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Why Wear Cycling Jersey & Do You Need a Cycling Jersey?

why wear cycling jersey
Written by Cobie Brown
Last Update: August 16, 2023

If you are going for a ride on a mountain bike or a road bike, you will need more than just the bike. For a perfect bike trip, you need a perfect bike as much you need perfect clothing. A cycling jersey is the most important part of the cycling outfit. In fact, a cycling jersey will not only enhance your comfort but also provide you necessary protection against rough weather.

It is not about just the look and outfit when you choose to wear a cycling jersey. A properly fitted cycling jersey will keep you warm in the cold and some other will keep you cool in the cold weather. Some bike jerseys will also keep you protected from potential sunburn!

Cycling Jersey vs. T-Shirt

T-shirts are for ordinary uses. If you need to cycling for a minute or two you are good with your t-shirt. However, if it is your desire to go for a mountain biking or a trip with your favorite road bike, t-shirt will fail to provide what you need. For these types of cycling you need cycling jersey. Cycling jersey will provide you comfort for a long run. A good quality cycling jersey will also protect you from harmful UV rays. Read through the article to know more.

6 Reasons Why Wear Cycling Jersey?

Too much cycling can be overwhelming, especially if you are cycling a lot of kilometers a day. A cycling jersey will not do the cycling for you, but it makes your journey easier and more comfortable. In another word, a better cycling jersey will enhance your performance in a noticeable level.  That’s not all of it. Read More to Know More!

For Better Styling to Match with Your Cycling Style

To be honest, a lot of cyclist chooses cycling to make them fit and to look more stylists. Good quality, well fitted bike jerseys provide distinct look with its vibrant color and different attractive designs which reflects the cyclist’s passion and style.

Jersey shirts are also a great way to match you with the cycling style. For instance, you need to wear tight-fitting jersey shirts which never flap around if you are on a racing. You need to avoid extended neck designed jerseys for these types of events as you will sweat more. Breathable fabrics are better suited here.

Reasons to Wear Cycling Jersey - For Better Styling to Match with Your Cycling Style

For a short tour around the city, or just going to meet a friend you can wear more relaxed design Cycling. You may sit together and drink some coffees. A relaxed version cycling jersey will provide more comfort in this aspect than a tight-fitted one.

Reduce Sweat for a Comfortable, Cool and Dry Ride

Whether it is warm or cold weather, if you bike a lot, you will sweat. Wearing a t-shirt will not make any difference, rather you sweat more. Most t-shirts are made with cotton fabrics and cotton is the worst fabric to handle sweat.  Cotton collects sweat and hangs onto it like white on rice. Hence, you will soak up with your own sweat. And if the breeze gets into your t-shirt, the sweat cool down on your body and you will also get cold. This is a very uncomfortable feeling and you will soon feel disgusting about it. Your shirt will feel chafe and heavy and you might get rash on your skin.

A good cycling jersey made with breathable fabric will keep you comfortable while you ride. It will wick away sweat from your body and help evaporate without affecting the body temperature, making you cool and dry no matter how much you ride. No matter what, always carry the best bike water bottle for you to stay hydrated.

Pockets to Keep Valuables

While going for a long trip to a mountain hiking or a long road trip, you might want to take some short of things with you. For example, you might want keep your favorite gels, sports nutrition, driver’s license, your phone along with its charger etc. Now, the question is, where will you put these things? Definitely, you are not going to carry a bag around while you ride. The solution is cycling jersey pockets. Most cycling jerseys offer at least two to three rear pockets where you can put your stuffs without worrying to lose them.

Some of you may say that, a t-shirt also contain a pocket on the chest. Well, let us know how it feels if something stays for long time in your chest pocket!

Protection Against Sun, Uv Rays

If you are not going to have a lot of sun burn and develop skin cancer, it is good time to choose a cycling jersey that will protects you from harmful UV rays reducing the risk of skin cancer. Cycling jersey offers limited or high quality protection against sun damage. Some manufacturers uses SPF (Sun Protection Factor) like the sun creams to show how effectively they can protect you from sun’s UV rays. If you bike a lot, especially in sunny days go for higher SPF. Good quality, full-length mountain bike jerseys are very useful in this aspect.

Remember the fact that, there are some light jerseys available which provide very little protection against sun damage. So, if you choose a light jersey, use sunscreen lotion as well.

Reasons to Wear Cycling Jersey - Protection Against Sun and UV Rays

Covering Butt Crack

If you wear a cycling jersey, it will protect your unsightly derriere from public. Unless you are riding a commuter or cruiser bike where your body remains in upright position, you are butt crack will be exposed as you bent over to the handlebars while you bike. For this specific reason, most manufacturers design jerseys with longer back to prevent your butt crack from being exposed to the public.

This is a great advantage over traditional t-shirts if you bike a lot. The lack of this particular feature is enough to make you embarrassed in front of public appearance. So, wearing a t-shirt is not a wise choice if you do not wear a base layer inside.

Reasons to Wear Cycling Jersey - Covering Butt Crack

Various Fits for Enhanced Performance

A cycling jersey is made with aerodynamic design for lowest possible wind resistance to make you faster than ever. It helps to keep cool and dry by evaporating sweet and providing with enough ventilation. For ultimate performance you need proper fitting. Variation in types and sizes makes bike jersey suitable for various situations which are good for enhancing your performance by means of providing comfort.

You can choose your cycling jersey form a number of fitting criteria, such as: aero fit, comfort fit and regular fit. Regular fit and aero fit are for those who prefer road biking. Comfort fit jerseys are more common in mountain bike jerseys. These jerseys are little loose fitted, but provide enough comfort and ventilations compared to the other types.

Reasons to Wear Cycling Jersey - Various Fits for Enhanced Performance

Final Words

Bike jerseys are a great choice over traditional clothing if you bike a lot that includes riding your electric bike as well. A good cycling jersey not only provides enough comfort but also protects you from sun burn, sweating problem and potential skin disease. With its extra rear pockets, you can also keep your valuable belongings in there. Finally, a cycling jersey is not just a style; it is what you need for extra comfort and enhanced performance.

By reading this article, we believe you have had enough knowledge on why do you need a cycling jersey instead of traditional t-shirts. If you have any questions on your mind, please write us back. Happy Cycling!

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