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How Fast Does A 50cc Dirt Bike Go? – Gearbikesreview

Written by James Jordan
Last Update: August 16, 2023

The 5occ dirt bike is optimal for children between the ages of 4 and 7 years old. It is the littlest motorcycle that is gas-powered. You can equip the bike with training wheels for safety reasons until your child’s ability level increases.

How Fast Does a 50CC Dirt Bike Go?

How Fast Does a 50CC Dirt Bike Go

The 50cc dirt bike can go between 25 to 40 miles per hour. That might seem speedy for kids this age, but while riding, they usually won’t reach that level of speed.

If you feel the need for speed, you can always modify the bike to go faster.

Factors affecting dirt bike speed

Gear ratio

To figure out your dirt bike’s gear ratio, divide the number of teeth on the rear sprocket by the teeth of the countershaft sprocket. For instance, a countershaft sprocket with 13 teeth will divide into a rear sprocket with 49 teeth, 3.77 times.

Engine type

A 50cc dirt bike is equipped with a 2-stroke engine or a 4-stroke one. It will depend on the brand of the bike. 2-stroke engines are lighter and have greater horsepower than the 4-stroke engine. This makes them better for motocross.

The 4-stroke dirt bike is ideal for trail riding.


Compact and small, the 50cc dirt bike weighs between 90 to 110 pounds. The lighter the bike, the better, but always invest in quality safety gear, whatever one you choose.

How Do You Design a 50CC Dirt Bike to Go Faster?

You can modify your 50cc dirt bike to go faster by doing the following steps:

  1. Clean the exhaust pipe and muffler. The buildup of carbon residue can cut off the flow of air, which is necessary for proper motor function.
  2. Check the manual to see where your revolution limiter is. Use an impact or socket wrench to adjust it. The limiter makes sure the bike doesn’t go over a certain speed (which helps prolong the engine’s life).
  3. For faster speeds, it is good to cool the dirt bike down by using synthetic motorcycle oil (100%) instead of the common oils typically used for the 50cc bike.
  4. Use higher-octane gasoline to boost the dirt bike’s efficiency and performance. The type of higher-octane gas will vary depending on the make and model of your dirt bike.
  5. Replace the spark plugs with V-notch plugs instead. It will increase the speed of your bike.
  6. Drill small, exact holes in the air intake box. This boosts the airflow.
  7. Inspect the parts of your bike thoroughly to make sure everything is assembled and working properly. Then, clean hoses and extra lines that have residue.

It is imperative to remember that increasing your bike’s speed is entertaining, but you need to adhere to guidelines. Raising the level of speed will not guarantee your safety. Make sure to do your research on your bike and proceed with caution.

It would be best if you also remembered that warranties would most likely become void after any modifications you make to your 50cc dirt bike.

Changes may also affect the classification of your bike, resulting in acquiring a license to drive. Check with the DMV for any information you seek.

Is dirt biking safe for kids?

Is dirt biking safe for kids

No activity is 100% safe. Accidents will happen from time to time. As long as you regularly maintain your bike and have the necessary safety gear for your child, dirt biking can be a fun and exhilarating venture.

Can you limit the speed on a 50cc dirt bike?

Some parents or guardians are weary of the top speeds a 50cc dirt bike can go. That’s why they opt-in restricting or limiting the pace on a bike.

Kill switch

A kill switch can be utilized in case of an emergency. It is a switch that kills the engine and stops your dirt bike.

Throttle limiter

You can adjust the throttle limiter or cable by doing the following:

  • Slacken the locknut
  • Loosen or tighten the adjuster to the amount you want
  • Moving the adjuster inwards will give you more slack
  • Turning the adjuster outwards will tighten it
  • Fasten the locknut

How can you take charge of the safety of your kids (with dirt bikes)?

Protective gear

Make sure to have your child always wear protective gear when riding the 50cc dirt bike. This includes goggles, a helmet, long sleeves, pants, over the ankle boots, and gloves to ensure the ultimate safety of your children. If you are a rider, set a good example by wearing the proper safety gear.

Training and full-time supervision

Proper training will cut down on accidents and increase your child’s safety. Make sure you maintain your dirt bike and keep it clean. It will help if you supervise your children and trail riding. It will help if you take your kids to off-roads and trails explicitly made for dirt biking.

What is an acceptable speed for kids to ride?

A 50cc dirt bike is an excellent option for beginners. That’s why it’s targeted toward kids. It can get up to speeds of 25 to 40 miles per hour. Although, speeds normally will be lower than that.

New vs used bike: Which one should you get for your kid?

The price of a 50cc dirt bike will depend on the brand and features. If you are a beginner at dirt bikes, you can buy a used bike if it’s good quality. Your child can learn and train on a used bike until their skill level increases.

If you have been dirt biking for a while, have the time and money, or even ride in competitions, then a new 50cc dirt bike would be optimal.

Safe riding practices

  • Hydrate well
  • Wear proper safety gear
  • Do a warmup routine (walking or cardio for 10 minutes) before riding
  • Learn how to use the brake to stop the bike
  • Practice your acceleration and gear changes
  • Always supervise your children


Q. What age group is a 50cc bike suitable for?

The age group recommended for riding a 50cc dirt bike is 4 to 7 years of age.

Q. Are two-wheelers or four-wheelers safer?

You would think that a four-wheeler would be safer for your dirt bike, but that’s not the case. It’s been established that the two-wheeler is better when it comes to your child’s safety. Always follow safety guidelines by wearing the proper gear and using off-roads for your biking.

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