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7 Benefits of Single Speed Bicycles (With a Few Cons Too)

single speed bicycle benefits
Written by James Jordan
Last Update: August 16, 2023

Many people consider that the more complex the bicycle, the better. But it’s usually better to keep things simple; especially if you’re looking to reduce maintenance costs.

However, the advantages of single speed bikes are more than just saving a few bucks. They allow you to have better control on the road, gain resistance and strengthen your muscles. So, if you’re eager to have more agile and fast legs, get the best single speed bike out there.

If you want to know all the pros and cons, don’t stop reading. Today, we’ll show you why having one of these bikes is always a good idea.

Benefits Of Single Speed Bicycle – All the Benefits

Benefits Of Single Speed Bicycle

1. Simple and Efficient

Certainly, multi-geared bikes are the best to increase speed by reducing effort. All multi-geared models rely on a derailleur gear to vary the speed and torque of the wheels. However, derailleurs tend to accumulate too much dirt. Also, they may wear out too quickly with frequent speed changes.

On the other hand, a single speed model only has one gear on the rear wheel. This means less weight and less maintenance. In contrast with a mountain bike, single speed bikes don’t lose traction on the wheels during speed changes. The bike motion is directly proportional to the rider’s pedaling. In addition, the risk of derailment of the chain is much lower.

2. Less Weight

Single speed bikes are lightweight, because they lack all those extra components that you would find on a road bike. So, there’s no cassette, derailleur, cable or housing. Those absent extra pounds on single speed bikes allow you to move faster with less effort. In addition, you can go uphill more easily, reducing the impact on your knees.

If you live in an apartment and get used to carry your bike while you go up the stairs, a single speed model is definitely the best option.

3. Versatile

Certainly, single speed models are less versatile than multi-geared bikes in terms of speed variation. However, single speed models allow you to do other things that would be more difficult to do with a multi-geared bike.

For example, the single gear transmission system of single speed models makes them perfect for training. If you want to win more leg power, you can use one of these to travel long distances or moving uphill.

In addition, single speed models allow you to coast or cruise using a freewheel mechanism. So, if you have enough speed, the bike will keep moving even if you stop pedaling. This feature is useful when you move downhill, because you can take advantage of gravity to accelerate without using your feet.

Single speed bikes are also the best for doing tricks and spins. The absence of a brake system allows the front wheel to be turned at a 360-degree range. Also, these bikes provide superior maneuverability, allowing you to execute fast and more precise movements.

4. Easy Maintenance

With fewer components to clean, grease or replace, single speed bikes are certainly easier to maintain. In addition, the components of single-geared models are much cheaper than those on multi-speed bikes. For example, replacing the gear on the rear wheel would cost only a small fraction of what you would spend to replace a defective cassette.

In addition, you’ll spend less materials and time on each maintenance routine. Certainly, you’ll spend much more grease to lubricate the derailleur and the cassette than in a single gear.

5. Braking

One of the main benefits of a fixed gear bike is the possibility of using the pedals to brake. So, a brake system isn’t necessary if you have strong enough legs. That also means you won’t have to spend extra money in the future to repair your brake system. However, braking with the pedals could also wear the gears and the chain.

Also, if you’re going to use your single speed bike in the city, it isn’t a bad idea to install an additional brake system. Sometimes you’ll need more braking power to stop suddenly if a car or a person gets in your way.

6. Training

As said before, single speed bikes are perfect for training. However, fixed gear models are even better. These types of bikes have no freewheel mechanism. That means that the bike only moves if your legs move. So, you can’t accelerate taking advantage of the gravity.

So, if you want to move fast with a fixed gear model, you’ll have to work harder. So, the more effort you apply, the more strong and resistant you’ll become.

7. More Affordable

Certainly, single speed models are more affordable, because they allow you to have more control of your bike on any terrain. Fixed gear models are also affordable when you go downhill, because the speed of descent doesn’t depend on the slope, type of terrain or gravity. The motion is directly proportional to the pedaling frequency.

A Few Disadvantages that You Should Also Be Aware of

Using a single speed model isn’t exactly the best option for going uphill. Using a single gear could mean a considerable loss of traction with increasing slope. And, the bigger the gear, the less traction you’ll have.

Also, using a single gear could leave you exhausted during a long trip and you may even loose balance. And you’ll end up even more tired if you decide to use a small gear.


Certainly, the benefits of a single speed bicycle are many. They help you stay fit, strengthen your muscles and gain resistance. They’re ideal for reaching high speeds when going downhill. In addition, they allow you to stop pedaling when you’re tired, preventing possible knee injuries.

So, as you can see, you don’t need a bike with too many gadgets to enjoy a superior riding experience.


Q. 1: Is a single speed bike suitable for commuting?

A. Yes. Single speed bikes are suitable for commuting because they provide more control on the road. In addition, you can stop pedaling to rest, without interrupting the bike’s motion.

Q. 2: Do you burn more calories on a single speed bike?

A. Yes. You burn more calories with a single speed bike because you need to pedal much more to travel a long distance.

Q. 3: Are 7 speed bikes good?

A. Yes. 7 Speed ??bikes are the best for going uphill and travel long distances in a short time. Also, they allow you to easily vary the speed using a device on the handle.

Q. 4: What are single speed bikes good for?

A. Single speed bikes are good for commuting, training and bike tricks.

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