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10 Best Tricycle for Toddlers of 2024: Reviews & Buyer Guide

I remember when my eldest son took his first steps at 10 months old. He had reached the walking milestone early and then hated being strapped into the stroller! We bought him his first tricycle for his first birthday. It was one that would grow with him.

Having a tricycle really helped us get out and about with a toddler who hated the stroller. He loved the trike and would happily go in it for long walks to the park or a stroll into town. Tricycles offer your toddler a new type of independence while allowing parents to keep control and get around quickly! There are even adult tricycles that can be a great companion of in your everyday life

Because tricycles are used for years on end and can even be passed to younger siblings, you need to get the best toddler tricycle on the market if you plan to buy one. For that reason, we reviewed the best tricycle for toddlers that your kids will love.

Top 10 Best Tricycle for Toddlers Reviewed

1 Radio Flyer Red 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike (Editor’s Choice)

Radio Flyer Red 4-in-1 Stroll 'N Trike

Our number one spot goes to the Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike. This Chicago-based company has been making high-quality products for over 100 years! We love the fact that this company has been going for such a long period of time, it certainly feels good to buy from a company with such a long-standing reputation.

We liked how this trike grows with your child. In fact, many of our testers had children of different ages using this trike. The first way of using the trike is as an infant trike. This means that the steering is fixed and the pedals are not used. In other words, this is a parent-led alternative to a stroller to give your young baby a fun time.

It measures 35.04 x 19.88 x 40.75 inches and weighs 49 pounds. It is suitable from the age of 9 months and after testing we found that young babies simply loved this new experience. The second way of using it is as a steering tricycle. This means that your child can begin steering themselves but doesn’t have to focus on learning how to pedal.

The third way is as a learn-to-ride tricycle where the child will be pedaling and steering by themselves but will still have the support of the parent handle. Finally, the parent handle can be removed for this tricycle to be a classic trike suitable for children up to the age of 5.

The 4-in-1 comes with a removable tray and cup holder as well as a canopy that is adjustable and blocks UV rays. For safety, it has a 3-point harness. That’s why it’s remarkably suitable for 18 months old toddlers.

The rear wheels are widely set that allows for a quieter ride. There is also a footrest that can be removed when children learn to pedal. Finally, there is a storage bucket to the rear.


  • Reliable manufacturer, hence durable product
  • Excellent online reviews and ratings
  • Adaptable to the age and stage of your child


  • No bell or cup holder
  • More plastic than metal

Our Verdict

Our testers easily voted this tricycle the best tricycle for toddlers out of our top ten products. We simply loved this prduct! And if there is no bell or cup holder, you can always add one as one of our testers did!

2 Schwinn Roadster Tricycle (Classic Choice)

Schwinn Roadster Tricycle

Our Runner Up comes from another well-established American company based in Chicago: Schwinn. This company has been running since 1895 and has been developing tricycles and bicycles ever since.

Our runner up trike is the Schwinn Roadster Tricycle. We loved its steel frame and retro look as did the children that tested it.  Furthermore, it has a low center of gravity. This makes it both safer and easier to ride, making it perfect for toddlers and younger riders.

It has a seat that is both sculpted and adjustable. There are five different lock-in positions and it moves backwards and forwards for a safe and comfortable fit. The deck at the read is made from wood and has the company logo burnt into it. The fenders are chrome, which gives it a really cool look.

Finally, this has great accessories including tassels, a safety flag for visibility and a bike bell. These accessories were loved by our testers and reviewers and were something that the Editor’s Choice didn’t have. This also has a lifetime warranty, which really can’t be beaten.

The front wheel has a 12” diameter while the back wheels have an 8” diameter. The handlebars have padded grips for extra comfort.


  • Reputable brand offering reliablility
  • Has a low-center of gravity, making it both comfortable and safe
  • Additional features– tassels and a bell


  • Pedaling is slightly more difficult than a trike with a higher seat

Our Verdict

Another great tricycle for our Runner Up! Our reviewers loved this trike and it was clear to see that this was a well-made product. With added accessories that the Editor’s Choice didn’t have, it’s understandable that some would opt for our Runner Up over our Editor’s Choice, it’s all a matter of needs and taste.

3 Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike (Budget Choice)

Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike

If, like me, you’re into your motor bikes then the Fisher-Price Harley Davidson Tough Trike is a really cool choice and a great way to get your little one loving bikes!

It has great graphics and styling as well as a great storage compartment that can hold snacks, toys or other important equipment. Children can pedal themselves around and have new-found independence in their backyard and neighborhood.  This was a big hit with our children testing it and with the dads!

The Harley Davidson Tough Trike as a wheelbase that is really stable thanks to its width. What’s more, it has big pedals so that even the smallest of riders when testing it could manage to get their speed up well.

We also found that the handlebars were easy for little hands to grip. Seat-wise, we found it to be comfortable for children to ride for a good length of time and the tires are big, rugged and durable; meaning that there will be many years of fun to be had with this tricycle.

The trike measures 29.5 x 22.5 x 22 inches and weighs in at 8.5 pounds. It is recommended for children aged between two and five years.


  • Low price yet durable plastic construction
  • Easy to assemble (taking about 20 minutes)
  • The storage feature is great


  • More suited for a 3-year-old or one over 38” as the pedals are quite far away

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for a budget or cheap option, the Harley Davidson is a great buy. This is a robust trike that will give your child a great ride. It’s easy to put together, has a great storage feature and rides really well. So you can rest assured that even though you’re choosing the budget option, you’re getting a really great trike for your money.

4 Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle (Advanced Choice)

Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle

If you’re looking for a tricycle that is really advanced, you should try the Power Rider 360. Unlike other trikes, it is a smart electric-powered trike. All you have to do is press a button to go – there’s absolutely no pedaling involved! It does spins of 360 degrees and travels up to 9 miles per hour.

In our testing, we loved how long the charge lasted. It can be used for 40 minutes continuously! The hand-operated braking system was sensitive too.  This certainly felt like a well-designed and-constructed product.

The frame is composed of welded steel and has a double crown for design. The tire is a hi-impact pneumatic wheel and the wheels to the rear are dual-inclined casters that allow for spinning and drifting, which was great fun! There are folding footpegs and rubber grips too making this both practical and safe.

This tricycle isn’t for toddlers though, the recommended age is 8 years and it can hold someone weighing up to 120 pounds. The battery lasts 12 hours and is a 12V sealed lead acid battery that is rechargeable.


  • Advanced electric features
  • Durable build quality
  • Super fun to ride
  • Battery’s got enough juice to last long


  • Not for children younger than 8
  • The seat isn’t adjustable

Our Verdict

Overall, this is a great item for tech-loving youngsters. We found that this tricycle was great fun for the parents, it’s just a shame that it’s too small for parents to have a turn! If your child wants something different, this is a great choice just like an electric bike! Remember though that although this review is about the best tricycles for toddlers, this one is recommended for ages 8 and above so you might have to wait a little while yet before your youngster is ready for this!

5 Little Tikes Perfect Fit 4-in-1 Trike

Little Tikes Perfect Fit 4-in-1 Trike

The Little Tikes Perfect Fit is a 4-in-1 awesome trike that has different stages depending on your child. It is an advanced trike that grows with your child and we reviewed this with children of different ages to see how well it worked.

The first stage is guided use. From 9 months of age, your child can enjoy this tricycle with parents controlling it. There is a push handle and a bar preventing your child from turning the wheel or steering. Young toddlers really loved the freedom of this when we tested it as it’s such a different experience to a stroller.

The second stage is useful from around 12 months of age as toddlers begin learning to pedal. They still can’t steer the wheel at this stage. The next stage is great from around 18 months old. The waist bar can be removed, which allows the child to begin learning how to steer. Parents still have control with the push handle, which our testers liked because, as we all know, young children have no sense of danger!

Finally, the last stage is the child’s independent use. This is around 3-4 years old. The push bar is removed and children can ride the tricycle independently. This was a real hit with our testers and it seems to be a real hit with other people online too.

There are also great storage places to store things! There is also a canopy that offers protection from the shade from all angles. The seat is great for children as it has a high back and is adjustable. The safety bar has a cup holder too.

In terms of safety, there is a 5-point harness, a protective safety bar and a protective tray for little feet.

This trike has a weight limit of 50 pounds and is suitable for children aged between 9 months and 5 years.


  • Has a shade canopy
  • Has storage places and a cup holder
  • Push feature make it safer
  • Has a 5-point harness when others only have 3
  • Has an attractive design


  • The backrest is hard plastic and could be uncomfortable

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for a cute design that your toddler will love, this is a good find. It’s a great trike with storage and a cup holder, which children love. The five-point harness is great for younger children’s safety. It’s one of the safest models for sale. We found this to be a big hit with children of varying ages.

6 Radio Flyer Deluxe Steer & Stroll Trike 53V

Radio Flyer Deluxe Steer & Stroll Trike 53V

This Radio Flyer Deluxe Steer and Stroll is a great preschool trike for children aged between 2 years and 5 years. There are 2 ways in which you can use this stroller and in testing, we tried both ways and found them to be easy to use and enjoy. The pedals can lock into the footrests so that the parent steers or the child can ride the trike alone once you move the handle. The seat is adjustable grow-with-me type. So, as your child grows, you can adjust the seat height.

In terms of dimensions, this product measures 27.17 x 19.69 x 24.21 inches and can hold a weight of 49lbs making it sturdy, robust and solid. There are additional features like a chrome bell and a fun-covered storage bin that our child testers loved!


  • This is a great 2-way tricycle
  • It has fun additional features including a bell and storage bin


  • The plastic makes it quite loud on the pavement

Our Verdict

This is a great first tricycle for young children and parents alike. No more bending down to keep up with and help your kids, the parent handle helps you keep your child safe whilst having fun!

7 Radio Flyer Red Rider Trike 421Z

Radio Flyer Red Rider Trike 421Z

Another Radio Flyer trike has made our Top Ten. This is a different style of tricycle in comparison to our number one spot but we found it to be a good item and our testers really liked it. This was found to be comfortable, fun, and convenient.

It is a trike with an adjustable seat for children of different sizes. The frame is made out of steel and the wheels are quiet and smooth. There is an adult handgrip on the back seat, which adults liked as they were able to transport the trike to their outings.

In terms of spec, this trike has a weight capacity of 49 pounds and is suitable for children aged between two and a half years old and five years old. The tricycle itself weighs 10 pounds and measures 22.2 x 27 x 21 inches. This is a larger trike and so will last a long time before your child outgrows it.


  • It is made to last (Some reviewers mentioned having this in good condition over three years after purchase)
  • ‘Grow-with-me’ seat is adjustable
  • Good weight capacity
  • Easy to assemble


  • It would be good to have rubber tires

Our Verdict

This is one of the best tricycles for toddlers that grows with your child. If you’re looking for something that’s easy to assemble, easy to transport, and stays in a great condition for years, the Red Rider is it.

8 Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike 811PX

Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll 'N Trike 811PX

Radio Flyer’s 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike is another great trike that grows alongside your child. There is an infant version, a steering version, a learn-to-ride version and a classical version. In terms of safety, there is a high seat back and a 3-point harness.

We tested this with children of different ages and stages and found it to be a good trike with great features. The removable canopy was particularly popular for those who live in sunnier places for keeping harmful rays off their child’s skin.

Our reviewers liked how the pedals became footrests when used with a baby. This is suitable for children from 9 months old to 5 years old. Its conversion from a push along tricycle to a classic trike was pretty easy. There is a removable tray, a sturdy steel frame and the stroller-style canopy can be removed for riders who are older.


  • Suitable for different ages and switches easily between the stages
  • Easy to assemble
  • Got some nice features including a parent handle


  • The pedals are quite far away for younger children.

Our Verdict

Our reviewers liked this trike’s ease of use and also loved how easily it was to adjust the different sizes, although some reviewers commented that it was more suitable to older children as they found it quite big for younger toddlers. In short, it offers a good value for the money. If you do choose our number 8, I’m sure you’ll be really pleased with your choice.

9 Schwinn Roadster Classic Trike

Schwinn Roadster Classic Trike

If you’re into all things retro, this is the tricycle for you! It has a retro look with its heavy-duty steel frame, scalloped fenders and mustache-style cruiser bars, which are aesthetically pleasing and add to the retro style. Our testers loved how this felt like a blast from the past and their own childhood. The steel frame and low center of gravity makes it less likely to tip over so parents can rest assured that their little one is safe. Our testers commented on how safe it felt.

When it comes to design, nothing can beat the Schwinn Roadster Kid’s Tricycle.  You can move the adjustable seat backwards and forwards with five positions that can be locked in. This makes it a great purchase for any child between the ages of 2 and 4 years old.

Our tester kids loved the classic bike bell and fabric tassels and so did parents as it reminded them of the trike they had at the same age! The front wheel has a diameter of 12 inches and the back wheels have a diameter of 8 inches.

Schwinn is a great company because their products come with a lifetime warranty. They’ve been around for over a century too, so you know that they’re reliable as a brand.


  • Has a great retro look
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Can be adjusted to fit
  • Durable product from a reliable brand


  • A bit expensive

Our Verdict

We believe this trike is actually one of Amazon’s recommendations for a girl’s trike. It is more expensive than some of the best tricycles for toddlers in our list! Some people might be put off by the ‘girliness’ of this trike but I’m sure there are lots of little girls out there that will simply love this trike.

10 Radio Flyer Classic Red Dual Deck Tricycle 8144-182

Radio Flyer Classic Red Dual Deck Tricycle 8144-182

Just like the one you had as a young child, the Radio Flyer Classic Red Dual Deck Tricycle is a fantastic trike for children between the ages of two and a half and 5 years. Our testers said that this was a really sturdy trike with its steel construction and rubber tires. We also found it really safe and easy to pedal as it has a controlled turning circle that prevents it from tipping over.

With its classic style and chrome fender and handlebars, our parent testers loved this model as much as their children. It is a great color and has streamers and a classic bike bell too. The rear step is great for helping children get on and off.

Finally, it can be adjusted for your growing child and can last through many children in the family too.

The front-wheel measures 12 inches in diameter and is spoked for the classic look.


  • The classic look is appealing to all
  • Well-made and durable
  • Got great safety features


  • The bell is quite stiff for small hands

Our Verdict

All in all, this is a great tricycle that will last years and years and can be passed down through siblings. It’s safe, well made and has an appealing look. Perhaps not the easiest trike for younger toddlers to use, it is more suited to the older child as it is a bit still and hard to pedal. It’s still the best toddler tricycle though!

Best Tricycle For Toddlers: Buying Guide

Best Tricycle For Toddlers Buying Guide

When choosing a tricycle or a bicycle for your child, there are many considerations. You need to consider the needs of your specific child as well as your budget. Here are some considerations:

1. Age & Sizing

Firstly, age and size are important. Some tricycles are built to grow with your toddler until they’re ready for a kids’ bike, others are a specific size that might be more suited to a specific age group.

Tricycles for one-year-olds will be smaller and better suited to young toddlers. Typically, they will have a handle for the parents to push as the child won’t be ready for pedals, it’s a kind of trike and stroller combo. Some even have sun or rain canopies too.

Tricycles for older children are bigger and are usually made from more robust materials like steel.

2. Big Wheel Tricycles

Big wheel tricycles are great fun. They usually have a large front wheel and smaller back wheels for balance. Having a big wheel helps to make the ride smoother and it is easier to control.

3. Color Schemes

If your child is like mine, they will want a specific color of tricycle. My child only ever wants red things, which can be a challenge sometimes! Only you know your child, but there are loads of color options out there!

4. Design & Storage

There are so many different tricycle designs that it’s really useful to do a lot of research, especially when it comes to size and storage. It’s always wise to go for the adjustable and convertible models for both boy and girl babies, as both of them grow fast, so you’ll not have to change the model so fast.

It’s worth getting a hanging tool from a local store, especially if you don’t have large storage space to keep things like water bottles or cycling shoes.

5. Fun Features

It’s always exciting for a child to have extra features on a tricycle. There are tricycles that have baskets, cup holders, parent handles, and other fun accessories like bells. If you have more than one kid, choose a two seater model.

6. Pedal Power

Learning to pedal can be tricky, that’s why many trikes have adjustable pedals that can be used as a footrest alongside a parent handle. Once the child is older, they can be adjusted to be pedals that turn the wheel.

7. Price

This is often one of the most impactful factors in your choice. You need to think about value for money when buying your tricycle. You can get good quality tricycles from anywhere between $50 and $150. Normally, the more expensive the trike is, the fancier it is! Whatever your budget, make sure that you get good value for money.

8. Push Tricycles

A push trike has a parent handle to allow younger children to use it before they are able to pedal. Many push trikes have removable handles for when the child is older and no longer needs this feature.

9. Safety

There is one thing never to compromise when it comes to buying a tricycle for your child and that is safety. In most cases, tricycles with a low center of gravity will be the safest. This is possible with wider bases and more weight. Other safety features to consider are the safety harness and a three-wheel design that will minimize the chances of tipping over.

10. Stages

By stages, we are referring to tricycles that can be converted from a rocker to a pushable tricycle for kids where you can use a handle while they learn the process of pedalling. Finally, this type of tricycle can be converted into a typical design where your child can pedal on their own without assistance.

11. Type

Each tricycle will have distinct features. There are simple tricycles that are just for riding and then there are others that have additional features like a storage space (a cupboard, a box, or a bin), a ringing bell, extra seats for a passenger, a step, and stickers.

There are tricycles designed to be used outside. For this type, we recommend one with a metal or steel frame and tires made from rubber. This means that it can be ridden on dirt roads or gravel easily like a mountain bike. This type of trike is usually heavier than the plastic versions, which is good as they will be less likely to fall over.

There are tricycles that are designed for indoor use. These are usually made out of plastic and are light. This makes it easier to carry around the home.

12. Wireframes

It’s a good idea to decide what time of wireframe is ideal for your child. Radio Flyer has tricycles that are really close to the ground with the seat being level with the pedals. This means that younger children can lean back, reach the pedals, and steer easily without worrying about tipping over. Younger children aren’t as able to sit and balance as well as older children so they will find this type of tricycle better to maneuver.

How Having a Tricycle May Help

The advent of technology has meant that many children these days have become less and less active as they prefer to spend their time using devices and technology. Unfortunately, it is a reality of our time that too many children are inactive.

Using a tricycle is a great way to get children’s activity levels up! It’s also true for even 6,  7, 8 and 9-year olds. It is great for the development of hand-eye coordination too. By the age of three, most children can begin to start riding a tricycle. One that is low to the ground with big wheels will be safer for younger children as they will not be as likely to tip over.

A tricycle also gives young children a new level of freedom and independence. They will love being able to get themselves around in a new way. What’s more, a tricycle is a great and safe way to get your child ready for riding a bike.

When children grow and move on to being able to ride a bike, they will already possess great balance and coordination skills to help them graduate to two wheels. Pedalling and steering will be second nature, so they’ll only have to focus on balancing.

Tricycle for Riding & Safety Tips

Tricycles are so much fun when you’re a child but they don’t come without risks. However, as long as safety precautions are considered, your child can have a really fun and safe time using their trike. Take a look at the following tips to ensure the safest ride for your child.

  1. Make sure your toddler is physically capable to handle a trike before letting them go on it. It would not be wise to put your infant on a trike unless it is at least 1 year of age.
  2. Always watch toddlers when they’re using the trike – even when they seem confident. This is particularly important when near swimming pools, roads, slopes and other potentially hazardous places.
  3. Make sure your toddler wears protection equipment like a helmet in case of falls or accidents. Toddlers don’t have the best balance so make sure you don’t skip this! Also, check the kid’s helmet meets safety standards.
  4. Make sure you inspect your trike to ensure it is fit for purpose. Also, check it is the correct size for your baby or toddler.
  5. Always inspect the trike before each use for wear and tear.
  6. Don’t let your toddler on a ride-on trike until they know how to operate it. For younger toddlers, a push trike will allow you to help steer and push until your child is ready to do this themselves.
  7. Buy a tricycle that has a low center of gravity so that it will be less likely to tip over.
  8. Make sure your child can reach the pedals well before letting them try to pedal.
  9. Start with a push handle so that your child can learn with your help.

Wrapping It Up

What better way to get toddlers to be physically active than introducing them to a tricycle! We’ve researched tons of different tricycles to come up with our reviews. The best tricycle for toddlers should be one that is robust, of good quality and easy to adjust. It also needs to go well with your child’s skills and ability. Above all, you need to be looking at the safety features, like a three-point harness and low center of gravity to make sure that your child is safe out and about.

Hopefully, this guide by Gearbikesreview should enlighten you about the tricycles available and the different features they have. Nevertheless, our top 10 product list will help you make a good buying decision. If in doubt, our Editor’s Choice is certainly the best there is but all of the products in our top ten come recommended. Have fun!


1. Can a 2-year-old ride a trike?

Ans. Yes, they can easily ride a trike once they learn to pedal. Be sure to keep them under supervision while riding.

2. When can a toddler pedal a tricycle?

Ans. Three certain factors help determine whether your toddler can pedal a tricycle. If your toddler has grown enough in height with considerable strength to turn the cycle and acquired enough balance to hop in, then he/she is ready to pedal a tricycle.

3. How to teach my 2 -year-old to ride a tricycle?

Ans. This involves a few steps –

  • Start by showing how your child other children ride. Try both visiting a park or online videos; this might sound funny, but it works.
  • Teach them how to climb on and off of bike
  • Show how to push forward while sitting on the saddle
  • Demonstrate how moving the steering can make the bike go left or right
  • Finally, the tricky part is teaching how to rotate the pedal and steer. Doing both at the same time might take a while to get used to.

4. Do toddlers need helmets for Tricycle?

Ans. Toddles necessarily don’t need helmets. They don’t have the strength to go at a faster speed to fall over. But adding extra protection doesn’t hurt.

5. What age is appropriate for a tricycle?

Ans. The most appropriate age to ride a tricycle age would be 3. But some toddlers can learn as early as 2.

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