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6KU Track Fixed Gear Bike Review


The Urban Track’s frame has a subtle track design, with compressed tubes and a slightly angled rear chain brake. All of its color options choose for a sleek look. The frame is made from smooth welds and 6061 aluminum alloy that give the frame a sleek and high-end look.

Stainless steel dropouts and a 1 ?” alloy fork combine shock absorption on bumpier paths. The weight ranges from 18-22 pounds dependent on the size. The coverage is ideal, and it is comfortable.

The bike’s handlebar is furnished with staves of the track. The riser handlebar offers the rider to sit a little more standing, which makes it smoother on the back. Soft and durable rubber BMX-system grips progress steering and comfort.

A 3D forged alloy 46T crank makes up the rest of the wheelwork consisting of a connected set of rotating gears, using an effective 46:16 gear ratio. This gives the 6KU Fixed Gear Bike a little more top end speed, making flexible longer rides.

6KU was careful to ensure stopping power as well both front and rear brakes. This makes the bike more suitable for solid urban areas, and lets for simpler speed control in close-fitting situations. Riders can simply stop the brakes if needed.

The Urban Track has an inspiring wheelset. 30mm deep V double partition alloy rims are balancing with 700cc x 25c Kenda tires and a minimal footstep design, providing better grip, and making the ride smooth. 6KU Track Fixed Gear Bike review will help you to find out about the big name on the fixed gear bike.

Feature Analysis

1. Steel Frame

This bike has a durable, high-capable steel frame that supports your weight and provides you with a frame that holds up in almost any condition. 6KU Track Fixed Gear Bike review will be important when you consider purchasing a bike.

2. Rear Brakes

When you gain this bike, you can remove the brakes at any point because this fixed gear bike is easily detachable. If you wish to transport the bike, the front and rear brakes on the bike may be essential to remove.

3. Aluminum Components

The high-capable and durable steel frame goes with the 6KU Track Fixed Gear Bicycle features. All aluminum components provide durable materials throughout the whole of your bike, and all these components can make your bike for long-lasting.

4. Appropriate Lubrication

Lubrication can contribute towards your bike for appropriate functioning. In addition, a bike that is flexible to lubricate will result in harmless use because the key parts such as chains and bolts will go on functional. Along with this feature, 6KU Track Fixed Gear Bike review has explained other important features of this bike.

5. High-Quality Welds

The bike’s welds are of high-quality, and this makes it not only durable but also safe for the riders.

6. Excellent Braking System

The bike is designed with a great braking system. For example, its brakes are effectively adjusted, and they apply equally and hard pressure when you need to bring the bike slow down.

7. Strong and Durable Parts

The bike is usually fitted with a durable component that certifies the bike is sturdy and also durable for giving you long-term value.

8. Strong and Wide Tires

The bike is fitted with wide and durable tires that confirm that you enjoy better holds and traveling upon the different road and off-road exteriors.

9. A Comfortable Saddle

The 6KU bike is also fitted with a sensible and comfortable saddle that ensures your ride and knowledge of the bike is comfortable.


  • Size 47-61 cm
  • Item model number Track-Black-Black-47cm
  • Tires Kenda 700c 25 inches
  • Frame Aluminum
  • Handlebar 31.8 mm
  • Pedals BMX platform
  • Gear ratio 48/16


  • Esthetically appealing
  • A durable braking system
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable pricing
  • Various color options


  • The bicycle does not take mount points for bottle cage

Final Verdict

Finally, this bike not only focuses on style but also the 6KU Urban Track represent the fixed-point system for going to smooth ride. This bike can actually fly, and you have everything you need to control this bike when it does.

Do you want to enjoy quick rides? The 6KU Fixed Gear Bike offers incredible pedal effectiveness and rhythm that actually makes you feel more comfortable, and 6KU Track Fixed Gear Bike review explains the essential features for the riders who require a smooth and fast riding.

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