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How to Stop a Fixed Gear Bike – Easy and Safe Ways

how to stop a fixed gear bike
Written by James Jordan

Bikes are our essential company of going out of home alone. There are many kinds of bikes. Fixed gear bike is one of them. Also, fixed gear bike is exceptional than any other bikes, and it needs some techniques to ride and stop. To have a safe ride, you need to know the rules of stopping a fixed gear bike.

How to Stop a Fixed Gear Bike

Here are the following guidelines and techniques for stopping a fixed gear bike. So, it is urgent learning for you to have a safe and easy feeling ride on any fixed gear bike.

Skip Stopping

You have to skip stopping first because you cannot stop your fixed gear bike suddenly. To stop your bike, you have to skip the tendency of stopping suddenly. Instead, you have to push your body on the handle and make your back high from the ground or road with the ring of the cycle and do it several times to slow down your speed.

how to stop a fixed gear bike - SKIP STOPPING

Balancing the Legs

In a time of riding a fixed gear bike, you have to paddle with your legs. Also, in time of stopping you have to use the legs. Your both legs should be in a balanced position in time of stopping the cycle. With the help of your leg you can push your body on the front ring of your cycle, and thus, you can stop the speed of your bike slowly.

how to stop a fixed gear bike - BALANCING THE LEGS

Back Pressure

In a time of stopping your bike back pressure is not an important issue but it helps a lot. When you push on the handle to jump your bike from the back, it helps to do this.


Back Paddling

The main attempt at stopping any fixed gear bike is to paddle back. Also, paddling back is risky because it may be the cause of your fall down on the ground but you have to be very cautious in time of paddling back. You have to back paddle a bit and after that paddle front a bit and again paddle back a bit to stop you fixed gear bike. After doing this several times, your bike’s speed will slowdown and finally stop.


Trying to Slow down Your Speed

It is another important concept to bear in mind for you in time of stopping you fixed gear bike. Never try to stop your bike suddenly, you should stop your bike slowly.


Taking a Safe Position of the Body

At the time of stopping your bike, you should maintain a safe position of your body with the bike so that you never get fallen suddenly off the bike. So, it is urgent to keep a balance and safe position of your body when you try to stop your fixed gear bike.


Gear bikes can run at a great speed, but sometimes, it can be hard to stop a fixed gear bike. The main goal of learning how to stop a bike is to avoid collisions and accidents. Maintaining the above procedures, you can stop a fixed gear bike safely.

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James Jordan

As a kid I inherited the love for mountain bikes from my father who used to ride for weeks through the Colorado trail in the city of Denver. He had his gang, and I followed pretty much the same track.

Later on, my interest in biking grew more after joining the Enduro race back in 2013. My buddies and I also participated in the Downhill racing for the third consecutive year, and it’s been an amazing experience.

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