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Sixthreezero vs Firmstrong: Where to Put Your Money?

Sixthreezero vs Firmstrong
Written by Joshua Fernand
Last Update: August 16, 2023

Choosing between Firmstrong and Sixthreezero is supposed to be a little confusing for the beginners!

Why? Because they’re not really those junk bikes found on Walmart, nor do they belong to those premium brands offered by reputed bike stores.

In fact, they fall somewhere in between the best and the worst! Still, if you want a reliable bike without breaking the bank, they both are good brands to try.

Let’s dig deeper and see how they compare!

Sixthreezero – A quick look

This Cali-based manufacturer has something to offer for each type of rider. They are well-known for their cruiser bicycles available at an affordable price range.

Sixthreezero was founded by Dustin Gyger in Hermosa Beach, California in 2005. Dustin was fascinated by the cruiser bike culture in Hermosa beach, and decided to manufacture quality beach cruiser bikes.

Today they offer a wide variety, including road bikes, electric bikes, hybrids, tricycles and commuters. They also have a huge range of bike parts and accessories.

Firmstrong – A quick look

Firmstrong is another popular brand that offers simple and easy-to-ride bicycles for men and women. Their aim is to make quality bicycles more affordable for the best possible riding experience with the simplest appearance.

They also had their beginnings in Hermosa beach with the hands of Thomas Lee in 2010. They started as a little bike seller but now have a wide range of products retailing all over the USA.

Sixthreezero vs Firmstrong

1. Product range


Sixthreezero has a wide variety of cruiser bikes, comfort bikes, commuter bikes, hybrid bikes, tricycles and scooters. Many of their standard bikes and tricycles come in electric versions too.

Their electric bike category includes, electric- comfort bikes, commuter bikes, hybrid bikes, and tricycles.

They also manufacture different bike components and accessories – batteries and chargers, ebike displays, derailleur, fenders, tires, seat posts, and accessories like bags and panniers, helmets, fenders, baskets, bells, locks, lights, cup holders, panniers and bags, phone holders, child seats, mirrors, water bottle cages, pumps, rear racks and apparels.


Firmstrong has a rich product range for all kids, men and women, including cruisers, hybrid, commuter and comfort. They offer only two electric bikes, one for men and the other for women.

Their bikes are designed for casual and comfortable rides. They also manufacture bike parts such as rims, tires, tubes, racks, panniers, covers, grips, seats, seatposts, chains, mirrors, child seats and pedals.

Other accessories include locks, lights, bells, baskets, basket liners, cup holders, phone holders, bottles, speakers, bungee nets, fenders, car racks, crossbar adapters, pumps, and patch kits.

2. Price range


They manufacture inexpensive and mid-level bikes that can cost as low as $200 to as high as $1000 while their electric bikes and trikes are priced at $1000 to $1500.


Firmstrong bikes are priced low since they mainly focus on quality and affordability. This is made possible by directly selling their products to the consumers instead of selling through retail stores or distributors.

Their standard bike price ranges from $200 to $450 while their electric bikes cost around $1,500.

3. Warranty


Sixthreezero offers 1-year warranty to all of their new standard bikes. They also facilitate a Forever Warranty (extends warranty as long as you own the bike) to the original purchaser of their standard bikes.

To avail this offer, you have to pay a non-transferable additional fee of $30 while buying directly from their website.

For those who will purchase through Amazon, Woot, KOHL’s or other authorized estores have to pay $50.

Their electric bikes have a 1-year limited warranty that includes guaranteed battery replacement, hub motor replacement and all other components.

However, the Forever Warranty is not applicable for electric bikes.

What’s more, the warranty won’t cover any damage, loss or failure due to accident, improper maintenance and assembly, misuse, alteration, modification or negligence.


Firmstrong bikes sold by authorized dealers have a limited warranty against any defects in manufacturing materials and workmanship. This warranty covers the frames and forks.

All other parts are warranted for 6 months starting from the purchasing date. The warranty is invalid if the bike is misused or neglected, improperly assembled, maintained or repaired.

4. Manufacturing facilities


Sixthreezero bikes are designed in the US but manufactured mainly in China. But they also have facilities in Vietnam and Cambodia.


This brand designs and manufactures their products in Hermosa Beach, California.

5. Manufacturing materials


Steel and aluminum are common frame materials for Sixthreezero’s comfort and cruiser bikes. They use carbon and titanium in their high-end bikes for lightweight and durability.

The handlebars, rims and forks are usually made of steel and alloy.


Firmstrong uses steel and aluminum in most of their frames to keep them affordable for all. Materials like steel and alloy are used forks, wheels, crankset, and handlebars.

6. Braking systems


The brake mechanisms differ from one bike to another. For instance, some single speed comfort bikes and cruisers come with coaster brakes.

Caliper brakes are used in bikes with thin tires like hybrid and road bikes. Disc brakes are used in their electric bikes as this type of brake provides maximum stopping power at any surface, wet or dry.


Firmstrong uses coaster and caliper brakes on the different types of bikes in their arsenal.

7. Speed/Gear


Most of their cruiser bikes built for paved surfaces are 1-speed. But Sixthreezero offers 3-speed, 7-speed and 21-speed bikes too.

A wide variety of gears allows you to have more control over your bike.


Firmstrong also offers 1- speed to 21-speed gear systems on different bike categories to meet rider’s demands.

Firmstrong vs Sixthreezero: Which one’s better?

Both these brands started in the same place and with the same purpose – to design and deliver quality cruiser bikes that are simple and affordable.

They have a wide range of products and offer some of the best cruiser bikes to those who love casual and comfortable rides. They both sell gift cards on their websites.

Sixthreezero has a better product range than Firmstrong as they offer various models of electric bikes and tricycles. They use carbon fiber and titanium in their premium bikes. On the other hand, Firmstrong uses steel and aluminum to cut down on manufacturing costs.

Choosing one of them depends on your personal interest, riding style, and skill.


1. Would a 3-speed bike give enough power to ride in a town with moderate hills?

Ans: A 3-speed bike has 3 gear combinations. The first gear is for paved surfaces and 2nd gear to assist in uphill rides and the third gear to assist in downhill rides. So, a 3-speed bike can provide efficient rides in a moderate hilly town.

2. Is it hard to assemble a Sixthreezero bike?

Ans: Assembling a sixthreezero bike is easy as they come 80% assembled.

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Tell you what, each tour was over a thousand miles long and it wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t studied bike mechanics. Most of the fixes required during my travel had to be fixed by myself. Cruiser became my favorite category since then.

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