Kryptonite Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock Bike Lock

Kryptonite Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock Bike Lock

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If you live in a high bike theft area, one of these U locks is a necessity. If someone really wants to move stealthily or steal your bike, they can do it no matter how you lock it. This U lock bike mount is a seriously heavy lock offering top-notch security and peace of mind when locking up your ride.

U lock bike mount includes 18mm hardened max-performance steel shackle resists bolt cutters and leverage attacks. It is Oversized, patented with hardened steel sleeve over crossbar for double security.  This product offers double deadbolt locking for extensive holding power. It is a high-security disc-style cylinder.  Its center keyway defends against leverage attacks. kryptonite bike lock includes a protective vinyl coating.

kryptonite bicycle lock delivers sliding dustcover protects and extends cylinder life. It has 3 stainless steel keys– one lighted with high intensity led bulb & replaceable battery. It is a key safe program. Here, product dimensions are 3.25” x 6” (8.3cm x 15.3cm).

Its lock mechanism is super smooth, feels very solid like you aren't at risk for bending/ruining anything. Its heft and sheer strength of this lock are far superior to the bell which claimed similar stats. You can attach it very smoothly to the bike, not harsh or cumbersome to attach around bike stations. This is a durable lock. It comes with a strap clip-on adapter to attach the lock to your bike frame.

Our Remarks

This U lock bike mount has some drawbacks, though they are a few. You need to be close enough to a proper bike locking area given this is a standard size U-lock. The Extra-long lock offers you more variety and always allow you to lock the front wheel as well as the frame to your pole/rack. In this tool, you really have to pick your position or forego the front wheel and trust the cable.

Kryptonite also makes excellent cables to go with it, such as the heavy-duty, braided Kryptoflex. But, keep in mind that no lock, cable, or chain is unbreakable. You just want to make it extra difficult for the thieves, so they'll hopefully either give up or go after someone else's property. So, to conclude, we assure you that this U lock bike mount is a good and secured lock ever on the basis of our customer reviews.

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