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Cannondale Synapse vs Trek Domane: What to Choose?

Cannondale Synapse vs Trek Domane
Written by Joshua Fernand
Last Update: August 16, 2023

Both Synapse and Domane lineups have the same purpose – to design and deliver premium endurance bikes that are comfortable and fast for long distance rides.

They both offer a wide range of bikes – from entry-level to pro – for cyclists with different interests and skill levels. But Domane has comparatively more offerings than Synapse.

Both have their property technologies to ensure a comfortable and speedy ride to level up your enduro game.

We’d say that you can’t go wrong with either of them when talking about Cannondale Synapse vs Trek Domane; and choosing one depends on your personal preference, riding style, and skill level.

Cannondale Synapse – A quick look

Synapse is probably the most versatile, all-around, and comfortable endurance bike series that Cannondale offers. Built to provide fast and comfortable endurance rides at different road surfaces, paved or gravel, they are suitable for covering long distances.

In fact, they are the perfect balance between Cannondale’s “super speedy racing bikes and “up-for-anything” gravel bikes.

Trek Domane – A quick look

Domane is Trek’s endurance road bike series designed for speed and comfort in long rides, just like the Synapse series.

Their slightly more upright sitting position than road bikes and the IsoSpeed features make them perfect to improve your cycling endurance with comfort. They are versatile and can be used in paved or light gravel surfaces.

Cannondale Synapse vs Trek Domane: How They Differ

Bike range


The synapse lineup has 10 different models ranging from entry-level to pro-level bikes. They also offer electric bikes in this lineup.


The Domane series has more models with three main categories in different price ranges.

For instance, Domane Aluminum is their entry-level Domane bike while Domane Carbon is a premium bike. The Domane+ falls into the electric bike category.



If you choose the Synapses series, you should know they range from $2,000 to $9,000. This makes it easily affordable for all types of enduro riders to make their choice as per their individual needs and budget.


Domane bikes are available in different price ranges too – from budget-friendly to expensive. The high-end ones with advanced technologies cost a lot but they are definitely worth the money.

The price range starts from $1,100 that can reach up to $13,200 while the Domane e-bikes range from $5000 to $13000.

Fit and Sizing


Cannondale Synapse is available in 7 different frame sizes from 44cm to 61cm, enabling bikers to choose the perfect size according to their height.  This series doesn’t use active suspension systems, instead relies on the manufacturing and lay-up of the bike to deliver a smooth ride.


These bikes are available in 8 different frame sizes from 47 cm to 62 cm, which makes it easy to choose a bike that suits one’s height. To isolate the rider both active suspension systems and carbon layups are used that’s featured in the IsoSpeed decoupler system.

However, Domane has a shorter reach than Synapse.

Manufacturing Materials


The light and stiff frames of Synapse are made of carbon fiber or aluminum. To be exact, the high-end frames are made of carbon while aluminum is used for the low-end ones.

High-quality Shimano and SRAM components are used for other bike parts.


Domane also uses carbon and aluminum that results in light and robust frames. Just like Synapse, high-grade carbon fiber is used for the high-end bikes and aluminum for the budget-friendly models.

For other bike components, they use Bontranger, Shimano and SRAM components.

Brake system


This series comes with mechanical or hydraulic disc brakes.


Most of these bikes come with powerful disc brakes but some entry-level models also have alloy dual-pivot and rim caliper brakes.

Advanced technologies


Cannondale uses the SmartSense technology in newer Synapse Carbon bikes. The lights and the rear-facing radar actively communicate with the cyclist, the bicycle, and the surroundings. This system is powered by a battery and controlled by an app.

The Synapse Active Vibration Elimination (SAVE) micro suspension technology is used to help reduce vibrations and improve handling, control, and comfort.

The carbon forks and the frame are made with Cannondale’s proprietary BallisTec lightweight carbon construction system.


Trek’s proprietary IsoSpeed technology is engineered to absorb the bumps in the road for better control, performance, and comfort.



Cannondale provides limited time warranty to the original purchasers of their products. The following table covers the warranty periods of all Cannondale products:

Lifetime warranty 5 years warranty 3 years warranty 2 years warranty 1 year warranty
Frames, except on freeride and dirt jump models. Chainstays, Swing Arms,  Seatstays, and Rear Shock Linkages of Full Suspension Frames Frames of freeride, gravity, downhill, dirt jump and other ASTM Category Wheels, E-bike parts (battery, motor, etc), dropper seatposts Decals and paint finish,Cannondale branded components

This limited warranty won’t cover any damage due to accident, abuse, neglect, improper repair, improper maintenance, modification or improper use.

This limited warranty is not transferable to the subsequent owners.


Trek offers a limited time warranty to the original buyer of their product. This limited time warranty will be void if the bike is damaged due to improper maintenance and assembly, corrosion, normal wear and tear, and failure due to accident.

The following warranty applies to models from 2020 to newer and parts and accessories purchased after August 1, 2019.

Lifetime 2 years
Framesets, frame and full suspension swing arms, Bontrager wheels with carbon rims Bearings, rocker link, wheels with alloy rims, paint and decals, other accessories and apparels, electric bike motor, controller, and battery pack

Limited warranty provided to products purchased between 2012-2019:

Lifetime 5 years 3 years 2 years 1 year
Frames except Slash and Ticket aluminum frames Swing arms on all full suspension bicycles (except the Session, Scratch, and Slash swing arms) Scratch, Session, Slash and Ticket aluminum frames and swing arms Bearings, rocker link, wheels with alloy rims, paint and decals, other accessories and apparels, Apparel, bags, helmets, bar tape,  lights (excluding bulbs and batteries), gloves, rims, grips, shoes, tires and tubes, Paint and decals.

The subsequent owners of a Trek bike are eligible for a 3-year frame and fork warranty from the date of original purchase. The warranty does not cover wheels, drivetrain components, suspension forks, and the sales slip of the original purchase will be needed.


1. Is Cannondale Synapse ideal for climbing?

Ans: An endurance road bike is made with the purpose to deliver comfort in long distance rides. They are neither designed for uphill climbing nor for the sprint.

2. Is the Trek Domane a slow or a fast bike?

Ans: Domane is a performance road bike series that provides incredible comfort with more speed. But they aren’t as fast as Trek’s racing bikes.

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