Nashbar Cyclocross Alloy Bike

Nashbar Cyclocross Alloy Bike

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Nashbar cyclocross is one of the best of all other used cyclocross bikes. It is stiff, light and durable. It delivers as the best cyclocross bike.

The beautiful think about a well-spec'd cyclocross bike is its versatility which not only can you light up your local 'cross scene, but the Nashbar Alloy 105 bike is great for rides on and off the beaten path. Its aluminum frame that hits the trifecta of being lightweight, durable, as well as stiff. It includes an alloy steerer that handles the rough stuff with aplomb. This product delivers the shifter/brake levers, front derailleur, rear derailleur, and cassette all fly the 105 11-speed flags.

Nashbar cross bike has a stellar A6-SL along with FC770 carbon fiber fork with tapered aluminum steerer. When it comes to mechanical disc brakes provide a superb means to control your speed in any and all conditions. Whether it's negotiating tight turns on a 'cross course or handling the demands of a forest service dirt road, you're well-equipped to stop in a moment's notice. Here at Nashbar, you'll find one of the largest selections of discount cyclocross bikes, Nashbar cyclocross frames and cyclocross tires on our page.

Our Remarks

Redline Cyclocross bikes originally designed for cyclocross races across the European muddy fields. With a little more clearance, Cyclocross frames are supported by thicker tires. Nashbar cyclocross bike sports is everyone's favorite workhorse part as we have experienced no negative remarks from our customers.

Once you start using this Nashbar cyclocross bike, you'd be hard pressed to distinguish their performance from its much higher-priced Shimano siblings. Additionally, its alloy wheels are superb and all-around performers. This bike comes with a sturdy aluminum alloy frame with modern touch like a tapered steerer tube and a press-fit 86mm bottom bracket with a strong 1.5-inch lower headset bearing. But, under pedaling, it's stiff. The frame and fork are of great quality with a requirement for a few upgrades if you want to use it for several racing occasions. That makes it one of the better value 'cross bikes we've tried. So, grab this bicycle quickly!

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