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Gravity fsx 1.0 Review

Gravity fsx 1.0 review bike is an affordable, reliable and full suspension bike. It’s ready to go on a trail ride. Many of us think that a bike less than 500 dollar is a cheaply made bike and actually resembles the original bike. At the most end maybe, they are right but not always. So, compare and choose the right one. This full suspension mountain bike offers you the appearance of a high-quality mountain bike with real trail riding quality but keeps the price under 500 dollars.

The frame is unbelievably lightweight as it is a full suspension bike. The bike weight is actually a big Gravity FSX 1.0 Mountain Bike Review issue for the cheaper bikes. This fact gives you an idea that how good could be the hydroformed aluminum alloy material. It has smooth frame welding points, extra reinforcement, and strength to most stress and impact taking areas in riding.

Gravity fsx 1.0 review bike has FSX 1.0’s seat post is made of the same aluminum as a frame. It has an added comfortable saddle. It provides you ease and comfort in long riding. This mountain bike has Shimano shifting technology with EFT shifters. The 24 gear gives you full control on high-speed riding and incredible turning. Gravity fsx 1.0 review bike has the hard braking technology of FSX 1.0. The Tektro Novela disc brakes enable you hard brake while riding ups and downs with high speed. It provides you instant break in a critical situation on the slight pull of brake levers. These all create a high impression suspension bike. We are not sure how you get all this under 330 dollars.


  • Color: Black


  • Resembles “real” mountain bikes
  • Able to handle real trail riding
  • Keep the price tag well under 500 dollars
  • Delivers big brand performance
  • The frame is incredibly lightweight
  • Hydroformed aluminum alloy material frame

Our Remarks

Gravity fsx 1.0 review bike is a heavy but lightweight and full suspension bike. It resembles “Real” mountain bikes. Gravity fsx 1.0 review bike is able to handle real trail riding. Gravity fsx 1.0 bike keeps the price tag well under 500 dollars. The Full Suspension Mountain Bike delivers big brand performance. The mountain bike frame is incredibly lightweight. Gravity fsx bike has hydroformed aluminum alloy material frame.

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