong.


Both the brands as they have outstanding performance in sponsorship and getting pro-riders which depict their good brand image and reputation.

Scott vs Trek: Road Bikes

Scott vs Trek - Road Bikes

Bike Type

Scott offers lightweight, endurance, aero, etc. road bikes under the road bikes categories along with special lines and range for children and women.

Trek too has electric, lightweight, gravel, etc. road bikes along with a huge stock of performance road bikes.

Bike Range

Scott has a mix of entry-level, mid-range, and high-end road bikes to cover the demands and needs of all riders irrespective of their experience level. However, their key focus is for mid and high-end riders.

Trek also has all the 3 varieties of bikes whose focus is more on the high and low-end market.


Scott bikes are more of aggressive geometry that favors pro riders.

Trek, on the other hand, has less aggressive road bikes suitable for beginner cyclists.


Scott’soffers start from$700 for entry-level bikes to $12,000 for the high-end ones.

Trek bikes cost from $1000 to as much as $12,500.

Scott Vs Trek: Mountain Bikes

Scott Vs Trek - Mountain Bikes

1. MTB Types

Scott offers trail, downhill and sports mountain bikes while their while they also have a nice selection of women’s mountain bikes.

Trek also has a cross country, trail, full-suspension MTBs, and a dedicated line for women.

2. Bike Geometry

Scott bikes are more of aggressive geometry because of which Scott has more trail-oriented MTBs.

Trek, on the contrary, has less aggressive geometry that makes them ideal for enduro cycling.

3. Suspension

Trek employs Fox and RockShox for their full-suspension MTBs that promise outstanding control and bump absorption.

Scott has the Hardtail line whose fork comes with enough cushioning.

4. Drivetrain

Both the brands employ SRAM on their high-end bikes and Shimano on their low and mid-range bikes.

5. Carbon Technology

Both trek and Scott employ high-quality carbon frames that provide frame lightweight. This makes pedaling upward easy and convenient.

6. Price

Scott’s price starts from $450 for entry-level to $14000 for high-end bikes.

Trek price ranges from as low as $600 for entry-level bikes to $11000 for high-end bikes.

Scott Vs Trek: Hybrid Bikes

Scott Vs Trek: Hybrid Bikes

1. Bike Type

Scott hybrid bikes have a lot of similarities with their road and MTBs lines. These bikes are suitable for casual rides and adventures and come in both men’s and women’s ranges.

Trek also has an amazing hybrid range for both men and women along with a special range for kids too.

2. Riding Comfort

Both brands have comfortable bikes in the hybrid range. It is the features like wider cushioned seats and durability that make these bikes comfortable.

3. Carbon Technology

Trek, as well as Scott both, employ carbon frames in their bikes which makes them lighter and thereby comfortable.

Thus, it makes them ideal for serious cyclists.

4. Price

Trek hybrid bikes occupy the highest and the lowest end of a budget.

Scott hybrid bikes, on the other hand, are available at any price point.

When Should You Get a Scott Bike?

If price, comfort and bike line, and bike range are important criteria for you, then one must get a Scott bike.

When Should You Get a Trek Bike?

If customization, frame, or warranty are essential criteria for you, then choose a Trek bike.

Tips to Buy Scott and Trek Bikes

  1. Buy a bike that matches your riding goals
  2. Always prefer to take a test ride
  3. Lightweight bike is comfortable so choose the bike keeping in mind the weight you can handle
  4. Compare the price and choose the one which is convenient for you


Q. Are Trek Bikes Made in China?

Yes, the majority of Trek bikes are made in China.

Q. Does Giant Make Scott Bikes?

Yes, Giant makes Scott bikes. But when it comes to the components of the bike, there’s only one sole manufacturer i.e., “Syncros” which is the in-house brand of Scott.

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Later on, my interest in biking grew more after joining the Enduro race back in 2013. My buddies and I also participated in the Downhill racing for the third consecutive year, and it’s been an amazing experience.

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