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Critical Cycles Harper Review

Critical Cycles Harper Review

The main features of this fixed gear or single speed bike are study steel frame, no overlapping toe, including horizontal dropouts This Critical Cycles Fixed Gear equipped with two brakes to make sure your safety. The design of this bike model is complete with Kenda tires, free pattern pedals and deep rims.

All of the components are essential for a Super smooth ride. Top hand-built steel fixed-gear or single-speed Track frame with bar-spin authorization, no foot overlap, and flat dropouts. Comprises all the tools you need for building and maintaining your individual bicycle.

Feature Analysis

1. Flip-Flop Hub

The Harper Single-Speed or Fixed-Gear bike features a reversal or flip-flop hub so that you can ride with a single-speed or freewheel or fixed gear. A freewheel riding requires no pedaling. You can also ride fixed with a simple switcheroo. With a fixed cog, the actions of your bike directly relate to your pedaling. The motion of the back wheel depends on the motion of your feet.

2. Fixed Ride

A Fixed Gear Urban Commuter Bike is simple, lightweight, and needs no maintenance. Riding fixed is also a competent workout because you are in motion and exercising. When you ride fixed, it does not move unless you move with it. The flip-flop hub is the best parts of this bike because you can choose which way you need to ride anytime.

3. Comfort

Riser handlebars inspire a relaxed, vertical riding position. This position is comfortable and eventually better for your back. This Critical Cycles Harper review explains all the accurate information along with the comfort you need to know about this stylish and first-rate road bike.

4. Durability

The Harper single-speed or fixie is designed for durability. The high-tensile solid steel diamond frame is hand-built and tig-welded for the commuter’s existence. This element certain you will be riding on your Critical Cycles frame for a long time.

5. Safety

The Critical Cycles Harper is equipped with double braking. You will have more control over your stopping and your commute with a front and a rear braking method. The rims will be turned braking sides for safer stopping.

6. Flexibility with Components

The Critical Cycles Harper can be the best fixed gear bike because it is affordable, quality bikes and you will have plenty of areas to customize and upgrade it again as you get more comfortable with it. VP freestyle pedals and KMC chain are long-lasting and durable while the 30mm Deep-V rims and stable Kenda tires make for an easier ride.

As long as you appreciate the good aspects of flexibility while daily commuting and hitting streets, you can rely on this bike and get more insights about it from our Critical Cycles Harper review.


  • Product Dimensions: 51.00 x 7.00 x 29.00 Inches
  • Item Weight: 25 pounds
  • Brand: Critical Cycles
  • Bicycle Wheel Diameter: 700c
  • Number of Speeds: 1 Speed


  • Fixed-gear or single-speed commuter’s bike
  • High-tensile durable steel frame tubing
  • Vertical touring bars
  • 700C Deep-V unit alloy rims
  • Flip-flop rear hub can ride Fixed or with a freewheel
  • Front and rear handbrakes


  • Too high wheels for rough terrain

Our Remarks

This great bike has a durable steel frame, and a mix of solid components. The lightweight design and color options are wonderful too. The Critical Cycles urban road model is the solution to those bikers that need to win the road without worrying about this bike.

Finally, we believe you can now decide easily after knowing the ins and outs of this product from this Critical Cycles Harper review.

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