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Apex Full Face Bmx Helmets Review


A bike helmet is designed to reduce impacts to the head of a biker in falls while minimizing side consequences including interference with peripheral vision. While you are buying a helmet, you will perhaps know what type of bike you will be on while wearing it. You can make a selection from a number of alternatives biking helmet for every discipline, but you don’t certainly have to. Getting on your road bike wearing Apex Full Face BMX Helmets might be a considerable effort though. Are you eager to investigate or learn more? We’re going to offer you a satisfying answer by the end of this article.

When swapping between a regular mountain bike and the road bike, you can simply try the full face mountain bike helmet for both applications. There is a different type of cycling helmets for every discipline such as mountain bikes, road bikes, downhill bikes, high-speed e-bikes, and children. Wondering what bike you will be climbing on gets you a long way. Keep reading to get the most of the experience of this product.

Whom is this product for?

The BMX full face helmet has been ideal for the riders as they started to venture on bike trails. It fits very well, eases of use and provides a full supply of ventilation. You do suffer slightly when it arises to weight and comfort. Some people barely notice a heavier helmet. The full-face, I think this youth BMX helmet is being accomplished at a much greater capacity in other sports.

Key Features of Apex Full Face BMX Helmets

How to choose BMX racing helmets or mountain bike full-face helmets? Here are some important features to suit every rider’s taste because before buying, be sure to do your research and read product features sensibly.

1. Types

Mountain bikers use 2 types of full-face helmets, differentiated through the protection they are constructed to satisfy. Some riders pick out to wear helmets designed for Motocross rather than a mountain bike specific version. Motocross helmets are heavier, meet Department of Transportation (dot) standards, and provide higher safety at high speeds. Full-face built is mainly for mountain biking that is lighter, extra ventilated and satisfactory acceptable for regular mountain bike speeds.

2. Sizes

Helmets are sized based on the size of something as given by the distance around of a rider’s head. Companies generally categorize their sizes as Small, Medium and Large, with a measurement in centimeters or inches indicating the fitting head circumference for each size.

For example, a size Medium helmet is simply for riders with a head size as given by the distance of 55-59cm, or 21 3/4″-23 1/4″. However, not all heads are shaped the identical or same, nor are all helmets made on the same mold, so trying Apex Full Face BMX Helmets are the best way to guarantee adequate fit.

3. Materials

Helmets are available with composite, plastic, or carbon fiber outer shells. Most models put into service at least two different foam densities inside to disperse and absorb impacts.

Our Findings

1. Ease of Use

Love this helmet; no specific concern how silly my son is wearing it riding a cross bike. Rather look odd and protect his head. This helmet is comfortable, sturdy, and warm. I think definitely this kids BMX helmet will be great.

2. Proper Fit

The most significant part of a full-face BMX bike helmet is a proper fit. Most helmet builders put into service a different mold when making their helmets, Apex Full Face BMX Helmets may fit head better than others. Actually, trying on a helmet is the best way to confirm optimum fit; however, most online stores provide detailed sizing experience or instruction to help find the model best suited to a rider’s head.

3. Safety Features

The helmet has originated a long way recently, and different helmets use cutting-edge safety technology. The full face mtb helmet provides all the safety features to protect the riders as well as smooth riding.

4. How Much to Spend

Full-face helmets range in price from medium to high range; there are different models available in both mountain and motocross bike specific designs. These helmets put into service either composite or plastic shells and generally have 2 types of foam inside. Moving up to helmets in the mid-range, many composite or separate interconnected models become available from most brands.

This range includes superior safety and smart technologies, as well as more sophisticated paint schemes and shell designs making them well rate the extra money. The high range of helmets mostly put into service carbon fiber shells to reduce weight. They also comprise the most cutting-edge safety features such as practical features and multiple densities of foam like headphone compatibility and simply removable liners.

How to Use and Store the Products?

1. How to choose the construction of bike helmets for safety use?

Bike helmets originate in three basic types: road, mountain and recreational (also called multi-use and casual). All types are intended to protect your head from impact. Most helmets put into service in-mold construction, a common process that fuses inner liner and outer shell without the use of glues. This results in light-yet-durable designs for safety use.

2. How should you store the Apex BMX bike helmet?

Many customers stated that this is really a nice helmet for their child. According to them, it will give peace of mind for all parents out there who have children. So, it’s probably the best you can buy, but for the price, they’re really pleased. So, customers didn’t want to spend a lot. Some customer said upon further inspection of the helmet found it to be covered in lots of little scratches and 2 large scratches.


  • Brand: Leopard
  • Item weight: 1.43 Kilograms
  • Size: 54-58cm
  • Color: Black
  • Model: LEO-X16
  • Specifications: ECE 22-05 APPROVED
  • Technology: Double shell
  • Pads system: Anti-bacterial pads


  • The helmet is affordable for its high and innovative quality
  • The price is reasonable and attractive to buy
  • This incorporates pioneering rear lighting feature
  • The helmet is superior and flexible to wear offering double shells
  • It is lightweight and durably constructed
  • There is supreme ventilation for extreme cooling
  • The design is appreciated and stylish also
  • It is solid enough to protect the head from any unwanted injuries


  • Sometimes the fitting adjustment is poor as it does not fit all

Common Questions and Answers

  • Question : Can I fix a Visor on it?
    Answer : No, this doesn’t come with the port plugin system.
  • Question : Can this fit all ages?
    Answer : No, this can be fitted up to 10.
  • Question : Can I use goggles while wearing it?
    Answer : As this is made for the younger ones, it does not include goggles feature.

Our Final Thoughts

We wish and expect you have found reliable information through our review to be helpful. Reviews are a great system or way to find out details about user impressions, a particular model, and things or factors to watch out for. If you have got something in your head protected, then a full face BMX helmets are an essential piece of tools. In downhill, the speeds are higher and hits or impacts harder than any other discipline of mountain biking, so you are going to require a full face helmet.

Not only does the jaw guard keep your face looking pretty but the wrap around protection and extra padding could save your life. So, in short, if you need to make long-term gains on the bike, the recovery system is important. Finally, choosing a helmet model that you find visually appealing will make every trip or ride more enjoyable.

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