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How To Make Fixed Gear Bike?

make fixed gear bike
Written by James Jordan
Last Update: August 16, 2023

Many of us desire to ride a fixed gear bike but what turns us down from buying it is the price! It might be difficult for us to afford a fixed gear bike. But, you should not be heartbroken either because we have come up with the perfect solution for you.

By perfect solution, we meant our article. Our article holds a step by step procedure to make fixed gear bike. So, why would you waste your money when you can make one?

The techniques given below can be followed in sequential manner in order to make fixed gear bike:

Step 1: Grab the stuffs needed

Get the things you will need to continue the process further. You will require following things:

  • 1 bike frame and fork
  • 2 wheels
  • 2 tires (700×25)
  • 2 inner tubes (700×25)
  • 1 or 2 brake sets with cables
  • 1 single speed crankset
  • 2 pedals
  • 2 cages and straps
  • 1 saddle
  • 1 seatpost
  • 1 stem
  • 1 bottom bracket
  • 1 single speed chain
  • 1 handlebar
  • Handlebar tape (optional)
  • Sandblaster with sand (optional)
  • Paint stripper (optional)
  • Powder coating kit (optional)

You should verify if your frame has horizontal dropout or not that is the slot which keeps your rear wheel axle are more or less in a horizontal way. It lets the forward and backward movement of the wheel to fix for chain tension which resists the chain from slipping off. If you have vertical dropout, you can change it into special hub. Besides, pick a frame based on your physical strength and appearance. Choose a right material for your bike to enjoy a long lasting ride. You can choose between steel, aluminum, fiberglass and titanium material.

How To Make Fixed Gear Bike - Grab the stuffs needed

Step 2: Readjusting old frame

Take your older frame and make any adjustment to your frame, if required. You may have to sand down the slots of a fork with a dremmel so that the wheels fit accurately. Many bikes need a full disassembly to shape it in proper fixed gear bike. If needed you should do it too. Chain tool, allen keys, lockring tool, socket wrench, vice grip and other tools can help you to disassemble.

How To Make Fixed Gear Bike - Readjusting old gear bike frame

Step 3: Refurnish old frame

If you want to renovate your previous frame, use a sandblast to take off the paint from the frame and paint your new frame as you like. You should stripe off the rusts also to give your bike a polished look. Be careful while you do this as sandblasting can cause different health diseases.  Use a powder coating kit from local powder coating company for painting. Clean your frame before you put the colors on. Paint the bottom bracket too as many people leave it for being right or left threaded.

How To Make Fixed Gear Bike - Refurnish old bike frame

Step 4: Assembly

In order to reassemble the bike, we will work with the previous parts mostly. But, if needed, we can buy few extra parts too. For the main frame parts we will need- handlebars, seat with seat post, bearings and other head tube parts, headset, handlebar plugs and fork. Brake cable, Brake caliper with washers and bolts and brake lever are the additional parts which is the bottom bracket.  You will also need- toeclip pedals, 1/8 inches chain and singlespeed chainring and crankset here. You will only need a fixed gear rear wheel to make fixed gear bike. To make sure the cog and chaining is securely fixed; you should buy a wheel with fixed gear hub. The gear ratio should be taken into account when buying cog and chainring.

As soon as everything is gathered, you can assemble the bike. Grease any threads before you screw the bolts for swift movement. You can begin by reattaching the bottom bracket tool and the front fork with the help of large crescent wrench.

Start with cog. Screw it in a clockwise way and then tighten it properly with the chain whip. Screw the lockring also just like you did with cog by using the lockring tool. Adjust the front and back wheels in their place and tighten it but not too much. You should keep it loose to add chain later.

Attach the cranked (check if the chainring is on the right side of the bike), the handlebars, brakes and seat. For additional safeguard, you can use handlebar tapes to the handlebar after the brake leaver is fastened. You should also verify if the front wheel is uniformed with the headset.

Next, you should thread the brake cable by using needle nose pilers and a crescent wrench. The brake tension can be accustomed based on your choice. The chain tool now eliminate the links of the chain and let it be done till it reaches the right length and then add it to your bike.

The rear wheel should be slided back along the dropout till the chain is taught and tighten the bolts later. The rear wheel should also be in line with the frame. For this, we have already mentioned you will need a horizontal dropout.

How To Make Fixed Gear Bike - Assemble the fixed gear bike

Finally, your bike is ready to ride!
Easy or tough – no matter what – your dedication should be the only concern to make a fixed gear bike if you can’t afford one from a number of choices. A little hard work is fine against saving a fair amount of money. So, we think we have helped you save that money successfully. We hope you will feel no hassle in implementing the steps.

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Later on, my interest in biking grew more after joining the Enduro race back in 2013. My buddies and I also participated in the Downhill racing for the third consecutive year, and it’s been an amazing experience.

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