Sole Bicycles Fixed Gear Urban Road Bike Review

Are you looking for high performance, stylish and affordable bicycles? Do not worry as the Fixed Gear Urban Road Bike leaves you with the blissful experience that encourages for your next adventure as all the parts and components are carefully crafted to ensure perfection.

This Fixed Gear Urban Road Bike offers different sizes and shapes that ensure flexibility. Height adjustment feature makes it a great bike. You can explore your surrounded area by riding with this fixed gear bicycle as it offers raiser bars for perfect positioning to increase the visibility.

Through this Fixed Gear Urban Road Bike, you can get the enjoyment of both the freewheeling and single speed riding as one side of the rear wheel offers freewheeling for coast and cruising, and the opposite side offers fixed gear for riding in the flat area smoothly. By this fixie road bike, you can go through every corner and angle riding in the urban cities.

01 Fixed gear Urban Road Bike Overview

Single gear road bike is designed with the high-quality materials that make it very lightweight, and it requires minimum effort for day-long riding. The chain crank is smooth enough to make an easy start and stop to ensure flexibility.

It also offers the great performance on hard surfaces without creating vibration. The tire does not create bumps, and you can carry this single speed bikes in all weather conditions. No matter whether the road is drizzly, you can ride comfortably by avoiding the hazardous events.

02 Specifications

  • Frame: Hi-Tensile frame
  • Fork: Steel
  • Hub: Flip Flop
  • Rim: Deep Dish 50mm Rims
  • Size: 49cm Fits Riders 5'2 - 5'4, 52cm Fits Riders 5'4 - 5'8, 55cm fits Riders 5'8-6'0, 59 cm fits Riders 6'0+

03 Feature Analysis

04 Pros & Cons

05 Final Verdict

Fixed Gear Urban Road Bike offers excellent quality that can meet the expectation of the commuters by producing smooth operation without any hassle. The handlebars, brakes, seat bars offer a wonderful grip system to make you feel connected to the bicycles.

Though there is a pitfall, you can handle this issue skillfully. The thread on the pedal may damage after a long time of using the Fixed Gear Urban Road Bike. You can buy strong tread from the nearby bike shops or change the screws with a high quality that you trust most.

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