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10 Best Single Speed Bikes in 2024 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Are you new to cycling or looking for something more challenging yet more thrilling? Do you want a faster way to burn out those extra calories while riding on the road? If yes, we know exactly what you are looking for, and today we will be giving you tips on buying the best single speed bikes that you need right now.

Single-speed bikes are so popular because of their simplicity, lightweight, and ease of maintenance. Since there are numerous brands with numerous models, getting the right one could be difficult for you.

Fret not! Today, we’ll be talking about a list of game-changing bikes on the market. Go through all the reviews carefully to have a better understanding of these types of bikes and make an informed buying decision.

Best Single Speed Bikes Reviews

1 Retrospec Chatham Beach Cruiser Bike (Best for Female Riders)

Retrospec Chatham Beach Cruiser Bike

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Retrospec Chatham Beach Cruiser Bike is a classic eye-catcher that stands out for its stylish design and durable, high-quality construction.

The single-speed drivetrain made it easy to ride and maintain, while the wide handlebars gave us plenty of control. We appreciate how the low center of gravity made the experience better and kept us safe on our rides.

We also loved how stylish the frame is, with its classic high-tensile steel construction that is built to last. Plus, the extra-wide tires provide plenty of cushion against bumps in the road.

The step-thru frame design also makes it easy to get on and off the bike. We also loved the coaster brake as it’s very easy to use and provides reliable stopping power.

The bike is a great choice for beach rides or relaxed weekend cruises. With its low center of gravity, we could easily navigate curbs and sidewalks without feeling unsteady.

Our Experience with The Retrospec Chatham Beach Cruiser Bike


The frame is constructed of high-tensile steel, which gives the bike its classic style and durability. The bike comes in both step-thru and step-over designs. The frame is well-made and has a cool outlook.

The lightweight frame (37 lbs) made our riding much more fun as we could cruise around effortlessly. The low center of gravity increased the overall stability and made it easy to dive into tight corners with confidence.

We were pleasantly surprised to find out that despite being made from steel, the bike is lightweight and durable.

The frame geometry, wider cruiser saddle, and high handlebar provided a comfortable riding experience, putting much less strain on our backs. We weren’t tired even after riding all day.


The single-speed drivetrain is straightforward, which made maintenance a breeze for us. We felt that the gearing was just right for our rides, as we could take on some hills without getting too tired. The crank arm is strong and comes with no squeaks or rattles.

Thanks to the Unicrown steel fork, steel sprocket crank, swept-back handlebars, and efficient drivetrain, we enjoyed every minute spent with the Retrospec Chatham Beach Cruiser Bike.

The bike also features a coaster brake, which is reliable and easy to use. It provided plenty of stopping power when we needed it. The single-hand brake controls also helped us to maintain control in tight spaces.

Despite being super-versatile on most other terrains, the one place where the bike couldn’t do great is on rough terrains. Even a light trail became much harder to complete.


The extra-wide 26 x 2.125 tires provided an excellent cushion against bumps in the road and gave us a smooth riding experience.

For test purposes, we decided to handle one of our bikes poorly, but it seems like each component was built to last and can handle plenty of abuse

The steel, ball-bearing hubs were really smooth. With wider tires and a high spoke count, the bike nearly soaked up all the road vibrations. Plus the alloy rims are lightweight yet strong, giving us a reliable ride every time.

With these double-walled rims, durable 14G UCP spokes, and wide tires, the Chatham Beach Cruiser Bike provided a pleasant and comfortable riding experience.


We already mentioned the high handlebars providing a comfortable riding position. What we missed is the handlebars are also wide, providing superior control over the ride. The handlebars also made it easy to carry my stuff on the ride.

The alloy stem and quill makes adjusting the height of the handlebars simple. The saddle is wide enough for extra comfort. With a steel seat post, we found that getting in and out of the bike was easy and convenient.

The bike was really easy to assemble too. The components were well-made and looked great. With a simple design about attractive color finishes,  the Chatham Beach Cruiser Bike is perfect for those who want to ride in style.

Lastly, we were pleasantly surprised by the inclusion of a kickstand. It saved us from awkward balancing acts when we needed to make a pit stop in the middle of our ride.


  • The soft foam grips on the handlebar minimized the strain on our wrists
  • The bike is better suited for long trips
  • Maintaining speed was comparatively easier
  • The kickstand was a nice touch

What We Didn’t Like

  • The pedals and the saddle could be more comfortable
  • A quick-adjust lever for the seat post would be much appreciated
  • The bike can’t handle rough terrains well

Who is it Great for

The Retrospec Chatham Beach Cruiser Bike is great for you if you:

  • Go on long bike trips
  • Want to ride from a comfortable position
  • Looking for a decent single-speed bike for cruising
  • Mainly ride on flat terrains
  • Looking for a great-looking bike
  • Love cruising around

Key Specs

  • Frame: Hand-built high-tensile steel, step-thru design
  • Fork: 1″ threaded unicrown steel
  • Crank: 2-pc 170mm x 44T steel sprocket
  • Chain: KMC Z-series 1/2 x 1/8″
  • Stem: Quill-type aluminum 80mm extension with 30? rise
  • Brakes: Rear Coaster Brake
  • Rims: Retrospec aluminum 36H
  • Tires: Retrospec Cruiser Classic 26 x 2.125
  • Handlebars: Chatham Swingback steel (700mm)
  • Headset: 1 1/8″ Threaded steel


  • Lightweight and durable frame
  • Comfortable riding position
  • Powerful and versatile drivetrain
  • High-quality components
  • A dedicated pedal-braking system
  • Wide handlebars provide better control
  • Perfect for day-long cruising trips


  • The pedal and the saddle could be more comfortable
  • Can’t perform well over rough surfaces

2 Decathlon Elops Speed 500 (Best for Urban Commuting)

Decathlon Elops Speed 500

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Decathlon Elops Speed 500 provided a smooth and comfortable ride with great performance on a variety of terrains. With a strong frame and versatile drivetrain, the bike quickly became a fan favorite among our test riders.

The bike has everything (almost!) a commuter bike needs, except for the mudguard mounting option and a kickstand. Also, the saddle angle can’t be adjusted.

However, the bike makes up for them with great performance over various terrains. If you want to do city commuting, the bike is there; If you want to go off-road, the bike will also work just fine.

The adjustable handlebar stem combined with the reliable drivetrain makes it a great choice for those who are looking for a decent, entry-level, and single-speed bike.

Our Experience with The Decathlon Elops Speed 500


At first sight, the frame seemed a little heavy to us. However, despite being a little heavy, the bike was surprisingly responsive.

The Decathlon Elops Speed 500 has an adjustable handlebar stem that can be adjusted to fit different heights. Nevertheless, I swapped the handlebar with a drop bar for my own comfort.

The wheelbase provided excellent maneuverability while the tires provided the necessary grip on most terrains, including grass, dirt, and light gravel. The steel forks are very strong and sturdy, offering a good amount of comfort.


The drivetrain was generally quite reliable and we had no issues regarding its performance during our tests. The 44T aluminum Chainset offered great performance, making it perfect for various types of terrain.

The Decathlon Elops Speed 500 is equipped with THUN TOPAZ 119 mm bottom bracket, caliper-type brakes, and a BMX-style 30-step Freewheel.

The caliper-type brakes offered good stopping power on dry roads, dirt, and grass. The brake levers were easily accessible and could be operated even with gloves on.

The freewheel gave us a pleasant pedaling experience. However, the pedals weren’t comfortable, so I had to replace mine.


The Decathlon Elops Speed 500 is equipped with 26-inch double wall rims and Elops City Speed 700 x 32 mm tires. The combination provided great grip on a variety of terrains and made taking tight turns a little easier.

The wheels were fast rolling, making them perfect for riding long distances at a high speed. The most noticeable thing was the ability to use wider (up to 37mm) tires. If you’re into cycle crossing, you’ll fall in love with this bike.

The anti-puncture protection of the tires gave us peace of mind and helped us to enjoy the ride without worrying about punctures. All of our test riders were very satisfied with the performance and quality of the wheels.


Some other mention-worthy components of the Decathlon Elops Speed 500 include ergonomic handlebars, suspension seat post, high-quality reflectors, and a bell.

The ergonomic handlebars offer great grip and control during riding, while the suspension seat post takes the shock away from bumps for a comfortable ride.

The cartridge brakes added a layer of convenience as you won’t need to replace the whole brake block when changing the brake shoes.


  • The flip-flop hub allowed us the changed the bike into fixed gear on demand
  • High-quality reflectors made riding in low-light conditions safer
  • We liked the bell

What We Didn’t Like

  • The packaging and customer service needs improvement
  • There are no mounting points for mudguard installation
  • We expected better-quality screws

Who is it Great for

The Decathlon Elops Speed 500 is great for you if you:

  • Are looking for an entry-level single-speed bike
  • Looking for a regular city or off-road commuting option
  • Want to use your bike for exercise purposes
  • Need better control and maneuverability over your ride
  • Are into tracklocrossing and want to explore your options

Key Specs

  • Frame: 100% Hi-Ten Steel
  • Fork: Rigid Steel Fork
  • Crank: 165-170 mm Aluminum
  • Chainring: Single speed
  • Stem: 60 mm die-cast Aluminum
  • Brakes: Calliper-type with stiff cartridge pads
  • Wheels: Double-walled rim with Aluminum wheel
  • Tires: Elops City Speed 700 x 32 mm
  • Handlebars: 500 mm aluminum
  • Headset: 1 1/8″ external diameter


  • High maneuverability
  • Comfortable geometry
  • Smooth riding experience
  • Highly customizable
  • Puncture-proof tires
  • Perfect for long, off-road trips
  • ISO 4210-certified steel frame
  • Responsive and powerful braking system


  • The saddle angle can’t be adjusted
  • Customer service and packaging aren’t satisfactory

3 Surly Lowside (Surly Lowside)

Retrospec Harper Coaster Fixie

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you’re out searching for a single-speed mountain bike, the Surly Lowside is a perfect fit for you.

With a stylish orange finish and low-profile frame design, the bike sure caught our attention, and that turned into affection after we rode the bike.

We felt a retro vibe on this bike design. The wide handlebar and European-style bottom bracket in a 26” cruiser were common in the early 80s.

The ride was surprisingly comfortable for a rigid-frame mountain bike. This dropper-compatible bike is highly customizable.

There were options to change the gear system so you could turn it into a multiple-gear bike if you wanted. You can even go tubeless with the tires for better traction.

Our Experience with the Lowside


The Surly Lowside is made with a lightweight 4130 Chromoly steel frame that can take hard hits.

Our rides with the Surly Lowside were buttery smooth, thanks to the BMX-style geometry and high shock-absorbing Chromoly steel frame and forks.

The frame has a low-profile design, allowing for better aerodynamics and a slightly lower center of gravity. The frame also features internal cable routing to keep it looking clean and sleek.

Additionally, the frame has a variety of mounting points, making it easy to attach accessories like bottle cages, fenders, and racks.


The Surly Lowside is equipped with an SRAM NX 32t crankset and Tektro dual-piston hydraulic brakes for reliable shifting and stopping power. The bike has a wide range of gears to tackle any terrain, from the steepest climbs to the fastest descents.

Thanks to the external bottom bracket and square taper crank, the drivetrain is easy to maintain and repair. The Lowside also features a KMC X10 chain for added durability and longevity.

Not only that, but the bike also features a freehub body, allowing you to switch between different cassettes for a greater range of gears.

The powerful 160mm rotor hydraulic brake provided amazing control over our rides. We had enough stopping power to tackle trails, wet surfaces, and our local bike park.


The Surly Lowside is equipped with a set of Maxxis Rekon+ 27.5×2.8 tires and WTB ST i35 TCS rims. The tires have a tread pattern designed for all weather conditions, while the rims provided excellent strength and stability on our rides.

Additionally, the wheels are also tubeless-ready, so you can easily convert them to tubeless for a smoother ride. The wheels come with quick-release hubs for easy removal and installation.

With a lower rolling resistance and reinforced EXO protection, the tires are ready for rough trails. Whether you want to rule your bike park or the trail of your choice, the Lowside gas got your back.

The Surly Lowside is a great low-maintenance option for riders looking for a reliable, lightweight frame capable of handling any terrain.


The Surly Lowside is equipped with premium-quality brakes, wheels, rims, hubs, and handlebar. The powerful and versatile drivetrain helped this hardtail to perform smoothly even on rough, wet trails.

With a super comfy saddle and upright riding position, the Surly Lowside is weirdly flexible. One of our test riders said she felt the bike became an extension of her body very quickly!

The biggest plus point for me was that the components are also easy to customize and upgrade. You’ll be able to tailor your bike to meet your specific needs.

Whether you want a low-maintenance bike, or want to upgrade your bike as per your needs, the Surly Lowside can help.


  • The bike comes with a bombproof steel frame
  • Great performance on a wide range of terrain types
  • The bike is highly durable and offers great resale value

What We Didn’t Like

  • There is no option to fit a suspension fork
  • The chainstay seemed a bit too long
  • We expected the skewer to be of better quality

Who is it Great for?

The Surly Lowside is great for you if you:

  • Are looking for a single-speed MTB
  • Ride on rough terrains or off-read regularly
  • Want more comfort and maneuverability over your ride
  • Long for comfortable cruising trips
  • Want to upgrade/customize your bike to suit your needs

Key Specs

  • Frame: 4130 Chromoly Steel Frame
  • Fork: Chromoly Steel Fork
  • Crankset: SRAM NX 32t
  • Chain: KMC X10
  • Stem: Sunday Freeze top load 22.2mm clamp
  • Brakes: Tektro Hydro (160mm rotors)
  • Rims: WTB ST i35 TCS
  • Tires: Maxxis Rekon+ 27.5×2.8 60tpi
  • Handlebars: Surly Sunrise
  • Headset: Cane Creek


  • Sturdy and lightweight frame geometry
  • Superior control over rough terrains
  • Easy to maintain and repair
  • Impeccable off-road experience
  • Upright and comfortable riding position
  • Tubeless-ready rims and tire
  • Hydraulic disk brakes for more stopping power
  • Perfect for any kind of riding
  • Plenty of customization options
  • Attractive and highly visible orange finish


  • Not great for hardcore trailing
  • A bit on the heavy side
  • The bike is expensive

4 Kulana Hiku Cruiser Bike (Kulana Hiku Cruiser Bike)

Kulana Hiku Cruiser Bike

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you’re looking for a decent quality single-speed cruiser at a lower price, the Kulana Hiku cruiser bike can be a great place to start.

Despite my liking the outlook and performance of the bike, we’ve had some mixed reviews about this bike from our test riders. Almost all of them liked how the ride felt, and complained about the bad packaging.

We’ve received many complaints about the packaging quality. Some had their fenders/wheels bent, some had dry bearing balls, and some others faced metal shavings on the tube threads.

When we emailed Pacific cycles, they were quick to send replacement parts. As I said earlier, maintaining the bike without proper tools and knowledge may feel hectic for newbies who are mostly in it for the ride.

The Kulana Hiku Cruiser is a perfect companion for those who can take apart their bike and reassemble it correctly. If you’re one of them, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what this bike can do.

Our Experience with the Kulana Hiku


The Kulana Hiku Cruiser features a classic-style steel frame and rigid suspension fork for better shock absorption on the road.

The swept-back handlebars and comfy saddle provided a comfortable seating position for long trips.

Whether you want to go on a lazy afternoon cruise or a regular commute, the durable frame geometry is here to provide a comfortable ride.

The bike comes in both step-over and step-thru designs and offers 3 attractive color finishes. After around a month of cruising around, the bike still held up without an issue.

However, it might become challenging for you to maintain and repair the bike if you’re not handy, and don’t have the necessary tools around.


With a single-speed drivetrain, this bike provided better control over regular terrains. We rode over dirt, sand, and concrete without any issues.

However, the bike struggled when we tried to climb a steep ascend. The rigid suspension fork made this bike easier to control over relatively flat terrains.

The Kulana Hiku Cruiser Bike is perfect for bike enthusiasts who know their bikes in and out. Normal users, however, will face slight issues regarding maintenance and fine-tuning their bikes.


This is where the Kulana Hiku shines the most. We got amazing performance from the bike, considering the cheap price range. Despite severe quality assurance issues, the bike held up against almost anything we threw at it.

The bike especially performs well over flat surfaces. You can easily cruise around your neighborhood or take it on a beach day trip. This is an ideal bike for those who are just starting and want to get into cycling without spending too much money.

Thanks to the swept-back handlebars and the comfy saddle, we felt less stress over our bodies, even on longer rides. The  Kulana Hiku Cruiser is a great bike for long-distance cruising and light commuting


There is no doubt that this bike is made in China, hence the low price. However, if you’re looking for moderate-quality components on a cheap bike, the Kulana Hiku Cruiser won’t disappoint you.

After our initial assembly issue, we had no other problems with the components as all of our test riders were experts in taking apart a bike and putting it back together.

That won’t be the same for many riders, especially beginners who may become frustrated very soon.

As for us, we enjoyed the overall ride quality this bike delivered. The rear coaster brakes are perfect for idle cruising around the town or on the beach.


  • The bike was extremely stable in all of our rides
  • The bike looks fancy but provides average performance
  • The kickstand was a pleasant surprise for us

What We Didn’t Like

  • The frame is rust-prone, especially if you live near water
  • You may need to hit your bike shop for repairs before you even ride the bike
  • The bike isn’t beginner-friendly

Who is it Great for?

The Kulana Hiku Cruiser Bike is great for you if you:

  • Are looking for an affordable single-speed cruiser
  • Have experience taking a bike apart and putting it back together
  • Mostly ride over flat surfaces

Key Specs

  • Frame: Steel
  • Suspension: Rigid
  • Wheels: 24-26”
  • Brakes: Rear Coaster
  • Tires: 26″ x 2.1″ Tires
  • Suggested rider height: 5’4″-6’2″
  • Package Dimensions: 52 x 28 x 8 inches
  • Weight: 35-42 lbs
  • Load Capacity: 250 lbs
  • Color: 3 – Blue, Purple, and Green


  • Durable frame design
  • Easy (for experts) to assemble and maintain
  • The front and rear fender make the bike look more stylish
  • Wider saddles provide comfort on the rides
  • Perfect for cruising around the town or on the beach
  • ?Limited lifetime warranty
  • Attractive design and colorful finishes
  • Comfortable riding position
  • Good value for money


  • Not good at climbing hills
  • It requires the rider to be an expert in bike maintenance
  • The product lacks quality control

5 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single Speed (Editor’s Choice)

6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single Speed

The 6KU Aluminum model is an excellent high end bike with urban track features for use in both racing and adventure rides. Its frame is from aluminum weighing 28 pounds. The fork measures 1-1/8-inch, which is perfect for both city, hill and jungle routes. To us, it has an excellent weld, such that you can wipe your fingers through on the joints without feeling a bump.

This 6KU model features a flip-flop hub, providing you with the option to enjoy both Freewheel and fixed-gear riding. We are happy that it uses the rising handlebar for quick and easy maneuverability.
It comes with 30mm deep V double-wall alloy wheels and 700 x 25 tires which are robust enough for everyday use on-road tracks. It has front and rear brakes that provide quick and easy stopping irrespective of your pedaling speed. Our team can attest to the fact that these caliper brakes are durable and easy to replace during maintenance.

For the size, it’s available in dimensions of 47cm, 49cm, 52cm, and 55cm only. So, you can quickly check the fit guide to choose any that matches your height. It comes in combinations of white, black, yellow, or blue colors for you to choose.

The bike is pretty easy to assemble with distinctive markings on the parts that provide accurate clues for alignment. The pedal is nice and large, allowing you to maximize your performance. The seat is adjustable so you can set your ideal riding height and posture.

However, we noticed that some users were uncomfortable with the cushions on the saddle, but this is not something to worry about since you can easily replace it.


  • Solid build and precise welds
  • Freewheel and fixed gear options
  • Comes in appealing colors
  • One of the lightest aluminum frames
  • Easily removable front and rear brakes
  • Adjustable saddle
  • Easy to assemble


  • Moderately comfortable seat
  • No mounting points

Our Verdict

The 6KU has done a great job in creating this bike. It’s highly rated by the users and one of the greatest on the market under 300. It’s cheap, durable, lightweight, and so efficient. This is your go-to bike to gain all the benefits that a single speed bike has to offer.

6 Sixthreezero Around the Block Men’s Cruiser Bike (Top Cruiser Bike)

Sixthreezero Around the Block Men's Cruiser Bike

Our test results show that the Sixthreezero bike leads when it comes to comfort, style, and ease of riding.

This beach cruiser bicycle has a 19-inch curvy steel frame that’s durable and comfortable. With a total weight of 40 pounds, you can see that it’s a little heavier and sturdier than our first choice.

Unlike our top pick that features a flip-flop hub, this model only uses the single speed cog. It means you may not enjoy the benefits of fixed-gear rides, but you can always relax and coast at any time. Amazingly, it comes with a coaster brake which allows you to stop the bike when you’re pedaling backward. It helps remove the needs for brake levers and cables, which would slightly increase its cost of maintenance.

This Sixthreezero model features a 26-inch, 2.125-inch aluminum wheel with large tread tires which allows you to roll smoothly on the streets. Wide handlebars with foam grips pair with the dual-spring saddle to provide a comfortable and upright riding style.

We noticed that it has a low pedal position which allows you to enjoy a proper leg extension while staying close to the ground. You’ll also like those front and rear reflectors that improve the riders’ visibility to other road users. Another amazing feature is the rear rack for optional baskets and panniers. Besides the glasses and rear rack, there’s a protective cover for the chain.


  • High-quality build
  • Classic design
  • Easier to maintain
  • Wide aluminum wheels and threaded tires
  • Rear rack for optional panniers
  • Dual-spring saddle and foam grips
  • Adjustable handlebar


  • Relatively heavy
  • No flip-flop hub

Our Verdict

This Sixthreezero model is a lot better than many products on this list. You’ll have specs like chain guard, rear rack, etc. These are things you’ll not find on any other item here. Its downside is the lack of flip-flop hub – the reason it became our runner-up choice. Otherwise, it comes with many more goodies than you might ever expect from a bike in its price range.

7 Retrospec Harper Single-Speed Fixed Gear Urban Commuter Bike (Best Value)

Retrospec Harper Single-Speed Fixed Gear Urban Commuter Bike

Our team found this to be an outstanding bike considering its many great features and affordability. It did receive several positive reviews and ratings, but not as many as our first and second choices.

The Retrospec Harper model features a flip-flop hub with single-speed Freewheel and fixed gear cog so that you can switch to your ideal riding style by merely remounting the back wheel. There are the front and rear Promax brakes, which means you can always control your speed irrespective of the terrain.

This item uses Kenda tires measuring 700 x 28c for a dependable street riding. Many users claim that these tires can resist puncture and are better at absorbing shock on urban roads and bike pavements, but you’ll get a little hit from the bumps during an off-road ride.

There are the 30mm deep-v rims with a machined braking surface, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted and secure navigation. The riser handlebars means less strain to your back and shoulder muscles.

Another thing that separates the Retrospec Harper from our top pick is the frame material. Its durable high-tensile steel frame helps prevent the bumps on the streets from ruining your day.

We like the fact that the pedals are easy to assemble. Also, it has stickers that let you know the correct crank arm to use. Like our top pick, it’s also available in different sizes and many attractive colors. The padding on the saddle is good enough for long-distance rides. It comes with all the essential tools you’ll need to assemble and maintain the bike.


  • Solid and durable build
  • 30mm deep-v rims
  • Includes all assembly tools
  • High-tensile steel frame with smooth welds
  • Flip-flop hub for fixed and Freewheel rides
  • front and rear Promax brakes


  • Unsuitable for off-road rides

Our Verdict

From our experience, this is the right choice for the price. It’s a hand-built, high-tensile, tig-welded model just Retrospec’s Mantra V2 model. Since it has both front and rear brakes, it’ll deliver better braking power than our 2nd pick, especially when riding on roads with heavy traffic. It’s so surprising that you can get such a valuable asset without breaking the bank.

8 6KU Fixed Gear Single Speed Urban Fixie Road Bike

6KU Fixed Gear Single Speed Urban Fixie Road Bike

The 6KU company is known to produce high-quality bikes at affordable rates. As the name implies, it has a single gear, meaning you’ll spend more time riding and less on gear maintenance.

Unlike our top pick which has an aluminum frame, this one’s frame and fork is from steel which is perfect for driving on rough terrains. As with other models on this list, it also features the flip-flop hub. Do you already know what that means? Alright! You can remount the rear wheel to either enjoy a fixed gear or freewheel thrusts.

We’ve seen that while some items on this list feature only the front or rear brakes, this 6KU model combines the stopping power of the two brakes which helps you to ride with confidence. Also, the build of the brakes allows the user to remove without using specialized tools.

About size, this one is available in sizes 49cm/small to 58cm/X-large. Of course, it’s offering more options by size than our 2nd, 4th, and 5th picks. Also, if you’re very picky with colors, this item is rich enough for you. Currently, you can choose from any of the 11 attractive color combinations.

There is a synthetic leather saddle that may make you feel uncomfortable. It’s not a turn off to us considering the amount you’re paying. For the price, it values between $180 to 300$, which is a little better than our Editor’s choice.


  • Durable steel frame and fork
  • Easily removable brakes
  • Leather saddle
  • Optional fixed or freewheel riding
  • High-quality aluminum components


  • A little issue with the seat

Our Verdict

This 6KU model is one of the top-rated single speed bikes for the money. Ladies can also ride it. Like other models on this list, it’s classic and easy to maintain. Also, it’s rating is above average, pointing to the fact that you’ll enjoy what you pay.

9 Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

This Takara bike is the right choice when looking for a cheap single speed bike to cruise around the neighborhood. It offers a refreshing experience with the drop-down style handlebars which is uncommon with other models on this list. So, what does this mean? Luckily, your riding position will be low, which implies better speed and aerodynamics.

Aside from the handlebar, there aren’t many differences on this bike compared to our first choice. We’ve observed that it’s only available in one size and not many color options too. One of its greatest assets is the handcrafted steel frame with a rigid front fork for shock absorption. As you might expect from a steel-made bike, it’s a little heavy, weighing 35.2 pounds but not so much as our 2nd pick.

We’re happy that it features the popular flip-flop hub for both fixed and freewheel rides. The alloy wheels are pretty reliable when paired with the pull brakes that allow you to enjoy a smooth and confident ride. As far as disadvantages are concerned, we have nothing to talk about apart from the extra weight.


  • Alloy rims and alloy hub
  • Well-built frame and fork
  • Alloy side pull brakes
  • Drop handlebars for low profile rides
  • Flip-flop hub


  • Relatively heavy
  • Assembly tools not included

Our Verdict

This model comes with a lot of features to give you a fantastic experience. The fact that its components are from steel and other alloys make it a great choice considering durability. Although the lack of assembly tools and the extra weight was a matter of concern for us, we still like it a lot.

10 Vilano Fixed Gear Bike

Vilano Fixed Gear Bike

Since 2008, Vilano has been flooding the markets with quality and affordable single speed bikes. Our experience during the test proves that this is an ideal bike for urban commutes. It comes with an alloy steel frame and fork that provides cushions against the hitches on the roads.

Like other bikes on the list, the Vilano fixed model has a flip-flop hub. It implies you can easily switch between Freewheel and fixed-gear riding style.

This flat bar model comes with a crankset that houses a replaceable 46T alloy chainring. Also, you’ll get 700c x 25c tires coupled with matching 700c double-walled rims. So, you’re sure of a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

It’s available in blue/black and Matte black variations. Besides, with the 50cm/small size, it doesn’t offer as many options as our top pick even though it’s excellent for taller riders.

It comes with a single rear brake. We’ve observed that some users will be happier if it has both front and rear brakes, it’s not a deal-breaker to us since you can always fix the remaining brake. Another thing is that the pedal is plastic and may slip easily. However, you shouldn’t expect absolute perfection from a bike sold around $250.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Free pedals
  • Fixed cog and Freewheel
  • Easy to maintain
  • Lightweight design
  • Fast


  • Many cheap parts

Our Verdict

We think this is a good bike up for sale. Although many of its components are low-quality, which is a significant turn-off to many buyers, if you consider the price, it is a great bargain. Besides, considering its functionality and specs, you can agree that it’s a good bargain for the price.

Types of Single-Speed Bikes

Single speed gear system is a classical system for bicycles and there are several types of such bikes, including BMX bicycles, children’s bicycles, classic commuter bikes (both men’s and women’s models), cruisers, single speed E-bikes, belt drive bikes, track racing bikes, single speed fat tire bikes, folding 1 speed bikes and unicycles.

You can also find single speed cyclocross (CX), road and mountain bike (MTB) models.

In terms of wheel size, these bikes cover a whole spectrum of sizes, including 24-inch, 26-inch, 29-inch and 650b wheels.

Single-Speed vs. Fixed Gear

First, it’s crucial to have a little idea of what a single-speed bike is.

As the name implies, a single-speed comes with a freewheel mechanism that allows it to run on one gear ratio. This bike doesn’t have specialized gearing components like hubs, derailleur, and shifters for changing the speed.

You may have seen both single speed and fixed gear bikes. Although they’re similar, yet they differ. This difference is in the hub’s makeup as well as the connection between the drivetrain and cog. A single-speed (one speed) bicycle has a freewheel rear hub allowing you to rotate freely in only one direction. This component will enable you to still ride without engaging the pedals since the cranks don’t turn.

In a fixed gear bike, the cog and the hub are together. It means when the pedal is turning, the cog will always turn. Here, the crank and rear wheel move at the same speed. Since there’s no freewheel action, the bike can move backward when the pedal is rotating back. Another way to bring your bike to a halt is to stop pedaling in either direction.

Single-speed bikes are cheaper and lighter than their multi-gear counterparts since they have less complicated parts. Also, they demand less maintenance that makes them ideal for all weather conditions. Most importantly, you’ll have the freedom to cruise the roads with either fixed or Freewheel rides. Surprisingly, they have better drivetrain efficiency because of the straight chain line.

Best Single Speed Bikes – A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Best Single Speed Bikes Buying Guide

1. Your Riding Style

Both single speed and fixies are ideal for commuting around the city on the bike pavements. But if you want to take some off-road courses or race with friends, don’t take a hybrid model, instead, choose a mountain bike or a gravel bike with a sturdier frame and tires.

2. Frame

Many of the bikes for sale have either steel or aluminum frames. Steel frames are heavy but more durable while aluminum frames are light and comfortable for use on-road trails. Most expensive models have either titanium or carbon fiber frames. It’s essential to consider the frame’s size and shape as it’ll determine your comfortability when riding.

3. Handlebars

Single-speed bikes usually come with flat, bullhorn, riser, or drop handlebars. Note that each of these types will impact on your ease of riding. For example, flat handlebars are short in length so you can turn in a corner easily. Bullhorn and riser handles are a bit curled to the back, allowing you to lean forward to get a good grip, especially when riding fast.

On the other hand, drop bars allow you to ride in a slightly lowered position that’s perfect for racing. Also, your seat’s length and distance relative to the handlebar will influence your riding posture.

 4. Saddle

Bike saddles are the same in terms of design, but the best single speed bikes usually come with more padding for better comfort. If you are riding for hours each day, look for ones with springs since they provide better cushioning against road bumps.

5. Gear ratio

The gear ratio determines how fast you can go on the bike and it’s given in 44:16 (2.75) or 46.16 (2.88). The 44.16 gearing system is suitable for leisure rides that need more acceleration but less speed. The 46.16 rating is more efficient and offers higher rates but less acceleration. It is excellent for racing, cruising, and commuting.

6. Brakes

Many single speed bikes come with caliper brakes at the front which delivers superb stopping power. Although there are ones with disc brakes, they cost more. Most advanced users prefer models with coaster brakes since they bring you to a slow stop when pedaling backward.

7. Pedals

The pedal is one of the most critical parts of the bike. It links your legs to the crankset, which in turn, moves the unit. Most buyers fail to pay attention to the pedals, although their performance depends on it. BMX types are simple and easier to use while clipless ones offer better control, yet tricky for beginners. Also, the pedals should be from high-quality and durable materials.

8. Depth of Rim

Single-speed bikes feature 700c tires on rims of 30mm – 40mm depth which is common in track and racing types.

9. Hub

As mentioned earlier, single-speed bikes have hubs with freewheel cogs that allows you to coast or cruise with ease. Almost all the models on this buying guide feature flip-flop hubs, which you’ll quickly switch between fixed gear or single speed cog by remounting the rear wheel in reverse.

10. Seat

Most riders prefer the swept and narrow seat design which is common in racing bikes. As we said earlier, seats with good padding reduce the feeling of numbness and pains in the butt muscles. You need to carefully choose a seat for mountain bikes if they have a hardtail design.

Single Speed Bikes Care & Maintenance Tips

If you really love your bike and want to enjoy all the benefits that these types of bicycles have to offer, you’ll want to keep it always in good condition. To maintain your bike, here is a handy guide to consider. While some parts of the bike will need more attention than others, running a routine check on each of these components before hitting the streets will save you from many avoidable issues.

1. Tires

It’s essential to check for signs of wear or cracks on the tires to prevent it from breaking down when you least expected. It’s also good to inspect your tire’s pressure level weekly. Try to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations when inflating the tire.

2. Rim

Check for cracks, splits or dents on the side and also replace any of the worn out brake pads.

3. Spokes

Each of the spokes should have equal tension. Riding with a loose spoke is life’s threatening, so avoid it.

4. Hub

Tighten all the loose nuts on the wheel with a 15mm wrench. Raise the bike, and rotate the wheel to check if it’s turning freely. If the wheel is moving towards the sides or rubs excessively with the brake pads, then there is an issue with axles or bearings.

5. Stem

Try to tilt the handlebar to any direction to check if the stem’s bolts are tight. If there is a movement, loosen all the bolts, set the bar, and retighten until it’s completely secure.

6. Brakes

Check if the brakes are working by rotating the wheel and then engage the levers on the handlebar. If the stop is slow then the brake might need a replacement.

7. Bottom Bracket

If the pedals and crank are spinning without jamming when rotating backward on Freewheel, then the bracket bearings are in good condition. However, if the crank arm wobbles or the wheels don’t run freely, the bottom bracket bearings need a replacement.

8. Chainring

Using a wrench, check the tightness of your chainring bolts. Also, look at the chainring for broken or worn teeth.

9. Saddle & Seatpost

Try to shake the seat a little to check if it’s secure to the seat post. If moving, tighten the bolts. Remove the seat post for lubrication every month. This will prevent it from sticking to the frame that makes it difficult to adjust.

10. Fixed Cog

It’s also good to remove the wheel to see how secure the gear and lockring are. It’s also the time to spin the crank backward to ensure it’s running smoothly.

A Word from GearbikesReview

Having read this guide, we believe you’re ready to choose the best single speed bikes matching your needs and budget. It’s more than an ordinary investment since it concerns your health and comfort. All our products have been picked for these reasons so you wouldn’t have any regrets.

Although these products are similar, sure, there are ones like Sixthreezeero and 6KU Aluminum models with more outstanding features. Also, this list includes some budget-choices for new buyers who may prefer to spend less money. Everything comes down to your preference – even if you prefer to build your own bike – since these items can meet the needs of different categories of riders.

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