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Oury MTN Grip Review for Amateur and Pro Riders

The Oury MTN Grip is an attractive grip for BMX, mountain biking and Motocross. Both amateurs and professionals can use the grip . They are stylish and soft  g to tackle  riding of any type. The  pattern of the grip is vibration and slip resistant. The grip comes with rubber padding that prevent numbness of the hand. The high quality grip works well while working well during inclement weather condition. The purpose of the grip is offering riders stress and fatigue free cycling experiences. Let’s take a close look at the Oury mtn grip to find out more.

Whom is this product ideal for?

The product is ideal for anyone who wants to ride a bike whether it is a road bike or a mountain bike. The grip provides a better control over the handles of the bike. The Oury mtn grip is popular across the United States. People, who are ready to spend a little amount of money but want to get a high quality product, look no further. The Oury mtn grip will offer you a memorable cycling experience.

Key Features of Oury MTN Grip

1. Vibration dampening

The girth of the grip is such that it can weaken the effect of vibration to a great level. Plus it’s so chunky that it gives a soft grip. Thus the handling of the bikes becomes easier, more comfortable and more accurate.

2.  Fits great

This grip fits great with almost all the flat handlebars. Even though they’re a tight fit, they require very little effort to slip in. But you might have to add adhesive to attach them to the handlebar, or they might start rotating. You can use hairspray or alcohol rubbing as adhesive. Allow it to dry, and you’ll have a great grip on your handle.

3. Unique material

The rubber material is soft in feel but is very robust. They also lessen the hand and the forearm fatigue.

4. High endurance

The material used for the grip is great for both on and off-road. It also endures harsh weather like and rain, dirt, bumpy roads, etc. But you have to attach the grips in the proper manner for them to hold them.

5. Insulated padding

The grips have enough padding, and they’re very easy to hold on to. The thick padding is greatly insulated, so you’ll have no problems driving on the rough roads.

Specifications at a glance

  • Product Dimensions: 7”x4”x2”
  • Color: Available in 14 different colors
  • Material: High-quality rubber
  • Selling Unit: By pair
  • Shipping Weight: 0.3 oz.
  • Model Number: 121976
  • Grip Surface Length: 113mm
  • Total Length: 130mm
  • Internal Diameter: 22.8mm
  • External Diameter: 32.8mm


  • The block design prevents all kinds of slipping
  • Produces minimal hand fatigue
  • Comes in various colors (glow in the dark color available)
  • Tight fit, but slips onto the handlebar easily
  • Works as a cushioning for the hands


  • The ends can rip off easily

Common Questions and Answers

Question : Can you install the grip on a 7/8” handlebar?

Answer : Yes, you can. In fact, this is the ideal handlebar size to put these grips on. You can also tailor the grips by trimming them to match the length of your handlebar.

Question : Do the grips need glue for sticking to the handlebar?

Answer : You don’t need glue to stick the grips to the handlebar. You can use hairspray, water or alcohol rubbing for making the grips stick to the handlebar. Make sure you use them proportionately, or the grips will get twisted.

Question : Will the grips fit the handlebars of a 20” BMX?

Answer : Yes, they will fit very well. But check out for the handlebar’s diameter. The Oury actually used to be renowned for BMX bike grips before they got popular as mountain bike handlebar grips.

Our Findings

We were looking for good grips for our BMX, and after hearing about the review, we decided to go with Oury. So, here’s what we found out about this grip.

1. Performance

The installing of the grip onto the handlebar is a pretty unconventional one. The instruction tells you to use rubbing alcohol inside the grip, but it didn’t work for us. We used hairspray into the grip and then installed the grip very easily. Although the grip is a tight fit, it got onto the bar very smoothly.

The material used for this product is a high-quality rubber. It’s soft on the surface and tough on the functionality. We rode our bikes off-road for truly getting the hang of the grip. What we found is a pair of rubbery, grippy, soft and sturdy grips. It sustained in balance in the rough roads. The anti-vibration formula of the grip keeps the hands free from fatigue and stress for the most part. The design of the blocks prevents the grip from getting slippery even during rain.

This thick grip comes in various colors and is very affordable. The only thing we have complaints with is the ends. We wish they were made of a sturdier material. But we have to admit that we got interested in cycling a lot more after starting to use the Oury grip. No other bicycle grips have ever done that before.

2. Ease of use

Once you’ve fitted the grip on the handles, it’s all smooth from there. The hand feels secured, the grip feels strong and the balance attained by the grip is impeccable. The block design on the grip makes it one of the best BMX bike grips.

3. Price

The price of the Oury grips is nothing exceptional. It’s on the same range as any other MTB grips. But compared to those other gears, the Oury Mtn Grip comes with a lot more stability, comfort, and durability. So, you’ll basically win with the price on this product.

How to install and maintain Oury Mtn Grip

1. How to install

  • Clean the handlebar properly. Use ISO alcohol if necessary
  • Drop a nickel inside the grip if the handlebar doesn’t have caps on the ends
  • Before installing the grips on to the bars, apply hairspray into the grip
  • Twist the grip on to the desired position
  • Wait for the hairspray to naturally dry
  • Make sure there’s no air inside
  • Hairspray will act as a lubricant, and when it dries off, it’ll work like a glue

2. How to maintain

There’s not much to do about maintaining the grip once it’s installed. The grip is sticky only initially, and at that time, it attracts lots of dust and debris. You can clean it with a piece of cloth. But if you use water and try to clean it really well, it would end up being sticky again.

Customers’ Feedbacks

Overall, the customers are happy with the product which is evidenced by the 4.6 rating on Amazon. They’ve rated it as the best of the bicycle grips due to its vibration absorption, great fit, comfort, non-slipping material, and good looks. The only thing that’s noticeably objected by the customers is the ends of the grip. They suggest that it would have been better if they were made of different material that is sturdier and more durable.

Our final thoughts

So far we’ve discussed Oury MTN Grip in details, covering all of its aspects. Now is the time for our verdict.

The grips are great for non-vibration and non-slipping cycling experience. It’s designed for both amateurs and professional riders. The high-quality rubber material has been tested many times for durability. Considering the price and the comfort, these grips come in handy for BMX and MTB owners. They add a new value to the cycling experience.

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