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Raleigh Back Alley City Bike Review


Raleigh fixie is a single-speed bike that comes with a flip-flop hub allowing the rider to switch to freewheel mode something that a traditional fixie cannot do.

Raleigh fixie is very lighter and easier to maneuver for handling the motion during the use of the brake so that you can get full control over the pedals when turning the direction.

The fixed-gear bike is also very easier to clean, repair, and maintain. The parts are removable, and no expertise requires to detach for cleaning or changing. You can handle this issue easily and save the cost of being using professionals to separate the parts from the bikes.

It provides a speedy rolling tire that accelerates the velocity of riding. The bike is ideal for racing and adventurous riding in rugged mountainous terrain.

Feature Analysis


The frame and fork of this model can minimize the impact of jerk and thus offers high durability of the bike. The forks part of this bicycle grasp the rear and front wheel firmly and offers better control over the pedals.  The classic steel frame with track geometry provides a perfect size for all users regardless of height. The Raleigh seal on the front of the frame may be very impressive for the brand lovers of Raleigh.


The handlebars feature steel finishing and this part retains classic style. It allows the commuter to grip the handlebar strongly so that it is very easy to change the direction. This handlebar provides solid construction and classic look.


The saddle of this model is designed for the comfortable riding of the bikers. The saddle of this bicycle is made from hard plastic and covered with a thin layer of foam, and it is very easy to clean the cover, the seat is identical and provides comfort for man, woman, or child.


The wheels are very sturdy and provide a strong fit with the forks and frames. They are removable and you can easily swap the position of front and back wheel.

Chain Crank

The crankset is an important component of bicycle drivetrain system. The component is responsible for driving the rear wheel of the bicycle and thus gets the vehicle moving. The chain crank is very flexible to respond to a different direction.


  • Item model number BACKALLEY
  • Brakes Alloy Dual Pivot Caliper
  • Tires Kenda 193, 700x32c
  • Pedals PC Platform
  • Chain KMC Z410
  • Headset Sealed 1 1/8″
  • Sprocket 42t


  • Provides a freewheel mode
  • Lighter and easier to handle the motion
  • Offers fast rolling tires
  • Easy to clean, repair and maintain


  • Difficult to assemble the parts

Our Remarks

In this Raleigh Back Alley City Bike review we have mentioned that the parts of the bicycle are not assembled. The parts come separately, and you have to assemble your responsibility.

These bikes are shipped to customers around 85% of assembled. So, the customers do not require much installation or adjusting of different parts. However, if the end users do not feel comfortable with the remaining installation process, they can take help of a bike shop.It is not very expensive to install the bikes through a bike shop rather it will be very costly if you break some parts when installing its own.

If you are highly concerned about the sturdy construction and speed of the bicycle, then the single gear bike will be favorable regarding both price and functionality. Hope that you may enjoy the ridings with this bicycle.

Good Luck!!!!

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As a kid I inherited the love for mountain bikes from my father who used to ride for weeks through the Colorado trail in the city of Denver. He had his gang, and I followed pretty much the same track.

Later on, my interest in biking grew more after joining the Enduro race back in 2013. My buddies and I also participated in the Downhill racing for the third consecutive year, and it’s been an amazing experience.

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