Single Speed Conversion kit Review

Are you in search of a kit that allows you to go for a single speed? You must want it to be affordable as well! Well, we have an accessory that exactly matches your criteria.

The single speed kit is compatible with all Shimano and SRAM hubs. It is very easy to convert to single speed wheels. We are about to share with you a detailed description of this single speed Shimano adapter in this review that will help you to judge this kit better.

01 Single Speed Conversion kit Overview

Issues with this fixie bike conversion kit are not very obvious. This single speed Shimano adapter is cheap and has a nice finish on the rings. It comes with a lock ring and the right sized cog. It is very durable. The cog and the spacers are pretty fine.

This accessory will reach your expectations and will not make you spend much! Let us have a look at the specification part of our Single Speed Conversion Kit review to have a better idea about the kit.

02 Specification

03 Feature Analysis

04 Pros & Cons

05 Final Verdict

Some of the users find the cog in this kit to be a little too small, but it is just some type of tolerance miscommunication. Overall, the product is excellent. We recommend you to use it with a Shimano Alfine Chain Tensioner.

Hopefully, our Single Speed Conversion Kit review has provided you enough information about this product and helped you to decide effectively.

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