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Nathan SpeedDraw Plus Insulated Flask for You


Are you an avid runner? Or, do you like to go out in the morning to jog down the street right in the middle of nowhere? If it’s yes, then, later you may get thirsty and feel to have a sip of water at that moment. So, you are incomplete without the water flask while you jog or walk in the morning. It would be more than convenient if it has some other things to carry. So, with zippered pocket and double insulation feature, Nathan Speed Draw Plus is the ideal one for you. However, you need to confident whether you can depend on this product based on materials from which they were made and features they offer for convenient use. Do you want to purchase a product like this? Find out ins and outs of this product from this review

Can you purchase this Bike water bottle based on its basic usage and proper features? Let’s find out the elaborate and detailed review of the product.

Whom is this product suitable for?

This water bottle is specially made for those who tend to jog and do marathons in the occasion, or random bike rider and also an avid runner who likes to go out in the morning for a long run. It will carry all the essential stuff with the tiny pocket and definitely a water bottle as well. So, to help you choose the better product you can look closely at Nathan Speed Draw Plus in the first place.

Key Features of Nathan Speed Draw Insulated Flask

1. Grip-Free Hydration

This cycling water bottle has ergo lack with a new sweat-channeled that includes no-slip grip insert for an easier carry.

2. Zippered Pocket

This Bike water bottle includes a large, expandable, zippered pocket that is sized and fits up to an iPhone 7. Also, you can easily carry keys, cash, food and more.

3. Double-Wall Insulation

The double-wall construction keeps liquid cool and holds the liquid 20% longer than other insulated flask or bottles. So, runners are more likely to hydrate on their run.

4. Hand Strap

The hand strap with the thumb hole that is fully-adjustable and this hand strap allows grip-free running.

5. Race Cap

The race cap is simple to use and provides instant spurt of liquids.

6. Reflectivity

The flask is made of highly reflective fabric. The high-quality fabric makes the unit visible under poor light condition.


  • Type:  Nathan Speed Draw Plus
  • Model Number:  NS4851-0339-00
  • Item Weight: 4.6 Oz
  • Capacity: 18 Oz/535 mL
  • Fabric: 3M reflective fabric
  • Used for:  Long Walk
  • Color: Multi
  • Origin: China


  • Durable and lightweight
  • Easy to carry with no-slip grip
  • Adjustable and expandable
  • Removable Mesh For Easy Cleaning
  • The Mesh Is Totally BPA Free


  • Larger phones wouldn’t fit in

Common Questions and Answers

  • Question : Can I use other water bottles?
    Answer : The handheld strap is much tailored to the shape and dimension of the associated bottle. You may not find another bottle that would work with our hand strap.
  • Question : Will this fit Samsung S5, Galaxy S8, 7s or Galaxy phones?
    Answer : Galaxy 7S or Galaxy phones would not fit right in but it would exceed the pocket length and will be a bit snug fit. Only up to iPhones 7 would fit in quite comfortably with slight a bit of room to spare.

Our Findings

1. Performance

I was more than curious to use the product as I tend to walk a longer period of time in the morning. I took the Nathan Flask with me as I went out.  The flask got zippered pocket space to carry my iPhone that was one of the essential features I bought this product. Besides, you can take cash or light foods besides as you go with the iPhone. Also, the flask holds a significant amount of water, and it kept water cool. So, I took water from time to time as I ran wild. The only drawback was, you can’t fit any other phones except iPhones.

In a word, I have been observing this water bottle for a longer period of time, and I found no problems or issues. This Nathan speed draw flask is durable, and the zipper pocket is one of the beneficial features it contains.

2. Ease of use

While using the flask, I could easily fit my device in its zipper pocket. The double wall insulation also provides a beneficial feature to keep water cool. The race cap also keeps water warm or cool as you go. Moreover, the hand strap was full-adjustable, and it also helped me to hold the flask with ease. Overall, the product was better than I expected.

How to maintain the product?

1. Cleaning the pouch

  • Hand washing will enable your product to stay longer
  • Just hand wash in the sink and throw it in the washer
  • Let the pouch air dry, and it will be held up well later
  • The bottle slips out of the pouch for easier cleaning

Customers’ Feedbacks

Although have been more than judgmental about Nathan SpeedDraw Plus Insulated Flask than most customers on Amazon did. Its excellent 4.1 stars with over 400 feedbacks from real consumers would be enough to make a decision about Nathan Speed Draw Plus as a better product, but specific consumers went above the average positive lines as they shared their unpleasant experiences due to larger phones wouldn’t fit in.

However, this product is durable, and it features double wall insulation with a hand strap and zippered pack that is the strong beneficial features of this product.

Our Final Thoughts

So, you have read the Nathan Speed Draw Plus, and it takes us to make the final results about this product. You are impatiently waiting for the outcome that we have in hand. When we inspected this product for a long time, later, we made a decision that this product could perfectly work with accuracy and preciseness. As this product features double-wall insulation that keeps liquid fresh and cool, also it has a zippered pocket that helps to keep your device, keys, cash, and food; So, Nathan Speed Draw Plus is surely a better product than most of the water bottles out there.

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