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Maxfoot MF-17 vs Anywhere Playa Cruiser

Maxfoot MF-17 vs Anywhere Playa Cruiser
Written by James Jordan
Last Update: October 19, 2023

Cruiser bikes are the epitome of leisurely rides and scenic journeys. Their design speaks of comfort and style. They have a laid-back attitude that many cyclists adore. Among the popular choices in the market, the Maxfoot MF-17 and the Anywhere Playa Cruiser stand out with their striking similarities.

But as we all know, looks can be deceiving. Just because two bikes share a similar aesthetic doesn’t mean they offer the same riding experience. So, let’s explore deep and see if these two cruisers not only look the part but also ride with the same flair. Are you ready for the ride-along?

Maxfoot MF-17 vs Anywhere Playa Cruiser: A Quick Comparison

MF-17 is a powerful 750W cruiser bike, from Maxfoot Bikes, with a top speed reaching 23 mph. It comes with an ample 622Wh battery that can provide pedal assistance for up to 55 miles. This step-through bike is great for your daily chores and outdoor adventures.

Anywhere Playa Cruiser is Anywhere’s upgraded Cruiser bike. Previously, it had a 250W motor, but now it comes equipped with a 500W motor, which propels the bike to 14.5 mph. It is a full-throttle ebike, so you may run it solely on a motor without any pedaling.

Here’s a quick highlight of both ebike specifications.

Features Maxfoot MF-17 Anywhere Playa Cruiser
Price $1395 $2,099
Motor Power 750W 500W
Battery 48V 13 Ah 48V 15Ah
Charging Time 4 – 5 hrs 6 – 8 hrs
Maximum Range 45-55 miles with PAS 1 31 miles
Top Speed 23 mph 14.5 mph
Suspension Front Suspension Fork Rigid Fork
Tires (26″ x 4 ″) NA
Net Weight 70 lbs. 83 lbs.
Max. Supported Weight 300 lbs. 250-275 lbs.
Warranty 12 Months +

24 Months of Technical Support

24 Months
Free Add-Ons Side mirrors

Rear Storage Rack

Mobile Phone holder

Maxfoot MF-17 vs Anywhere Playa Cruiser: A Detailed Comparison

Let’s place bikes head-to-head and compare them in terms of power, range, suspension, tires, and value for money.

Design and Comfort

Design and Comfort

At a glance, both the MF-17 and the Playa Cruiser could pass as doppelgangers. They have that chic step-through frame made of lightweight aluminum. This means easier handling and better maneuverability.

The battery? Yep, both have them nestled in the same cozy spot. But stand next to the MF-17, and you might feel it’s got a bit more height to it. I really wish we had the Playa Cruiser’s exact height to compare. But sadly, no information is specified about it.

Power and Top Speed

The MF-17 comes equipped with a robust 750W motor, giving it the oomph to reach speeds of up to 23 mph. That’s some serious cruising power right there! On the other hand, the Playa, with its more conservative motor, takes things at a more relaxed pace, capping at 14.5 mph.

If you’re the kind who enjoys a faster ride and loves feeling the rush, the MF-17 has got your back. But if leisurely rides are more your style, the Playa offers a calm and steady journey.

Battery and Range

The MF-17 is powered by a 48V 13 Ah battery, which promises a pretty impressive range of 45-55 miles when you’re cruising with PAS 1. That’s quite a bit of road to cover on a single charge!

On the other side, the Playa Cruiser, while also sporting a 48V battery, has a slightly larger capacity at 15Ah. However, its range is a bit more modest, giving you about 31 miles before you need to plug it in again.

So, if you’re planning longer adventures or just don’t want to charge as often, the MF-17 might be your go-to.

Suspensions And Tires

Let’s get into the ride comfort and those wheels. The MF-17 boasts a front travel suspension (85-100 mm) that ensures a smoother ride over those pesky bumps and uneven terrains. In contrast, the Anywhere Playa keeps things simple with a rigid fork. It is kind of more old-school, so you might feel the road a tad more.

Now, onto the tires. The MF-17 rolls on some chunky fat tires, perfect for added stability and tackling various terrains. As for the Anywhere Playa, while the manufacturer touts them as “fat tires,” the exact dimensions remain a mystery.

In short, MF-17 provides a bit of cushioning from both tires and suspension. But if you want to get that stiffer road feel, Anywhere is still there for you.


In terms of bells and whistles, the MF-17 is pretty decked out. It features an integrated LCD that keeps you in the loop with all the essential info you’d want while cruising. And for those tech-savvy riders, there’s a handy USB port for on-the-go charging. Talk about convenience!

Now, the Playa Cruiser also has a nifty side handle LCD, which gives you a glance at your ride stats. But it doesn’t offer any tech beyond.

There’s more! The Maxfoot throws in a trio of add-ons to sweeten the deal: side mirrors for that rearview clarity, a mobile holder to keep your device secure, and a storage rack for those extra carry-ons. The Playa Cruiser? Well, it seems to prefer the minimalist approach, offering no such luxuries.

Maxfoot MF-17 vs Anywhere Playa Cruiser: Which One is True Value for Money

Maxfoot MF-17 vs Anywhere Playa Cruiser - Which One is True Value for Money

When it comes to getting the most bang for your buck, the numbers and features speak for themselves. The Playa Cruiser, with its $2,099 price tag, sits on the pricier side of the cruiser spectrum. Although it’s a solid ebike, it doesn’t exactly dazzle with premium features that might justify that higher cost.

In the value-for-money showdown, the MF-17 seems to take the crown. It is feature-rich, priced right ($1,395), and offers riders a comprehensive package. If you’re looking for a cruiser that’s both power-packed and pocket-friendly, the MF-17 might just be your champion steed.

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