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Cookie Policy | GearbikesReview

Last Updated: September 03, 2020

This Cookie Policy clarifies how, its partners, and users use cookies. It will also discuss the options you have to control them.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are data in form of small text files that are sent by a website to the visitor’s web browser and they are stored on the user’s computer or mobile phone. A website uses cookies to remember the user and their personal preferences to ensure they have a better user experience next time they visit the site.

How We Use Cookies

GearbikesReview uses cookies for various reasons that include ensuring a personalized user experience and displaying advertisements from our business associates. However, the major purpose of the use of cookies is to provide our visitors with a smooth, hassle-free, and personalized service so they find this site helpful.

Cookies Generated by Our Partners

GearbikesReview is associated with several third-party services for commercial purposes and for an enhanced user experience. As well as us, our partner sites of ours may send you cookies when you will be redirected to their sites through

However, we do not regulate the activities of our third-party sites and we cannot be held responsible for their activities that may have an impact upon you as a visitor.

How to Control Cookies

You can stop us from sending you cookies. In this case, your web browser and your computer or mobile phone will not save any cookies sent by us.  However, if you do this, we may not be able to ensure the optimum user experience for you.