How To Make Fixed Gear Bike Faster?

Fixed gear bikes are lot more different or particularly superior to usual multiple gear bicycles in terms of affordability, speed and easy maintenance. A health conscious person would more likely to prefer fixed gear bikes over anything as it increases fitness.

It is light and has a hassle-free commuting speed. Besides, weight is one of the crucial factors that determine the speed of a vehicle and being a lightweight vehicle fixed gear bike possess this quality very well.

Despite being fast, there are many people who seek to add speed to their fixed gear bike. After all, who would not want to upgrade their stuff? Now, if you want to make fixed gear bike faster, you can have a look at the guidelines that we have attached in our article.

Gear ratio

Gear ratio lets you determine the speed as it creates a link between the rear cog and the crank. When the gear ratio is large, it becomes easier to exert fewer pedal revolutions than you did with a small ratio in order to cover the same distance. Here, the difference matters based on your preference to whether you want swift acceleration or top speed capabilities. They are estimated by the number of teeth on the chain ring and cog.


Upgrading components

Upgrading the components can also be a way to make fixed gear bike faster. When the bikes have well-lubricated and modern components, it will raise its speed level itself. In this case, the bottom brackets, cranksets, rear and front hubs are the most important components that need improvement.


Renovate wheelset

Replacing the wheelset into a renovated one can be a perfect solution too. You can try aluminum rims and sealed bearing hubs.


Lightweight components

It is also required to make sure that the components installed in your fixed gear bikes are lightweight and reliable at the same time. Lightweight plastic or metal toe clips creates a prompt movement of the pedal and help you transmit more energy to the bicycle.


Changing to slick tires

You can also get slick tires instead of treads ones. Slick tires create less resistance comparatively.


Maintaining your bike

Another major factor to make fixed gear bike faster is well-maintenance. If you maintain your bike appropriately, keep the tires inflated and the chain lubricated you will see the difference yourself.


Learn riding accurately

In addition to all of the above key points, you should also learn how to ride fixed gear bikes efficiently. You cannot simply blame your fixed gear bike, if you do not have the idea to use it properly.


This was all about raising the speed of fixed gear bike. We hope once you have done considering our instructions, you will find no troubles further to make fixed gear bike faster.

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