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The 10 Best E-Bike Conversion Kits of 2024

Here we’ve thoroughly reviewed the best ebike conversion kit so you can easily make the right buying decision.

I’ve always been an avid biker and made hundreds of cross-country journeys with the regular cruiser bikes. But the day I converted my bicycle into an electric one using an E-bike conversion kit, I didn’t have to look back again.

It’s been a game-changer ever since for its affordability and quality on top of providing extra torque, non-fatigued quadriceps and hamstrings, longer distance coverage, and most importantly, the joy of tireless journeys. That’s why I call it an ‘upgrade’! However, almost all bicycles can be upgraded but the highest performance depends on buying the right kit.

Tell you what, it’s not that easy to find the right kit as the market is littered with tons of different types and brands which would confuse you. This is exactly why Gearbikesreview team has tested the best Ebike conversion kits on the market for creating the top 10 list. So, read carefully to have a better understanding of this kit to make a better buying decision.

Top 10 Best eBike Conversion Kit Reviews

01 AW 26’’ x 1.75” E-Bike Conversion 48V1000W (Editor’s Choice)

AW 26’’ x 1.75” E-Bike Conversion 48V1000W

If you’re clear on buying a rear-wheel e-bike kit, then this model from AW brand is worth your money. This kit comes with everything you need to give that extra power to your bike. It features a 1000W motor which is powered by a 48V battery. With this, you can steer uphill without losing the grip.

It comes with a 26 x 1.75-inch wheel along with a reinforced 32mm rim and 40mm tire. It has a maximum speed of 45kph meaning you can always reach your destination on time. It’ll interest you that this motor has an efficiency of 80% with a drop out spacing of 135mm. The PAS feature allows you to cycle at your pace while the motor is running.

One of the most important features of this kit is the LCD system. This allows you to see the battery power and the distance covered. Also, it let you know your current speed and gear levels. It comes with a dual-mode motor controller which operates under hall and no-hall effect to prolong its life. Some users were unhappy that it didn’t come with the recommended battery.


  • High efficiency
  • Dual-mode controller
  • Complete motor wheelset
  • Highly sensitive throttles
  • Advanced LCD System
  • Pedal Assistance System (PAS)


  • Battery sold separately

Our Verdict

This AW kit is one of the most powerful kits on the market. It’s the ideal choice for persons who need superb biking power at a reasonable price. It comes with an LCD that lets you know your current speed, mileage, battery power, and time. Sturdy wheels and tire with the package to enhance your performance on the road. Use this to make a superb hybrid version of your bicycle.

02 Voilamart 26” Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit (Best Rear Wheel Kit)

Voilamart 26” Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit

If you’re looking for an affordable rear-wheel e-bike conversion kit for your bike, then search no more. All you need to get going is to replace your old rear wheel with the Voilamart 26” wheel. Fortunately, you may retain the old tire if it’s compatible. For the DIY enthusiasts, you’ll discover that it’s very easy to install and you may not take more than an hour.

It comes with a powerful brushless motor with a rating of 1000W but operates at 750W for speed limits. Thanks to its intelligent motor controller that lets you switch between these power modes by pressing the blue button. So, you’ve got a motor that can go uphill with ease without making annoying sounds.

This model comes with an LCD that shows the battery level and PAS settings. With its adjustable 5 level Pedal Assist system, you’ll be cycling and exercising at the same time. Also, you’ll appreciate the battery level display on the twist throttle that informs you about the rate of battery consumption.

Another important feature of this model is the crank sensor which is to enhance the functioning of the PA system. Also, the two brake levers provide ultimate stopping by safely cutting power to the motor.

Still, the alloy rim and stainless steel spokes can support a load of 330 to 440 pounds. However, it doesn’t come with a battery but you’ll need a 48V/11.6Ah electrokinetic cell battery. The only thing we don’t like in this model is the seeming difficulty in setting the LCD. Yet, this is not a deal-breaker since you can view it online.


  • Dual power and speed rating
  • Adjustable PAS system
  • Easy to use controller
  • Crank speed sensor
  • LCD for PAS and battery level
  • Powerful braking system


  • Difficulty in programming the LCD settings

Our Verdict

This model is for persons who’re looking for an easy way to increase their bikes’ power and efficiency. The blue button on the handlebar allows you to switch between the two power modes at any time. You may not rely on the brake levers to stop the motor since it already comes with a sensitive throttle that helps in regulating the speed.

03 JAXPETY 36V 500W (Front Wheel Kit)


This is another e-bike brand with the commitment to meet the needs of its teeming customers. The JAXPETY 36V 500W E bike Hub is equipped with all the parts you’ll need except the battery to build an e-bike. You can cruise at a speed of 23.6mph without sweat, thanks to its reliable and efficient 500W motor. Besides, rare earth metal magnets are used in the construction of the motor to enhance its durability and also reduce its power consumption.

Also, it comes with its recommended wheel and tire for you to ride with comfort. The rim and spokes are from alloy materials making it capable of handling a load capacity of 330 pounds.

One of the greatest assets of this model is its intelligent motor controller that allows you to switch between two riding modes with ease. Besides, it comes with a crank speed sensor that controls the motor action when you decide to use the pedals.

Other materials you’ll find in this kit to enhance its use include handle grips, twist throttle, hand brakes, and much more.


  • Good quality wheel and tire
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Waterproof controller
  • No need to install a speed limiter before use
  • Great performance


  • The motor is heavy and noisy

Our Verdict

This is a high-performance and impressive ebike conversion kit. It is designed for the front wheel and very easy to assemble. It comes with 36V 500W motor offering high-speed, accuracy, and efficiency. It also features an aluminum alloy controller for proper power utilization. Besides, the throttle comes with a battery display and a braking button.

04 BAFANG BBS02B 48V 750W Ebike Motor (Mid-Drive Kit)

BAFANG BBS02B 48V 750W Ebike Motor

Mid-drive kit is a super and easy way to transform your pedal bike to an electric bike. BAFANG BBS02 is the model to rely upon when you’re installing a mid-drive e-bike kit. This model can fit both road and mountain bikes with a bottom bracket of 68-73mm. The motor has a power of 750W with a maximum speed of 35mph making it an ideal choice for road and cargo use.

The LCD has a Bluetooth connectivity capability for easy handling and information display. It comes with two riding modes, which include the ebike and the PAS which you can use interchangeably. This kit comes with everything you’ll need to get started and its installation is pretty easy once you’re with the right tools. Besides, the company provides an installation video to fall back on if you’re facing any difficulty.

It comes with a 1-year warranty to boost your confidence. When buying, it’s important to indicate if you need the battery and charger by selecting the size. The only negative you may experience is the delay in stopping when engaging the brakes.


  • Very simple to install
  • Quiet and efficient operation
  • Battery and charger included
  • Powerful and durable
  • 1-year warranty
  • Reliable braking system


  • Not compatible with hydraulic brakes

Our Verdict

This is the ideal kit for people who’re willing to pay for a good mid-drive type. It features a powerful 750W motor that runs quietly. While the one-year warranty boosts your buying confidence, the LCD facilitates its operation.

05 EBIKELING 48V 1200W 700C Bicycle Conversion Kit (Direct Drive Kit)

EBIKELING 48V 1200W 700C Bicycle Conversion Kit

Ebikeling is known to consistently flood the market with top-quality products at affordable prices. This kit is one of their most exclusive models as it comes with everything to help ease the installation process. It features a 1200W motor that runs on a 48V battery. Still, the battery can last up to an hour if you’re maintaining a 26mph speed.

One of the most interesting things with this kit is its pedal assist mode. With the PAS 5 speed levels, you can select your ideal speed which is very useful when working out with your legs.

Another thing we like is its LCD that helps you to know the speed, mileage, and battery level. The motor hub comes with its cassette, so you’ll not need your old rear-wheel gearing system. Besides all its components are waterproof making it ideal for riding in the rain. However, it’s important to seal the connectors with a tubing or rubber tape to keep off moisture.

Overall, this is a great electric bicycle kit with good value for the money. The only thing that seems like negative to this model is the unwanted sound from the motor. Also, this package doesn’t come with a battery and tire, meaning you’ll buy them differently.


  • Superior power
  • Easy to install
  • Pedal Assist sensor
  • Working in any weather condition
  • Speed control throttle.


  • Motor produces an annoying sound
  • Tire is sold separately

Our Verdict

This is a great quality ebike conversion kit at its price. It’s waterproof meaning you can use it in the snow or rain. It supports a bigger battery amperage which means you’ll spend longer time riding before the next recharge. With a motor capacity of 1200W, you’ll always enjoy the boost even if it’s on eco mode. So, get your bicycles moped with this legit kit for better performance.

06 AW 26″x1.75″ Rear Wheel 48V 1000W

AW 26

AW has always been on the top when it comes to electric bike conversion kit production. This model is specially designed for the front wheel. It has a wheel size of 26 x 1.75 inches along with a sturdy 40mm tire. So, you don’t need to worry about cruising on that difficult terrain in your area. Besides, the rim is reinforced to increase its strength and durability.

It features a 48V 1000W electric motor with an RPM of 470 to give you the needed cycling experience. One of its greatest advantages is the 80% efficiency which is a great delight to the buyers. Also, the controller helps you to regulate the speed while the hall and no-hall effect mechanisms enhance its longevity.

Another exciting thing with this model is the ergonomically designed handlebar grips that ensure you have enjoy comfort when cycling. Besides, it features an LCD that displays accurate information about its operations.

You’ll also appreciate the PAS system that allows you to ride without relying on the motor. This is very essential when you choose to exercise your legs. Besides, you can easily switch to full motor mode once your legs become weak.

Other things that come with this kit include the throttle for setting the ideal running limits, battery connection cable, brake pullers, and manual. However, you’ll need to buy the battery and charger separately. Yet, you can use any Li-ion, lead-acid, and NiMH batteries but its rating should be 48V/17Ah.


  • Very efficient
  • Powerful and reliable
  • Highly comfortable
  • Features a brushless motor
  • Reliable throttle system
  • Reinforced rims and steel spokes


  • Poor quality brake handles

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for a reliable front wheel ebike conversion kit to increase your bike speed, this is the model to buy. The motor power and efficiency are good for a smooth and easy ride. It operates silently, thanks to its brushless motor. More importantly, it comes with an LCD system to help you monitor the system.

07 EBIKELING 48V 1200W Bicycle Conversion Kit

EBIKELING 48V 1200W Bicycle Conversion Kit

Ebikeling, the renowned Chicago based conversion kit manufacturer, offers a complete solution for your bicycle conversion. We found all the necessary parts for installation in the package. Kits were mostly pre-assembled making the installation process simpler. As per the company’s instructions, we only changed the original tire and bought a battery separately.

The package included the motor, LED display, a controller, brake levers, torque arm, pedal assist sensor (PAS), brake levers, cable ties and front and rear lights (all purpose). However, Ebikeling didn’t provide the tire and battery.

We liked the elaborate LCD Display that read speed, battery percentage, single trip and total trip distance, PAS levels, wattage, and headlight switch. It’ll also display hazard signals in case something is wrong.

They also added a comprehensive pedal assist for riding even when the throttle response is absent. During long trips, we could avoid joint pain caused by long motionless sitting posture by pedalling once in a while. It uniquely worked without the PAS installed!

The manufacturer provides a warranty coverage of 3 months for the controller and motor and the rest of the parts are covered for only 30 days.


  • Waterproof quality components
  • Durable build materials
  • Comes with all necessary parts
  • Works without the PAS
  • Less power consumption by the 1200 watt motor
  • Good customer service


  • PAS sensor’s build quality is not premium

Our Verdict

We are happy with the deal and it contains just what one can expect from a bicycle conversion kit package. The quality of the components is spot-on. We didn’t like the range of warranty coverage though. However, since the parts are reliably made, you wouldn’t regret getting one.

08 8FUN Bafang BBSHD 48V 1000W Mid Drive

8FUN Bafang BBSHD 48V 1000W Mid Drive

If you’re willing to pay for a high-price but fantastic Mid Drive E-bike conversion kit, this model is for you. It comes with all the necessary installation parts to give you a thrilling and satisfying biking experience. With the right tools to remove the crankset and center shaft, you can reform your bike in less than an hour. Unlike the Bafang BBS02B that could only fit a 68-73mm bottom bracket, this model can fit both 68-73mm/100-120mm bottom brackets.

This ebike conversion kit features a 1000W motor making it a wonderful option for cycling enthusiasts who need hi-speed traveling bikes. The motor is powered by a 48V battery with a Max. RPM of 160 and efficiency of 80%. It comes with an LCD function that connects via Bluetooth for easy setting.

Another interesting feature is the thumb throttle that allows you to regulate the speed without relying on the brake levers. Besides, it comes with a pedal-assist system that lets you exercise by pedaling.

This mid-drive motor is suitable for a road bike, mountain bike, fat-bike, and commuter bike. But, it is not advisable to install it on a carbon-fiber bike frame since the motor is stronger. Also, this model comes with a 1-year warranty and a 24/7 help desk to cater to your questions and complaints.


  • Pedal speed sensor
  • Free installation video
  • Resistant to water and rust
  • Gear sensor function
  • Bluetooth compatible LCD
  • Powerful and durable


  • Relatively heavy

Our Verdict

This is an awesome kit for turning your cheap bike into something fast and powerful. It’s very easy to install especially if you scan the barcode to see the YouTube video guide. You can power the 1000W motor with a 52V battery. This means you’ll enjoy more thrilling hours on the road without stopping to recharge. This model is excellent and worth more than the price.

09 EBIKELING Waterproof Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit

EBIKELING Waterproof Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit

This is another super conversion kit from Ebikeling production which will meet your expectations. It is available in variants that allow you to choose either LED or LCD. Also, there is a choice to make between thumb throttle and a twist throttle.

Here, the LCD wins by displaying the battery percent, total distance, power, speed, and PAS level. It’s worth noting that the LED option will work well but won’t display some basic information.

The PAS lets you continue pedaling without the throttle response which is so essential when exercising. You’ll like the rear and front lights that allow you to ride any time of the day without having to deal with blind spots.

The motor is strong and fast, it can ascend and descend a hill with ease. Again, this one comes with error codes identification systems that help you to detect and rectify the faults.

Other items in the package to aid your convenience include brake levers, pedal-assist sensor, cable ties, and torque arm. Yet it doesn’t come with tire and battery, so, you may have to order them separately.


  • Fast, dependable. and powerful
  • Easy and smooth assembly
  • Aluminum double-walled rim
  • Pedal Assist Sensor
  • Available in many styles
  • Error codes for easy troubleshooting


  • Doesn’t come with a battery and tire

Our Verdict

Overall, this is a great kit for the money. The motor is powerful, durable, and efficient. It comes with a Pedal Assist Sensor that provides an easy option to operate as an ebike or pedal bike. Also, you can choose the LCD or LED variants depending on your preference.

10 Goplus 48V 1000W Electric Bicycle Kit

Goplus 48V 1000W Electric Bicycle Kit

Last, but not the least, of our list is the 48V 1000W model by Goplus. As the title implies, it packs a 1000-watt capacity motor that enables your bike to reach a maximum 34 km/h on a free road. We were impressed by the build quality of the components coming with the package.

The firm central controller is built from aluminum alloy ensures fantastic control during riding at different speeds.

The LCD display is elaborate enough to show all the necessary information at one glance. Apart from the speed level, you are getting the readings of gear and mileage. The gear indicator is a convenience appreciated by most bikers.  You will also be able to adjust the speed and mode to maintain different riding styles.

This kit plays a role in protecting the environment by energy conservation. It uses electricity instead of burning fossil fuels and thus reduces CO2 generation.

Its brake handle packs the Power Cut-off design that allows the system to cut power to the motor whenever the brake lever is pressed. Moreover, it is super simple to assemble, so in that sense, it saves money. It comes with all the required components you need for fast assembling.


  • Great motor power
  • 3 different riding modes
  • 5 speed gearing
  • Power cut-off braking technology
  • Easy to assemble


  • Doesn’t come with a battery

Our Verdict

This is a fantastic package that comes with all the necessary components you need to convert your bike into an electric one. The components are also of high quality. Fast assembly options make it even more desirable. If you have the budget, it’s safe to say that you wouldn’t regret buying it.

Best Ebike Conversion Kit: Buying Guide

best ebike conversion kit buying guide

1. Types

The four e-bike conversion kit types are:

  • E-bike Wheels – This type is very popular among cyclists because of its affordability and ease of installation. You’ll only replace one of your bike’s wheel with the e-bike wheel bearing the motor and In most hubs, the battery and motor are in the same compartment which results in weight imbalance. Thus, its often recommended keeping the battery in a different place.

After fixing the unit in the front or rear wheel, the bike can now speed up to at least 25mph. Off-road bikes have good traction making it perfect for installing a rear wheel motor.

Another important thing to consider is your suspension fork’s ability to withstand the motor’s weight. It’s not ideal to use an e-bike wheel on a road bike because of their low suspension strength.

The size of the wheels may vary. Most common sizes are– 20, 24, 26, 28 and 29 inches (29 models are called 29ers).

  • Mid-Drive Conversion – If you’ve got a motor already, then you’ll its ideal to buy a mid-drive conversion kit. It has a better weight distribution since the battery and motor are mounted on the bottom bracket frame. Its only drawback is that the motor is prone to damage because of its place of mount especially when you’re on an off-road ride.
  • Friction Drive – This is the most inefficient and unpopular e-bike conversion kit. As the name implies, it drives the rear wheel forward via the friction between the rollers and the tire. It is very archaic and the weight effect is bad.
  • Concealed – If you don’t want other road users to see where your bike engine is located, this is the ideal option. The motor that drives the bottom bracket is located in the seat tube. Mostly, they are equipped with 200W motors and often features a long-lasting battery.

2. Quality

Quality always comes at a price and the same rule applies here as well. Usually, the best electric bike kits have light components but they do last longer. As said before, reading the ebike conversion kit reviews will be of great help.

3. Durability

A high-quality product will be durable especially if you adhere to the manufacturer’s installation and maintenance instructions. Yet, you wouldn’t expect a low-quality kit to last, so quality must be your top priority.

4. Motor Ratings

The rating of the motor determines its speed and power. Motor ratings are given in Volts, Watts, and RPM. A 500W motor with a higher RPM will perform better than a 200W motor even if they run on the same battery type. There is a wide range of motors available. Most common wattage models are 250W, 500W, 750W, 1500W, 2000W, 3000W (3KW), 5000W and 8000W.

In terms of volts, the most common units are 24V, 36V, 48V and 72V.

5. Performance

You can’t enjoy the ride if the motor’s performance is poor. You can’t also have a clear idea about the overall performance of a kit unless you give it a try. So, an effective way is to list down some of the best ebike conversion kits available today and then go through their real user reviews online.

6. Speed

You wouldn’t want a low-speed ebike since it’s not the car’s replacement you need. Besides, the speed throttle should be flexible and easy to control. In average the speed limit of such kits are not more than 40 mph. However, high performance kits can allow up to 50 mph if the bike is in the right condition. We’d suggest you not to go for the fastest kit unless you’re a pro user.

7. Battery Versatility

A good e-bike conversion kit should accept different battery types. This is very important, especially when changing the old battery.

8. Ease of Use

Installing and using a conversion kit should be easy. The reviews from the users will also help you to know its ease of use.

9. Noise

Unwanted sound from the motor is always distracting and annoying which is the reason to buy a kit with a low noise rating. However, the cheapest models make the highest noise.

E-bike conversion kits are made to help you own an electric bike at an affordable rate. The only thing you’ll do after buying is to fix it per the installation instructions. So, if you’re ready to buy one, it’s time to look at our top models below.

Why Use Ebike Conversion Kits

Why Use Ebike Conversion Kits

An electric bike conversion kit comes with the parts and components you’ll need to upgrade your ride. It lets you transform your pedal bicycle to something more powerful and easier to ride without having to break the bank. Electric bike kits have many advantages, especially when it comes to cost efficiency.

Conversion kits allow you to renew your old bike instead of spending money to buy a new e-bike. So, with a bike and electric bicycle kit, you can build an e-bike yourself within a short time.

The only thing is to research about the kits to know if your bike can handle the power. Besides, you’ll enjoy the benefit of choosing your highest motor power and speed. Also, the replacement parts are readily available for repairs and maintenance since they’re not made for a given brand

How to Install a Front or Rear Wheel Conversion Kit?

This guide shows the steps for installing a hub motor conversion kit.

  • Remove the wheel that you’re to replace and if it’s the rear wheel, take off the chain too. You’ll need to remove the left pedal if you’ll be using a PAS.
  • Install the tire on the wheel if it didn’t come with one. But, if your wheel had tire already, you can skip this stage.
  • Fix the wheel in the front or back of the bike. Remember to install the cassette if it’s a rear-wheel then rotate the pedal to ensure its spinning freely.
  • Position the controller in a place that will not be too far for the various connecting cables.
  • Remove the lock ring for the left pedal and install the Pedal assist sensor. Then, replace the lock ring and the pedal arm. It’s essential to tighten the bolts firmly.
  • Mount the battery in a comfortable place.
  • Take off the old handlebar grips with the brake levers then insert the LCD. You can reuse the old brake levers and grips or use the new ones.
  • Connect the brake, throttle, battery, and LCD cables to the controller.
  • Clip the cables neatly to the frame and power the motor to see if everything is working.
  • Now, you’re ready to hit the road with your fresh ebike.

E-Bike Conversion Kit Installation Tips

Installing an e-bike kit yourself is easy if you know what to do at each step. However, the following tips will be of help.

  • Get your tools ready: You’ll need flat screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, air pump, and other tools depending on the type of bike your using.
  • Set up a suitable workspace: You need to prepare a nice place to work on the bike. Your spot must be free of dirt, iron parts, water, and grease.
  • Get a bike stand: This is very useful as it’ll allow you to access every part of the bike with ease.
  • Users Instructions: Adhere to the instructions on the manual and don’t expect all bikes to have the same installation rules.

A Word from GearbikesReview

The kits on this buying guide are of the highest quality that you’ll find on the market for mid-drive, front, and rear conversion. The type of wheel may not matter, what matters is finding the best ebike conversion kit. Hopefully, our reviews would guide you to choose the right model.

If you’re yet to decide on what model to buy, you can opt for the AW 26” x 1.75” Rear wheel conversion kit. It comes with a complete wheelset and a 1000W motor with a maximum speed of 48KPH.

If you’re looking for more power and speed, the Ebikelink 48V 1200W 700c bicycle conversion kit is the ideal choice for you. It comes with everything you need to own a new ebike except the battery. The motor is very powerful and operates silently.

The 8 fun Bafang BBSO3/BBSHD is the ideal option for a Mid Drive electric bike conversion kit. It’s suitable for diverse bike types and comes with a Bluetooth enabled LCD.

Make sure you check if the bike is compatible with your preferred kit before paying. Also, most kits are easier to install than others, you’ll find more info on this in the reviews.


1. Can I convert my push bike to an e-bike?

Ans. Yes, you can add a front-or a rear-powered wheel, or fit a drive unit into the bottom bracket, or attach a motor above the bike’s rear wheel so it drives through friction, or you can even try to hide the motor inside the seatpost.

2. Should I really try to convert my bike to electric?

Ans. Well, that depends on your needs. If you make long rides every now and then or if you have to go uphill everyday, you can go for an ebike conversion kit with a powerful battery. For occasional riding, you may not need one.

3. How to fit a conversion kit?

Ans. We’ve answered this question above in this section – How to Install a Front or Rear Wheel Conversion Kit?

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