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How to Reset a Wordlock Bike Lock? : Foolproof Methods to Try

How to Reset a Wordlock Bike Lock
Written by James Jordan
Last Update: October 5, 2023

With their innovative design, Worllocks allow you to safeguard your two-wheeled companions while eliminating the hassle of carrying keys. They rely on a combination of letters to secure your bike and make it easier to remember and harder for potential thieves to crack. However, there comes a time in every cyclist’s life when they must reset their Wordlock bike lock – whether it’s due to a forgotten combination or simply for added security.

In this comprehensive guide, we will share all the methods for unlocking and resetting a Wordlock bike lock so you can protect your bike and ride with peace of mind.

What is a Wordlock?

A Wordlock is a brand of combination lock that uses words or letters as the combination instead of numbers. That means rather than dialing in a numerical sequence, you spell out a word or phrase using the letters on the lock’s dials or wheels to set and open the lock.

Many bikers choose Wordlocks because they’re easier to remember. But you can still end up forgetting the password somehow and may start wondering how to reset a Wordlock bike lock.

No need to panic! Here are some ways to reset your lock and make your life a little easier.

How to reset a wordlock bike lock?

1.  Unlocking the Wordlock Bike Lock

Before you learn how to reset a Wordlock bike lock with letters, first you have to unlock the lock. If you remember the password, you can do it right away. In that case, directly jump to the resetting techniques mentioned below.

But if you can’t remember, don’t worry! See which of these methods work for you.

a) Default Combination

A Wordlock usually comes with a default password that works universally and can unlock the lock when the correct combination is spelled out. Usually, the combination word is ‘SHED.’ This might work if the lock is new and hasn’t been changed yet.

However, if it doesn’t budge, don’t lose hope. We’ve got plenty of tricks in the bag for you.

b) Custom Set Combination

Your lock’s internal system may be malfunctioning. Try the password you changed the last time. This time, use the notches on the edge of the locking mechanism to shake the lock open. Pull the ends apart and move onto resetting the code.

c) Old Passcodes

If none of the previous methods work, you should jog your memory to remember any old password you had used in the past. You may probably think it’s a waste of time but sometimes life surprises you! So, there’s no harm in trying.

d) Related Passcodes

What’s your favorite color? Who’s your favorite person and what’s their name? Try them all out as a combination. You may have used a familiar passcode in some other devices. Use them too.

e) Popular Passcodes

If you have not succeeded yet, you can insert some of the most popular codes recorded by a wide variety of users. For a four dial wordlock, we’ve listed the most popular combinations here-

  • FOOD
  • FAST
  • PLAY
  • WORD
  • LOCK
  • TREE
  • BIKE
  • LOOP

f) Picking Lock

If your lock is still jammed, you can try cracking the Wordlock now. However, consider it as a last resort because you may damage the lock if not careful.

i) Scroll and Pull Method

This technique involves applying physical tension onto the lock to get it open.

A bike lock has two ends entwined. Start pulling them apart with force. Keep scrolling the letters on the lock at the same time.

If you feel a little stiff when scrolling through, you’re probably nearing the right letter in that spot. So, slowly move to the next letters.

If you’ve somehow found the actual letter in one of the dials, you are likely to feel a release of tension or will hear a sound of click.

Repeat the process for the other three dials. Once you’ve characterized the word, pull apart again and you should be able to unlock the lock now.

ii) 9999 Attempt Method

If the ‘scrolling and pulling’ didn’t work, there’s one more technique you can try. This one’s time consuming and so is less recommended. But if you have the patience and luxury of time, this is a surefire way!

The name of the method has been derived from the process of unlocking 4-digit numerical locks. The idea is to try all the number combinations within a 4-digit slot until the correct one clicks the device open.

So, for a 4-dial system, a total of 9999 combinations could be used. You may think it might take forever but remember that in Wordlocks, only 5 to 10 letters of the English alphabet are installed. So, the procedure is the same and it won’t take more than an hour!

Step 1: First, arrange the letters in a familiar or any convenient combination for you.

Step 2: Keep a consistent pressure on both sides of the lock to feel a tension when the right combination is worked out.

Step 3: Now, start with the first dial and scroll clockwise letter by letter. Go through the letters steadily and feel the tension with your fingers flanking the lock.

Note: Go slow. If you turn too fast, you may miss the correct letter.

Step 4: Return to the initial position if you haven’t heard a click yet and move on to the second dial. Turn it clockwise by one letter. Then go back to the first dial and try all the 10 letters against the new letter of the second dial.

Step 5: Repeat the last process until all the 99 combinations have been put in.

Step 6: Move on to the third and fourth dial if necessary and repeat the steps until all the possible 9999 combinations are tried out.

One of these combinations will surely have unlocked your bike lock. Enjoy this hard-earned success!

If none of these work, your lock might have an internal problem and you may have to buy a new one.

2. Resetting the Wordlock Bike Lock

Once you have your bike lock unlocked, you can now proceed to resetting the passcode.

First take off the toothed end of your locking mechanism. Closely inspect the lock style.

Usually, two types of locks are incorporated and there are separate resetting methods for each.

a) Flip Switch Mechanism

Find a small lever or switch attached within the lock. It’s faced upwards most of the time but the positioning can be different.

Flick the switch downwards or, in other words, in the opposite direction to wherever it was facing.

Use a marking ridge to set a new combination on your Wordlock that will serve as your new passcode from now on.

Now pull the switch back to its original position.

b) Twist Mechanism

You’ll find a spin switch within this lock system instead of a lever. A set mechanism is imprinted on the switch with the word “SET” surrounded by arrows.

Start twisting the switch clockwise until it can’t rotate anymore. This is the “set” position of the switch that makes the Wordlock eligible for resetting a new password.

So, input a new passcode you wish to use to open up the lock from here on out.

After ensuring the new combination, turn the switch back to its original position.


Now that you know how to reset a Wordlock bike lock, we hope that you’ve recovered from the stress of forgetting or losing your Wordlock password again. The techniques we’ve listed here are true and tested. With so many options at hand while some of them are absolutely foolproof, there’s no chance that you’ll be disappointed.

If you often forget your passcode, we strongly advise you to note down your new reset wordlock combination somewhere safe.

Also, if none of these methods have worked for you, try them again to see if you’ve missed a step somewhere somehow.

If you believe your Wordlock may be malfunctioning, contact your seller or manufacturer for technical solutions.

Good luck!


1. How does a Wordlock work?

Ans. Wordlock is a combination lock where users input letters instead of digits to either lock or unlock a device. Usually, a 4-letter word is used as a combination.

2. How many combinations does a 4 dial bike lock have?

Ans. A 4-dial bike lock with digits 0-9 has about 9999 possible combinations. However, if the bike lock is a Wordlock, the numbers can vary. Some wordlocks include 5 letters whereas others go up to 10. So, the number of combinations on a 4-dial system ranges from 625 to about 9999.

3. How do I unlock a Wordlock combination?

Ans. To unlock a wordlock combination, you simply need to insert your password. If you’ve forgotten your password, there are a number of tricks you can apply. For example, you can use the default passcode of wordlock or some of the popular ones. If they don’t work, you can pick the lock by pulling it apart with simultaneous scrolling into the right combination. If you choose to invest time and effort, you can even try all the possible combinations in the allotted dials to unlock the wordlock.

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