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How to Ride a Bike With a Dog in a Basket: Safety Tips

how to ride a bike with a dog in a basket
Written by Joshua Fernand
Last Update: August 16, 2023

A tricycle is the best option for canine cycling since this gives added stability when compared to a bike. But if you prefer a bike anyway, do pick the dog bicycle carrier carefully.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to ride a bike with man’s best friend!

How to Ride a Bike With a Dog in a Basket?

Step 1: Make your dog comfortable

See how comfortable your little buddy is in the basket. You can pair something with the basket that your dog might find comfy, such as a blanket or even a dog bed.

Tip: Before heading out, remove the basket, take it inside your house, and let your pet get used to it first.

Step 2: Start by walking the bike

When you’re sure that your dog is fine with the basket, you can finally start off with your ride. But don’t go overboard right away! Start by walking the bike and pick an uncrowded area to keep your dog away from distractions.

Keep in mind that you have to harness your dog with the basket as it may start chasing birds, cats, other dogs, and other cyclists if it is the naughty type. This will help keep your dog safe and give you peace of mind, especially if you’ve a rear basket.

Step 3: Ride short distances

Keep your first ride short and sweet and don’t go too fast as this may frighten your dog. Be careful about bumps too.

Step 4: Increase your speed gradually

Raise your speed and distance slowly and start introducing some bumps. Make sure that you offer a lot of positive reinforcements to your dog along the way whether that is in the form of verbal praise or treats.

Have fun and enjoy the ride!

Things to Do Before and During You Ride a Bike With Your Dog

1. Choose your dog bike basket carefully

  • Dome or mesh top baskets

Dome or mesh top dog baskets

This type of basket zips up and is an excellent way to stop your dog from jumping out of the basket.

  • Harness hook-up baskets

Harness hook-up dog baskets

A few bike baskets come with the harness hook-up feature that allows you to attach your dog to the basket.

  • Multi-functional baskets

Multi-functional baskets

Multi-functional baskets can be used as a car seat, a portable carrier, or a dog bed. They are perfect for people with small homes who do not require a separate basket, a car seat, a carrier, and a bed that takes a lot of space in the house.

2. Make sure your dog is secured with a leash

Use a basket leash at all times to keep your dog secure when it rides a bike. If you cannot attach the leash to the bike, try to wrap it around your hands.

3. Take some snacks with you

Many dogs will get hungry quickly since they will be exhausted after the ride. Make sure that you take enough snacks with you. Give your lovely pet some snacks when you begin and finish your ride.

4. Take some water with you

Dogs get thirsty fast especially on summer days when the sun is above the head. Carry enough water with you because you never know when you’ll be out of your supply.

5. Let your dog have a good time outdoors

You have to let your dog take everything in and allow it to see the surroundings. Always keep an eye on your pet and see how it’s coping up with the unknown outdoor environment.

6. Stay calm

It’s natural for your dog to get nervous on its first bike ride since it has never had this experience before.

Don’t forget to ride slowly and avoid bumps. Otherwise, you might turn the bike trip into a nightmare for your dog.

When things don’t go as expected, walk around for some time during your ride and help make your dog understand that this is an enjoyable experience. You can also play with your dog for some time before you hope on your bike or trike.

Quick tips for biking with a dog

  • Choose your basket type and size carefully based on your dog breed and it’s size
  • Test your dog by walking the bike first and covering short distances only
  • Gradually increase your ride time and do not go fast
  • Get the right accessories for biking with your dog


1. Can I put multiple dogs in my bike basket?

Ans. Yes, you can put two dogs in your bike basket. The dogs have to be small in size and the basket needs to be large enough to accommodate them. Many pet owners have custom-made baskets for putting multiple dogs in their bike baskets. These types of baskets can have two openings.

2. Handlebar baskets vs rear bike rack baskets – which is better?

Ans. Front baskets are generally smaller compared to the rear ones but can carry big loads since they have no lids. They are cheaper than rear bike baskets. Both of them are good and the better one between them depends on your choice.

3. Should a handlebar basket have a supportive brace?

Ans. It should if your dog’s weight is approximately 10 lbs or above. If you have a 3-lbs dog, you may not require the additional support.

4. Do rear rack baskets feature a bike rack?

Ans. Yes, they usually do but some models may not have them. You better get a rack separately and ensure it fits your bike. Rear bike rack baskets are universal and are supposed to fit the new rack just fine.

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