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Pure Fix Glow Fixed Gear Fixie Bike Review


The designers of this bike tried really hard to make the bike look very cool. So, they came up with a black and yellow color scheme which is really well rounded and suits the glowing mechanism really well.

But, most Pure Cycles Fix Glow Bike Review writers pointed out the lack of a rear brake. The manufacturers should have thought about the added protection by providing another set of the brake.

But, these can easily be fixed by rearranging the brakes as you need. Apart from this, there are not many flaws that can be included in this Pure Cycles Fix Glow Bike Review.

Feature Analysis

1. Solar Glow Capacity With 1 Hour Backup

This is the signature feature of Pure Fix Glow Bike. The bike can glow in the dark for over one hour if you simply put the bike in the sunlight for an hour.

2. Easy Removable Radius Brake

The brakes can be easily removed and planted on the other end. So, if you are less comfortable with the front brake then you can simply put it on the rear end, and it will work just fine.

3. Flip Flop Rear Functionality

The rear can be flipped quickly. SO, you can change from single speed to fixed gear in no time. It is one of the most complimented features according to other Pure Cycles Fix Glow Bike Reviews.

4. High-End Materials Assembled

Pure Fix Glow Bike is constructed with the high-end part which can also be defined as a feature. It used parts from Neco, Oury, Kmc and many other places to come up with the best-fixed bike.

5. High Tensile Steel Frame

The whole body is very strong and sturdy. As we have mentioned in this Pure Cycles Fix Glow Bike Review before, the whole body is constructed with high tensile steel which will ensure durability so that you can use the bike as roughly as you want to.


  • Item model number Kil-Yellow/Black-S-p2
  • Braking Option for The Bike Front Brake
  • Body Material Hi Ten Steel
  • Rear Brake System Optional


  • Cool Design
  • Strong Body
  • High-End Body Parts
  • Reasonable Price
  • Unique Features
  • Noise Free
  • Easily Assembled
  • Easy to Switch the Parts
  • Nice Finishing


  • Rear Brake Issue

Final Verdict

It looks like we are about to conclude Pure Cycles Fix Glow Bike Review. Throughout this review, we have tried to show you every bit of information about Pure Fix Glow Bike, and hopefully, you are now better informed about the product.

The manufacturers tried to give a simple twist to the already successful product line. They added the glowing functions along with several other high-end attachments. Thus, they made this bike unique.

So, if you want a well-performing bike with a bit of twist, then Pure Fix Glow Bike is the one for you. It is affordable, well designed and strong. Although it has only one brake – you can simply buy another brake to cope up with this one minor error of this product.

That is all we had to say in our Pure Cycles Fix Glow Bike Review. Be sure to leave a comment if you have any more queries.

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