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Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Bike Review


The Vilano Rampage sets the standard for urban fixed gear bikes with available eye-catching color combos. The matching anodized hubs and their 45mm Deep-V shaped electrolyzed wheels look sharp and will position to urban riding conditions. If you need the comfort and simplicity of maintaining a bike with fixed gears, look no further than the Vilano Rampage.

The Vilano Fixed Gear has a flip-flop middle, so it is simple to flip the rear wheel for making a single speed. The Vilano Rampage is lightweight and a better system to get around in style, affordable fixed gear bike, great for urban riding, the college campus or even commuting.

This Fixed Gear Fixie is flexible to maintain, reasonable and comes with different cute  colors! Our Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Bike review can aid you to get the right instruction if you have any question regarding the bike.

The tires have great contact with the road for flexible control in an urban surroundings. The Vilano Rampage Gear Bike has a sturdy fork and frame, riser handlebars, and track bike geometry comes with a free stand.

Feature Analysis

1. Performance

When the Rampage was originally released, Vilano specified that it was made to be used in the urban and it is ideal for this purpose. The majority of the Vilano Bike’s specifications are comparatively standard, 700c x 25c tires, and comes with the aluminum frame. Most frames consider close to 20lbs, so the complete weight of this bike to be only 22lbs.

You can consider Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Bike review. Reading the review will help you knowing the technical details of the bike.

2. Fixed Gear Speed

As above-mentioned, the entry level road bike is designed for those who do not need expensive features in their bikes; the single gear choice is targeted right on the money.

3. Perfect Geometry

The bike is designed in an excellent style. The frame relates to the other parts such as the fork is faultless. This type of geometry, or comfort of design, allows you to effortlessly and properly organize the bike in a system that is balanced and pleasant-sounding.

4.Anodized Wheels

The Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Fixie Single Speed Road Bike wheels are a vital part, and if they have not good quality, they may trouble your capability to enjoy your rides. The wheels of this mechanism are intended to offer you smooth functionality, and they are also contribution you more durability and overall safety as well as long-term value for your money.

Additionally, these anodized wheels contribute to the overall safety and durability of the bike as you use it. That is why Vilano bike fitted with hard and anodized wheels so that you can enjoy all the benefits that we have described in this Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Bike review.

5. Replaceable Chain Ring

Another wonderful feature of this bike is that it has a chainring that you can simply replace. The ring replacement on this bicycle is simple, and it makes the whole replacement process convenient and hassle-free.

6. Platform Pedals

The steadiness of any bike is a vital factor to consider in the performance comparison of a biking lover because if you cannot get it stirring, all the other features will not be a benefit to you. This device is fitted with platform wheels that offer you comfort and control as you ride it.

7. Easy Assembly and Tuning

Another feature of the bike is the capacity to assemble and tune with comfort. As long as you a have the simple gears essential, you can follow the Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Bike review, and you can set up the bike within a couple of minutes with this instruction.

8. Caliper Braking System

This bike is fitted with a stable and an alloy caliper front and rear braking system. For a cyclist, to control the bike in the face of danger is the best way to ensure that you keep yourself and other road users safe.


  • Item model number 551VSSBLKRED58
  • Brand Vilano
  • Brake and Gear Flip-flop middle part urban geometry
  • Brakes 700c x 28c Brakes
  • Material 700c High-Tensile Steel and 700c 1/8? Threadless Crank Set
  • Brakes 700c x 28c
  • Pedals Urban Platform Pedals
  • Chain Ring W/46T replaceable Chain Ring


  • An inexpensive bike
  • A stylish urban design
  • Comparatively lightweight
  • Durable aluminum frame
  • It is affordable
  • A broader choice of colors
  • Enhanced safety
  • You can enjoy two modes


  • It can perform poorly at climbing hills

Final Verdict

If anybody is looking a better road bike, Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Bike is an excellent choice for urban riding, wandering to school, and commuting to work. Vilano Fixed Gear Road Bike may be the best fixed gear bike due to its durable design, lightweight body and magnificent features that can make some changes to turn your bike more overwhelming.

The entry level road bike has no complexity, and it completes your daily biking or commuting needs smoothly, and this model can be a viable option for you to consider. Keep reading to discover more, and at the end of the Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Bike review, you will be better placed to make the right decision based on facts and be able to enjoy real value.

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