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SE Bikes Draft Lite Bike Review

SE Bikes Draft Lite Bike Review

With this SE draft fixie, you can pedal forward to go forward and pedal backward to go backward, it enables you to customize your ride to your style, and you can completely change the riding experience by practicing this freewheel configuration more and more.

Se bikes draft lite is very durable and does not damage easily when it faces collision with other vehicles. It not only helps you to get from point A to point B with high speed but also is very easy to handle and maintain as it is so much lightweight enough to carry for a long period. It also requires little effort and prevents from sweat as you can handle this SE bikes fixie with minimal effort.

For the commuter who search for a cool bike, this Se draft bike single speed offers removable SE cable clips that support a smooth and clean frame over a long time of riding with this SE bikes single speed.

Feature Analysis

Urban single speed design

Se draft single speed is very superior for the urban commuters as they can beat the traffic with this fixed gear rear hub without bearing too much hassle. The single speed design allows for quick arrival of your destination by challenging the traffics in the metropolitan cities.

Butted top tube and down tube

The butted top tube and down tube offers perfect grip with the frame for having more weight adjustment capacity. This butted tube increases the frames stiffness, stability, strength, and control. This sturdy tube can absorb large weight penalty on the rest of the bicycles seat bars. It also has the fatigue resistant power and offers uninterrupted riding for a large distance.

Extra high-profile double-wall rims

Double wall rims of this SE single speed bike have two wall rims forming a box between the tube and spokes. With a wall both inside and outside, double walls are stronger. This double wall rim prevents the spoke from being broken.

Flip-flop rear wheel hub

This flip-flop rear wheel hub of this SE draft lite fixie allows switching from fixed gear to freewheeling depending on your needs. By detaching the rear wheel and interchange it with the front wheel, the rider can easily convert one design of bike to another. They can get the enjoyment of the traditional track bicycles as well as the single speed modern bicycles. Without adding too many complications, it offers the different gear ratio based on your purpose.

2-finger alloy brake levers

This excellent brake levers offer wonderful control on the pedals, and you can use a backward pedal if you want to go backward or use front pedal if you want to move forward. This appealing feature makes it more competitive over the other fixed gear cycles.


  • Item model number: 2164383743
  • Frame: Urban Single Speed Design
  • Fork: SE Straight Leg Hi-Ten w
  • Tires: Vera City Wide 700 x 28c
  • Brakes: Promax Alloy RC-453 Caliper w/ Quick-Release F & R
  • Stem: SE Alloy, 25.4mm Clamp
  • Handlebar: SE 23” x 1.5” Riser Bar


  • Provides customize ride
  • Very durable
  • Easy to handle
  • Requires little effort
  • Smooth and clean look
  • Prevent from sweat on the hand


  • Chain crank can lose its smoothness and get hard

Our Remarks

Draft Lite Bike is designed with the flip-flop rear side hub that facilitates choosing  your riding style by offering both sides pedal to go forward or backward. In one hand, you can enjoy riding without pedaling using freewheel and on the other hand you can enjoy riding fixed gear bike where you have better control on speed.

It also offers the perfect gear ratio with wonderful braking lever to have comfortable rides with superb versatility.

Though there is a pitfall, you can handle this thing skillfully. The chain crank is very hard and rough sometimes requires maximum effort to start or stop this SE single speed. So, you have to do a little thing to avoid this drawback. You can squeeze the chainring through oil to remove the inertia and bring smoothness to get the maximum flexibility to operate this Draft Lite Bike.

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