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Sole Bicycles Fixed Gear Urban Road Bike Review | Sole Bike Review


Single gear road bike is designed with the high-quality materials that make it very lightweight, and it requires minimum effort for day-long riding. The chain crank is smooth enough to make an easy start and stop to ensure flexibility.

It also offers the great performance on hard surfaces without creating vibration. The tire does not create bumps, and you can carry this single speed bikes in all weather conditions. No matter whether the road is drizzly, you can ride comfortably by avoiding the hazardous events.

Sole Bike Review with Feature Analysis

Different Sizes

It offers the versatile sizes that fit the rider properly based on their demand. The cycles with the size of 49cm fits perfectly to the height of 5’2 – 5’4, 52cm fits riders of 5’4 – 5’8, 55cm fits riders of 5’8-6’0, 59cm fits riders 6’0+. This is the perfect evidence of the versatile configurations of this customize single speed fixie which makes it appealing to the new commuters.

Flip-Flop Hub

Through this flip-flop hub, you can pedal back to go backward or pedal front to go forward. You can change the way you ride by changing fixed gear to freewheel. So, by this fixie bikes, you can have customized offerings without adding extra expenses to get this wonderful combination. It offers comfortability for mounting, coast, cruising or ring in the flat ground without any hassle.

Hi-Tensile Steel Frame & Fork

The durable, tig-Welded hi-tensile frame is very lightweight and sturdy which very easy to control with a little effort. You do not sweat while riding with this portable fixie bicycle as you can carry this easily. The steel fork attached to the frame and the rear wheel strongly that ensures the maximum rotating capacity of this single gear bike.

Front Brake

This single speed bicycle is designed with the radius front brake which has supper stropping power to create an insanely smooth ride. This excellent brake system helps to take aggressive road riding position to beat the traffic in the urban cities.


  • Size: 49cm Fits Riders 5’2 – 5’4, 520mm Fits Riders 5’4 – 5’8, 55cm fits Riders 5’8-6’0, 590mm fits Riders 6’0+
  • Item model number: The Late Blummer-P
  • Frame: Hi-Tensile frame
  • Fork: Steel
  • Hub: Flip Flop


  • Easy to control
  • Smooth for a quick start and stop
  • Portable in all-weather condition
  • Offers vibration free performance


  • The threading in the pedals may appear flimsy.

Our Remarks

Fixed Gear Urban Road Bike offers excellent quality that can meet the expectation of the commuters by producing smooth operation without any hassle. The handlebars, brakes, seat bars offer a wonderful grip system to make you feel connected to the bicycles.

Though there is a pitfall, you can handle this issue skillfully. The thread on the pedal may damage after a long time of using the Fixed Gear Urban Road Bike. You can buy strong tread from the nearby bike shops or change the screws with a high quality that you trust most.

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